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Final Year Project


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The presentation contains the progress we have achieved in our FYP up till May 2012 (4 months). This presentations was delievered in Connexions 12.

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Final Year Project

  1. 1. M.I.S.T.Mapping & Inspection of real time Stream of TrafficAn Android application & a SMS system whichprovide real time traffic updates of an urban cityusing camera, GPU & GPRS
  2. 2. Team M.I.S.T. Syed Tauqeer Hasan (Group Leader) Anum Perwaiz Asad Ahmed Ansari Danish Khan Mr. Sharique Abdullah Folio3 Pvt. Ltd. (Project External Adviser) Ms. Farzeen Iqbal Lecturer NED UET (Project Internal Adviser)
  3. 3. Project Overview Project Overview Google Maps API Logic Buffering Server Server Internet SMSAndroid App NED University Car Car Bus Car Bus Car Camera GPU GPRS 3
  4. 4. Project Timeline Sensors Camera Camera • GPRS • GPRS • GPU • Server • Server Processing • Processing • Image • GPRS • Android Processing • Server • Android • Android
  5. 5. Milestones Achieved Embedding Literature Google Maps review API on AndroidAndroid app C++ basics • Literature Review basics • Learning basic C++ & Image January Processing GPU based GPU image programming processing • GPU programming • Android application basics February • Image processing using CUDA • Embedding Google Maps on March & Android app April
  6. 6. Projected Milestones Future Works • An image processing program using GPU to estimate traffic July • Developing a finalized Android application with routing capability • Designing a circuit for transmitting September images from camera to server • Designing the SMS system • Combining the hardware & software October part to design the final product
  7. 7. Extracurricular Participation Project selected for National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative Fund Selected in the top 60 projects out of 363 in P@sha Social Innovation Competition Selected for the final round of PSEB Incubation Program
  8. 8. Progress Details
  9. 9. GraphicalProcessing Unit
  10. 10. GPU Programming Architecture GPU CPU OpenCL AMDStreamCUDA Fortran GPU 1 GB DDR3 64-bit Nvidia GT520 Compute Supported Compatibility = CUDA, DirectX 2.1 & PhysX CUDA Program Frame
  11. 11. Basic CUDA Programs Parallel Printing from GPU Floating Point100x100 Matrices Addition
  12. 12. Image Processing using CUDA Edge Enhancement Edge Detection
  13. 13. Pedestrian Detection
  14. 14. Android Application
  15. 15. Setting up DevelopmentEnviroment JRE 6, JDK 1.6 & Eclipse Android GoogleSDK 2.2 APIs 8and 4.0.3 and 15
  16. 16. Google Maps API
  17. 17. Application Features Google map embedded Take latitude and longitude Plot on the Google Map Point the current location Display the given co-ordinates Zoom in and Zoom out option Co-ordinates of 200 locations of Karachi
  18. 18. Features Work added Future to be • Best route depending on the distance • Current precise location Routing • Location finding by its Address • Petrol Pumps • Shopping Malls & Food Courts • Hospitals HotSpots • Banks
  19. 19. Thank You!!