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Google Analytics Premium for Better Data-Driven Decisions With Swapnil Sinha


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Google Analytics Premium is basically everything you love about Google Analytics along with More Power, Better Support and Faster Insights. You get access to 200 custom dimensions & metrics, unsampled reports, bigquery export, multi channel attribution modelling, access to data in 4 hours or less & much more.

Join Swapnil Sinha (Head of Conversion, Google India) to learn how enterprises can use Google Analytics Premium to make better data-driven decisions.

You'll Learn:

* What is GA Premium
* Difference between Standard & Premium Version
* Who Should Use Google Analytics Premium?
* Key Features & Applications of Google Analytics Premium

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Google Analytics Premium for Better Data-Driven Decisions With Swapnil Sinha

  1. 1. 3:00pm 23 JUN 1. Google Analytics Premium Overview 2. Accumulate 3. Analyze 4. Act & Case Studies Agenda
  2. 2. GA PREMIUM Overview
  3. 3. Enterprise activation • Google Analytics is the most widely used analytics platform • GA Premium went live in 2011 and is our fastest growing enterprise platform ever • In the US, 67% of Fortune 500 websites now use Google Analytics Source : E-Nor
  4. 4. Enterprise activation is starting to show We received more than 10M new hits into our system We answered more than 10K new queries for data We added 5+ GBs of new data into our system We processed 5M+ additional events for our system In the last 5 seconds
  5. 5. The Google Marketing Platform
  6. 6. Digital properties DM, CRM, call center & POS 3d Party Data + 40 vendors integrated and counting Your data One digital stack
  7. 7. Enterprise Grade Paperwork
  8. 8. Enterprise Grade Support
  9. 9. Three Data Objectives for 2015 of marketers fail to see a single view of the customer even though it’s one of their top priorities.1 of organizations believe integrated platforms could meet all their needs.2 of marketers struggle with real-time personalization of content.3 82% 75% 60% ACCUMULATE ANALYZE ACT Source: (1) 2013 Teradata survey on 2,220 marketers (2) 2014 DoubleClick by Google survey (3) 2013
  10. 10. ACCUMULATE ANALYZE ACT Strive to create a single source of truth Get fresh, accurate information Set and share marketing goals Measure the metrics that matter Enable programmatic marketing Make data-driven decisions Three Data Objectives for 2015
  11. 11. 12%Percent of revenue lost by the average company due to bad data. Source: Global Research report 2014 from Experian Data Quality
  12. 12. Full-scale enterprise analytics capability 40x Custom Dimensions Customize your data. 200 dimensions (vs. 20) Standard Premium >100x Data Limits Send in more data. Lots more. 1B – 20B hits/month (vs. 10M) Data exports 3M line reports Unlimited BigQuery Raw Export >12x Fresher Data Access your data faster. SLA 4 hours (vs. 48) Standard Premium Standard Premium Standard Premium
  13. 13. Additional DCM Reports Remarketing lists in GA to run DBM Campaigns Single source of truth: DoubleClick data
  14. 14. Actionable Google Data • Google Play • Demographic and Interest Data • Industry Benchmarking • More Advertising spend information Google data sources
  15. 15. Measure cross device movement Video Search DisplaySocial Mobile
  16. 16. Shopping Behaviour Analysis Tablet users start checkout twice as often and complete purchase 57% more often than overall users •What are my most popular products? •Which products are most frequently abandoned? •Which Products convert well? •Which campaigns are driving awareness? Which are my closers?
  17. 17. Single source of Truth – Mobile Apps Data AdMob reporting Understand how your app is monetizing from your AdMob ads More Google Play data See more of your linked Google Play data in your Analytics account automatically In-app purchase (IAP) reporting Take ecommerce further and analyze your in-app purchases in Google Analytics
  18. 18. • End-to-end campaign effectiveness • Measure view-through visits and conversions now • Measure along DoubleClick dimensions • Quick Setup – auto- tagging Single source of Truth – DoubleClick Reporting
  19. 19. Analyzing data
  20. 20. 56%of companies rated data analytics as ‘very’ or ‘critically’ important to their strategy this year. Source: KPMG and CGF Global Consumer Executive Top of Mind Survey 2014.
  21. 21. Measure what matters: Custom metrics Calculated Metrics Calculate your key metrics by creating expressions with existing GA data Margin and Profit Analysis Calculate your true margins by product, taking into account shipping, inventory costs, etc. Custom Funnels Analyze completion / abandonment rates on a sequence of tasks (e.g. steps to conversion). Adhoc task completion analysis.
  22. 22. Measure what matters: Unsampled Data • In-memory analytics • Ability to analyze large data sets • Incredibly fast
  23. 23. Measure what matters: User-centric reports • User based analysis across customer lifetime • Ability to measure user retention • Introduces 6 new “per user” metrics • Available for mobile apps as well
  24. 24. Measure what matters: Lifetime Value • Introduce LTV for critical metrics • Support for 4 key dimensions • No configuration needed • Available for mobile apps as well
  25. 25. Set and Share Goals: Benchmarking • Compare your site performance to similar sites • Benchmark based on country, industry, size of website, etc.
  26. 26. Data Driven Attribution: Impact of each touch Search Email Display Search Email 3% likelihood of purchase 2% likelihood of purchase 50% increased likelihood of purchase by
  27. 27. Scalable Storage JoinData Sets at Scale with BigQuery
  28. 28. Scalable Storage Export Data with BigQuery
  29. 29. Scalable Storage Join External Data with BigQuery
  30. 30. Scalable Storage Analyse interactively Mash it up Analyse Big Data with BigQuery
  31. 31. Display Lead SubmissionSearch • Data Driven Attribution revealed a +7% more in conversions from Display • 19% increase in Display attributed conversions, with 24% additional channel spend. • Display CPA below non-brand paid search CPA Uncovered Display impact and opportunity “We analyzed our display efforts using Data Driven Attribution. It uncovered growth potential which we would have not seen otherwise. We will definitely continue our focus on this solution.” Nicole Remington, Search Marketing Manager, TechSmith Corporation Data Driven Attribution Results
  32. 32. “If you’re running a business based on user logins, I can’t think of any reason to not implement cross-device tracking - the additional insights you get are huge.” – Dr. Valentin Schellhaas, CMO, Westwing GmBH Uncovers purchase path of users - Discovered smartphones and tablets were undervalued in purchase path in previous analyses - Adjusted marketing spend for more accurate alignment with true user behaviour
  33. 33. - Revised Ad Pricing basis demand by region and product category - Greater understanding of the customers thereby better product decisions Understand consumer demand “We’ve been very pleased with the results that were realized using Data Import in Google Analytics to analyze client behavior on our website. This exercise has given us better insight into valuable data that will ultimately impact how we segment the market for legal services.” — Sendi Widjaja, Co-Founder & CTO, Avvo, Inc. Tags Event Tracking Data Imports
  34. 34. Acting on your data with remarketing Remarketing in DBM Remarketing in DFP Remarketing lists for search CRM remarketing Dynamic remarketing
  35. 35. A Moment to Reconnect - Watchfinder Funnel StageGeographical Location Onsite BehaviorBrand • Average Order Value (AOV) increased by 13% • 34% lower CPAs than non-brand search campaigns • Resulted in 1300% ROI ...... ...... ...... ......
  36. 36. 1 Step List Creation. Once & Done Machine learning finds best segments %of Conversions % of Traffic 20% traffic 85% conversions 30% traffic 95% conversions
  37. 37. Questions!