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PowerPoint presentation describing the diverse and dynamic Senior Technical Writer / On-line Help Developers with cross-functional expertise in on-line help, technical writing, documentation, business communications, visual design, quality assurance, project development, Web development, Cloud, on-line solutions, and resource planning from concept through completion. Excellent at driving simultaneous projects to successful conclusion.

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Diamondhead 09-08-2009

  1. 1. 9185 Diamondhead Dr. Dexter, Iowa 50070 Voice: 515-523-200 Tawni@diamondheaddoc.com www.diamondheaddoc.com www.linkedin.com/in/tawniplath 9186 Diamondhead Drive  Dexter, Iowa 50070 515-523-2000  www.diamondheaddoc.com For your more STRESSFUL times… Documentation Solutions Today  Technical Writing  On-line Help  Training  Digital Solutions  Web 2 Development  Databases, Usability, and QA Diamondhead Documentation, Inc.
  2. 2. 9186 Diamondhead Drive  Dexter, Iowa 50070 515-523-2000  www.diamondheaddoc.com If your company requires new documentation, desires editing, or needs assistance updating current information, you need Diamondhead Documentation. We give you what you need, when you need it.  Technical Documentation – Complex technical concepts developed to create easy to use and understandable user manuals.  Visually-appealing – Graphics, technical illustrations, formatting, process flowcharts, network diagrams, screen shots, and navigational aids make it easy to find information quickly.  Detail-oriented – Valuable and accurate reference tools assist everyone including management, employees, and customers.  Cost-effective – Quality documentation, on-line help systems, and training materials reduce costs through fewer support calls, less need for training, fewer requests for maintenance, and less downtime for workers.  Training Documentation  System / Administration Guides  Network Infrastructure Documents  Editing and Graphic Design  Business Plans  Policies and Procedures  Quick Reference Guides  Hardware / Software User Manuals  Research and Development Technical Writing
  3. 3. 9186 Diamondhead Drive  Dexter, Iowa 50070 515-523-2000  www.diamondheaddoc.com If your company requires on-line help systems, you need Diamondhead Documentation. We create customized on-line solutions to meet your needs.  Versatile – Distributed in a cross-platform environment locally, network-wide, or on the Internet.  Efficient – Single-source solutions effectively save you thousands of dollars through the reuse of existing data. Conditional text generates multiple outputs containing different content, all from a single project that creates multiple types of outputs to customize help for each of your customers or products.  Context Sensitive – Customized, context-sensitive help systems (F1) mapped to software applications using our unique Map IDs or those provided by your software developers.  On-line Help  WebHelp  FlashHelp  Oracle Help  Microsoft HTML Help (CHM)  JavaHelp  WebHelp Pro  What’s This Help (F1)  Windows Help (WinHelp) On-line Help
  4. 4. 9186 Diamondhead Drive  Dexter, Iowa 50070 515-523-2000  www.diamondheaddoc.com Training If your company requires training systems, you need Diamondhead Documentation. We create customized training educating both your internal and external customers saving you thousands of dollars.  Customized Training – Diamondhead Documentation can help educate your employees or clients with customized training programs. We also enhance off-the-shelf training applications to reflect your corporate flair.  Versatility – From classroom training, the Web, to CDs, with solutions for every skill level and every budget, Diamondhead Documentation training gets results.  Training Tool Types – Facilitator's guides, Computer / Internet-based training (CBT), Participant handbooks, Multimedia, Tutorials, Self-study documentation, Wizards and Cue Cards, Train-the-trainer sessions, and User session training.  Database Tracking  End User Training  Train-the-Trainer Sessions  Computer-based Training (CBT)  Tutorials  Wizards  Cue Cards  Self-study Documentation  Internet-based Training (IBT)
  5. 5. 9186 Diamondhead Drive  Dexter, Iowa 50070 515-523-2000  www.diamondheaddoc.com If your company requires Internet documentation, CD-ROMs, wizards, Computer-based Training (CBT), digital business cards, cue cards, conversions, or other digital data exchange, you need Diamondhead Documentation. We create customized digital solutions that provide cost savings for you.  Integrated – Product catalogs, tutorials, cue cards, wizards, computer-based training, and multimedia presentations.  Exciting – Interactive digital business cards that will take your marketing to the next level and hold a plethora of helpful information, while increasing your sales.  Manageable – Electronic distribution of documentation can save your company thousands of dollars a year. A global documentation strategy produces tangible benefits in all areas of your business with consistent and up-to-date information.  Navigational Capability  Lower Distribution Costs  Enhanced Search and Retrieval  Detailed Control Management  Portable  Ease in Upgrading  Faster Development Cycles  Simplified Document Management Digital Solutions
  6. 6. 9186 Diamondhead Drive  Dexter, Iowa 50070 515-523-2000  www.diamondheaddoc.com If your company requires web development to keep your customers and employees informed, you need Diamondhead Documentation. We create customized web sites that work for you.  Functional – Increased marketing, training, information exchange, customer service, and sales.  Interactive – Relational database development strategies and systems including merging multiple databases into a single front- end and e-commerce solutions.  Dated – One update and everyone world-wide is looking at the same data!!  Product Catalogs  Inventory Control  Content Development  Shopping Cart Systems  Search Engine Positioning  Databases  Wireframes  Statistical Feedback  Web Technologies  Customer Account Tracking Web Development
  7. 7. 9186 Diamondhead Drive  Dexter, Iowa 50070 515-523-2000  www.diamondheaddoc.com If your customers are discovering product problems, inconsistencies, or interface design deficiencies, you need Diamondhead Documentation. We find problems before your customers do.  Systematic – Standardized test plans developed specifically for your product with thorough testing and inspection.  Proficient – Expertise in software, hardware, administration, training, networking, coding, and document design.  Critical – Evaluation of usability, redesign, quality assurance (QA), and performance including formal usability testing and interface design.  QA Scripts  QA and Beta Testing  Usability Studies  Interactive, Relational Databases  Graphical User Interface Design  Usability Testing  Structure Analysis  Intelligent Interface Design  Comprehensive Error Reports Databases, Usability, and Quality Assurance