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Media pitch

  2. 2. WHAT QUESTION DID I CHOOSE AND WHY? For my media project I chose question 7: ‘A short film in its entirety, lasting approximately five minutes, which may be live action or animated or a combination of both, together with both of the following: a poster for the film and a film magazine review page featuring the film.’ Some reasons for my decision: • I have experience in filming as my other A Levels are Film Studies and Photography, so I know I’m able to handle a camera and compose a good shot. • I’m most passionate about this question- which means I will be interested in the work I’m doing which will mean a better end result. • I regularly read film reviews, along with posters too; so I could use some ideas I’ve picked up in past experience.
  3. 3. MY CONCEPT FOR THE QUESTION Basically, I’ve decided that I want to create a short mock documentary centered on a fake celebrity . The 5 minute film will allow the viewer to get to know the celebrity (as they will obviously not know them because they’re fake) by following them at certain aspects of their life, showing an ‘exclusive’ interview made for the film, and also showing parts of their work life to reinforce their status, etc. I want to add many clips and cutaways to keep the film visually appealing as well as technically interesting. Target audience: My product is going to be aimed at 16-25 year olds, anyone above this age can still enjoy my film but I’m going to give it a youthful look and colour scheme to keep it new and up to date; I will also incorporate social networking too, mentioning ‘hashtagging’ as they do on twitter, so again it will stand out to the younger audience.
  4. 4. MY FILM POSTER FLATPLAN For my ‘mockumentary’ poster I want the poster to be very simple in style yet still stand out, so I just want one main image of my fake celebrity to act as the focus, it will also be taken in a photography studio to look as authentically professional as possible. In addition the font for my poster will be pretty basic to coordinate with my simple style but I will use a bright colour to keep a youthful look to appeal to my target audience.
  5. 5. MY FILM MAGAZINE REVIEW PAGE FLATPLAN Although my poster will have a simple and youthful look; my film magazine review page will be slightly more busy looking because it will be aimed at a wider possibly more older audience. It will also have to look quite different from my first print task as the film magazine is suppose to look like a professional magazine brand commenting on a film they aren’t associated with .
  6. 6. INSPIRATIONS FOR MY IDEA- CATFISH Catfish is a 2010 American documentary film directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, involving a young man, Nev, being filmed by his brother and friend, codirectors Ariel and Henry, as he builds a romantic relationship with a young woman on the social networking website Facebook. I was first inspired by my favourite film Catfish as I loved the simplicity of someone purely just following someone with a camera and seeing what happens. The filming technique of using a mixture of shaky shots and steady scenes is something I can definitely use as inspiration for my own project because I want my film to have shots where the camera follows the celebrity during an action they are partaking in combined with a fixed camera to create the appearance an interview.
  7. 7. INSPIRATIONS FOR MY IDEA- SPINAL TAP This Is Spinal Tap is an American 1984 rock music mockumentary directed by Rob Reiner about the fictional heavy metal music band Spinal Tap. The movie satirizes the wild personal behaviour and musical pretensions of hard rock and heavy metal musical bands. Next, I came across This Is Spinal Tap which inspired me further because of the humour incorporated in the film; the mix of dry humour and sheer stupidity is the exact tone I want for my mockumentary and it is an excellent example for me to look at to see how it’s done correctly while ensuring it looks natural to the characters and scene. The filming techniques used in this are also quite similar to my previous inspiration which gives me more ideas and assistance on how to create a professional looking documentary.
  8. 8. INSPIRATIONS FOR MY IDEA- PROJECT X Project X is a 2012 comedy film directed by Nima Nourizadeh. The plot follows three friends- Thomas, Costa and J.B. -who plan to gain popularity by throwing a party, a plan which quickly escalates out of their control. My third biggest inspiration is Project X, I was immediately drawn to this fake ‘found footage’ movie because of the advertising style they used- the minimalism of the poster image, composition and information about the film create a hype in the public because of the mystery it creates about the film, making people want to go see it and find out what it’s about. The basic bold style they have went for has a very youthful vibe and fit’s in perfectly with not only their target audience but mine too.
  9. 9. AN INSTITUTION I’VE RESEARCHED- MTV For my film, I’ve researched into MTV as I know they have a youthful style and brand now; which means I could use some of their ideas and use it to further develop my own. I also feel my show would defintely fit in with their other shows and would reach my target audience on this channel because it has quite a large teen following, and actively displays their use of social net working sites such as Twitter and Facebook; which (as I have already stated) is something I plan to incorporate in my own project. Also, one of the inspirations for my film- ‘Catfish’ has their spin off show (Catfish: The TV Show) broadcasted on this channel, which reinforces my interest in researching this institution. The documentary TV show has done exceptionally well and had a total style overhall compared to it’s previous film; to appeal to the younger generation that are MTV’s target audience.