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Connected Cars: Assessing the Impact


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In this video I talk about three communities which will see the impact of connected car revolution. You would find answers to what leading auto manufacturers are doing to stay ahead in the game and how the innovation is happening at the next curve.

Also I discover how the developer community stands at benefit and the the rise of tech startups. A unique alliance between the auto industry and the developers will set the ball rolling in the connected car space and the advertiser community will play on the momentum.

In this interesting video cum pod cast, explore a different side to the connected cars. And for more of such content, SUBSCRIBE!!

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Connected Cars: Assessing the Impact

  1. 1. Three communities to benefit from connected car revolution
  2. 2. #1- AUTO INDUSTRY
  3. 3. Auto industry is looking at connectivity to build customer relationship
  4. 4. Through being connected to their consumers, the industry will be able to build life-long relationship
  5. 5. GM ONSTAR 6 million+ subscribers 20,000Red Button presses 7,500Good Samaritan Calls 70,000 Key locked inside cars  3million turn by turn navigation 1600lines of diagnostic code Help available through touch of a button
  6. 6. Ford Motor Co. is looking at connectivity due to two important auto trends: 1. Urbanization & Traffic congestion 2. Information addiction
  7. 7. Ford OPEN XC: A hardware and software platform to extend the car experience through customized application and pluggable modules  Analysis of the accelerator pedal position  The steering wheel position  Analysis of vehicle speed data Correlating speed data, GPS data and speed limit data reveals the best place for police to place a speed trap
  8. 8. #2 Developers
  9. 9. Developer Community • Livio was acquired by Ford in a sub 11 million dollar deal. While it was already working with GM to bring in seamless connectivity from smartphone to in car dash. The move has been defined as revolutionary as Ford bids to create standardization across automobile players
  10. 10. Industry supports • “Customers want seamless in-car connectivity,” says Ford’s CTO Paul Mascarenas. But the biggest barrier to that goal is that every automakers wants its own branded, locked-in solution. That’s not a problem for monoliths like Pandora that can develop for multiple auto platforms, but smaller companies and individual developers just don’t have the resources to create one app across a dozen automaker systems. It kills innovation and is a massive hurdle for what’s shaping out to be the next great mobility platform.
  11. 11. #3 Advertisers
  12. 12. Real Time Advertising • What if while passing by Star bucks, you can be digitally sent over coupons for coffee? • What if a fashion retail outlet is able to push notify you about its sales as you pass by the stores? • What if the child sitting at the back is notified about the Disney store in the vicinity?
  13. 13. Data revolution for advertisers • Advertisers are looking to harness a lot of this data that rolling datacenters, the cars will be able to generate. • Information about the demographic and behaviour of the passengers overlaid with the real time location of the car will give rise to some amazing opportunities for advertisers. Ones that you haven’t seen before