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Accounts and Audit


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A comprehensive guide to accounting aspects which incorporates basic accounting concepts, practical aspects and industry-specific accounting aspects.

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Accounts and Audit

  1. 1. Accounts & Audit 1
  2. 2. Key features 2
  3. 3. AS based modules contains…. 3
  4. 4. Industry customized solutions…. Industry specific:- Queries Opinions on accounting related matters as applicable to a particular industry. Case laws Settled judgments on accounting related matters. Financials Financials of key player for each industry  Articles (Coming soon) In-depth analysis of the accounting practices followed in industry. 4
  5. 5. Know your disclosure requirements….in detail 5 Disclosure checklistModel financials CARO Financials
  6. 6. Income Tax Calculator Deferred Tax Calculator Calculators Basic Search Comparison tools Advanced search Search and tools…. 6 TAXMANN search
  7. 7. Accounting news and updates…. 7 IGAAP updates IFRS updates US GAAP updates
  8. 8. Comprehensive guide to accounting aspects  Basic accounting concepts [Accounting Standards]  Elaborated accounting concepts [Guidance]  Practical aspects [Queries]  AS specific accounting related aspects [Related documents on AS]  All questions and available guidance related to an accounting standard [Accounting Standard modules]  Industry specific accounting aspects [Industry based guidance]  Opinions from industry veterans [Articles]  Format for preparing financial statements [Model Financials]  What should I disclose in financials [Disclosure checklist]  Questions on CARO [CARO Guidance]  Tax accounting and treatment [Tax laws]  Companies Act requirements for a particular accounting concept [Corporate laws]…….. 8
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