Tavant Technologies - Interactive Entertainment Capabilities


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Tavant Technologies offers innovative end-to-end software development and testing services across the video gaming domain.
The list of services include :
Community portals and social media integration
Online platform services and cloud gaming service integration
Centralized backend services and Ecommerce
Game development tools and social and casual games
Business Intelligence, sales metrics and website analytics.

Visit http://www.tavant.com/gaming for more on our services for the Interactive Entertainment Industry
Or Mail bizdev@tavant.com

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Tavant Technologies - Interactive Entertainment Capabilities

  1. 1. > Tavant Technologies: Interactive Entertainment Capabilities Community Portals; Social Games; Business Intelligence, and more… PEOPLE. PASSION. EXCELLENCE.
  2. 2. Interactive Entertainment Tavant Technologies offers innovative, technology-driven software development services to help overcome challenges and stay ahead of the competition! 2 Tavant Proprietary & Confidential
  3. 3. Interactive Entertainment (contd.)Industry Landscape> The interactive entertainment industry has been evolving at a tremendous pace for the past few years, driven by advances in online interaction, mobile video gaming, streaming delivery, and new revenue models.Benefits> Tavant offers innovative software development services to: — Accelerate time to market — Monetize customers after initial product sale — Provide a unified user experience across titles and devices — Improve game developer productivity — Analyze telemetry data for richer stats, cross-selling, and future development planning. 3 Tavant Proprietary & Confidential
  4. 4. Service Offerings End-to-end software development and testing services across the video gaming domain Community Portals Online Platform Services Social media integration; Revenue Cloud gaming service integration; generation; Live data streaming; Game to web integration Infrastructure Centralized Backend Services Game Development Tools Ecommerce; Licence key management; Animation sequencing; Scripting Game stats; Single sign-on; language enhancements Entitlements Social and Casual Games Business Intelligence Brand extension through a new Sales metrics; Ad performance; Player experience on different social networks usage and performance ; Website analytics 4 Tavant Proprietary & Confidential
  5. 5. Customer Success Stories> Online platform services for one of the world’s largest video game publishers> Community site for a leading life simulation game> Game development tools to boost productivity of a major game franchise working on a next-generation product> Business intelligence solution that allows a leading game development company to optimize allocation of game development dollars> ARM analysis and telemetry to enable a multinational video game software developer render the ultimate gaming experience 5 Tavant Proprietary & Confidential
  6. 6. > Visit http://www.tavant.com/gaming for more on our services for the Interactive Entertainment Industry PEOPLE. PASSION. EXCELLENCE.