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Taxspanner To report


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Follow these step-by-step screenshots to eFile your income tax return in less than 5 minutes by uploading your digital Form 16.

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Taxspanner To report

  1. 1. Click here to Start
  2. 2. Copy URL and visit it. Fill the required detail.
  3. 3. For generating the actual report upload your form 16, if not uploaded earlier for return
  4. 4. If you don't have form 16 and want to prepare actual report than you have to create one return Instance on our portal by filling your correct PAN,D.O.B, Email id, Mobile Number and submit it.
  5. 5. After filling the details click on calculate.
  6. 6. Optimize the details of Perks, Exemptions, Deductions and Total Income.
  7. 7. Optimize the details by clicking Optimize.
  8. 8. After Opitmizing
  9. 9. Click on New Pdf and download the Report.