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Skybuffer SAP Certified Add-On of Intelligent Decision Dimensions


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Intelligent User Experience for SAP On Premise Systems comprising two major integrated parts:​
- Conversational Actions (synchronous conversational user experience for SAP On Premise)​
- Action Cards (asynchronous email-based interface for SAP On Premise)​

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Skybuffer SAP Certified Add-On of Intelligent Decision Dimensions

  1. 1. INTELLIGENT DECISION DIMENSIONS (INTELLIGENT USER EXPERIENCE FOR SAP ON PREMISE SYSTEMS) Developer: Skybuffer SAP Add-on: Intelligent Decision Dimensions (official SAP certified name) Package: Action Cards, Conversational Actions Version: 3.2
  2. 2. About Skybuffer Skybuffer One Pager
  3. 3. Facts and Certificates Year of incorporation: 2013 Countries: Belarus, Poland, Norway, India, USA SAP forces: 29 experts SAP partnership: PE Sales, PE Service, PE Build (software development) SAP certification: SAP Partner Centre of Expertise ISO certification (TÜV Germany): ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013
  4. 4. Value Proposition Assess the Solution Benefits
  5. 5. Skybuffer SAP Certified Add-on INTELLIGENT DECISION DIMENSIONS is Skybuffer SAP Add-on officially certified by SAP Integration and Certification Center. Our solution empowers business users with Intelligent Decision Dimensions to capture their actions in SAP from the edge where they are. The solution comprises two major integrated parts: - Conversational Actions (synchronous conversational user experience for SAP On Premise) - Action Cards (asynchronous email-based interface for SAP On Premise)
  6. 6. Conversational Actions Synchronous Elaborate Intelligent User Experience for SAP On Premise
  7. 7. Business Challenges and How We Offer to Solve them Business Challenges Conversational interfaces are not a wonder any more – companies and industries are massively involved in attempts to create chatbots. However, what problems do they face when creating a relatively smart and valuable chatbot capable to serve at least limited needs? • Long Implementation Cycle (6 - 12 months) • High Costs and High Risks to Fail • Impossibility to Extend the Chatbot's logic with New Skills How We Solve Them We offer an Intelligent User Experience which is • Unified • Integrated • Extendable Skybuffer Intelligent Assistant is offered as a unique single mindset (one unified chatbot instance) comprising various multiple skills configuration (300+) in lots of channels of communication (webchat, Skype, S4B, Slack, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Intercom and what not.) and easily extendable according to emerging needs
  8. 8. Conversational Actions in Details Skybuffer SAP Conversational AI Content Package is fully presented at our website. Around 300 skillsets in dozens of SAP lines of business available in 4 languages - try our easy and effective search for the skills your Intelligent Enterprise needs and get your own Intelligent Experience at Skybuffer's weekly-refreshed Innovative Technologies Demo Portal. Skybuffer InteligentUser Experience Package Overview (Video, 1 minute)
  9. 9. Conversational Actions Core Functionality Conversational Actions deal with bi-directional SAP Conversational AI data flow integration from SAP Cloud into SAP On Premise system and provide synchronous elaborate user experience for business users to get their work quickly and efficiently done in SAP system. The main functional blocks of ConversationalActions are: • ABAP SDK (SAP NetWeaver On Premise) for SAP Cloud Platform (SAP ConversationalAI) • Central unified OData service (SAP NetWeaver On Premise) to manage intelligent dialogues via ABAP SDK • ABAP Authorization Control classes (SAP NetWeaver On Premise) to check business user authorization per each business scenario (Skillexecution) • ABAP Execution classes (SAP NetWeaver On Premise) to run transaction in SAP system and create a respond back to the communication channel (chat-based or voice-enabled communication) • Email-based user authentication (SAP NetWeaver On Premise and SAP Cloud Foundry) for anonymous communication channels (e.g. web ) or for possibility to activate two-steps user authentication in the intelligent conversation • SMS-based user authentication (SAP NetWeaver On Premise and SAP Cloud Foundry) for anonymous communication channels (e.g. Alexa self-service point, or web) or for possibility to activate two-steps authentication in the intelligent conversation
  10. 10. Intelligent User Experience Integrated into Fiori Launchpad The application allows using the following types of replies: - Text messages - Quick replies - Buttons (including navigation buttons to Fiori applications) - Images - Carousels - Lists Skybuffer Fiori Digital Assistant in Action (Video, < 1 minute) Skybuffer Intelligent Decision Dimensions include extension to Fiori Launchpad and OData Service in the backend system that enables to authenticate a Fiori Launchpad user in SAP backend system via a secure and safe channel thanks to the cryptographic keys used, so that the cognitive user experience application hosted on SAP CAI platform could be used as a simplified version of SAP CoPilot functionality.
  11. 11. Skybuffer Intelligent Assistant is One Click Integrated with SAP CoPilot for S4HANA SAP Fiori 3 and S4HANA CoPilot Component Skybuffer Intelligent Assistant (SAP Conversational AI Platform)
  12. 12. Voice-Enabled User Experience Provided by Skybuffer synchronous AI-rich Conversational User Experience for SAP On- Premise systems allows not only chatting to SAP systems via the intelligent assistant but TALK to SAP like humans do. Skybuffer developed an integration interface between SAP Conversational AI platform and Amazon Alexa. This interface has an enhanced number of features that cannot be found in standard SAP CAI integration with Amazon Alexa and without which it is impossible to imagine any natural way of voice-enabled communication: • The business user is not limited to 8 seconds to provide a reply. Skybuffer Alexa integration interface allows you to set any number of seconds (up to 98) for Alexa to wait for the user's input. • In case the business user is interrupted for whatever reason, it is possible to return to the same conversation and get exactly the same reply from Alexa that was given by her before the user dropped the conversation. This conversation-keeping time can be configured via Skybuffer Fiori apps set for Conversational Interface maintenance and vary from 0 to 600 seconds. • It is also made possible to tune the channel to keep the conversation for the Echo Dot device or for Alexa account, making it available for all the devices that the business user has access to via Alexa app.
  13. 13. Conversational Actions Architecture • Intelligent User Experience gets easily and deeply integrated into Customer’s SAP EcoSystem (highlighted in blue here). The solution is installable into SAP On Premise system as an add-on and plugged into SAP Cloud Foundry via SAP Cloud Connector using OData protocol. • All you need is to simply start your intelligent conversation with your SAP S/4HANA or Business Suite!
  14. 14. Skybuffer Innovative Technologies Demo Portal Try some generic business scenarios with a real time connection to SAP On Premise system from our InnovativeTechnologiesPortal (simplyrequest SAP user ID creation viaconversational user experience application and continue chattingto SAPdigital core) SkybufferInnovative TechnologiesDemoPortal (WebLink)
  15. 15. Action Cards Asynchronous Email-Based Interface for SAP On Premise
  16. 16. Action Cards Core Functionality Action Cards is a part of Intelligent Decision Dimensions solution designed to provide universal and integrated with SAP NetWeaver On Premise Core Functionality, asynchronous emailing framework for business workflows and email-to- SAP type of communication. The solution with its asynchronous intelligent actions and notification cards brings SAP to the edge where the business user is. Together with Conversational Actions this solution allows bringing business users out of SAP GUI / SAP Fiori boundaries not only for data management, but also for decision-making scenarios. Action Cards are available in three functional business packages: • Action Cards S/4HANA and SAP ECC Package • Action Cards Solution Manager Package • Action Cards Foundation Package for NetWeaver
  17. 17. Action Cards Key Benefits • Speedup your productivity Take advantage of quick decision emails and email notifications using our Rapid Implementation Kit and enjoy the flexibility of the authorized decision-making process via the most common for business users email channel of communication leading to your maximum efficiency • Get your business-specificcustomizing Adjust HTML emails templates and customize steering parameters to meet the needs of your business model
  18. 18. Action Cards Key Capabilities • Email notificationsallowing asynchronous(offline) decision-makingwithout having to log in ​SAP system​ SAP Business Workflow email notifications generationwith Skybuffer Action Cards allows capturingdecisions directlyvia email interface, so it facilitates business users'interaction with SAPand speeds up the decision-makingprocess. • Reminder notificationsas one email collecting all decision requests in the accordion view Business users will benefit from gettingsingle emails with all outstandingdecision items that will allowthem to approve or reject directlyfrom the reminder email without a necessity to log into the SAP system. • Business users can send attachments to SAP simply via email Now business users are able to send emails directly to SAP and these emails are converted into comments and attachments for the appropriate business object that is mentioned in the email subject. • Multilingual support with SAP Translation Hub integration Embedded and configurable integration with SAPTranslation Hub formultilingualemail notifications and workflowdecision emails • Rapid Deployment Kit speeding up implementation process Skybuffer provides the Rapid ImplementationKit and SkybufferVirtual Academymaterials to support both Partnersand Clients during the Add-on implementationprocess.We also offer our Partners and Clients the SolutionManager access so that theycan request free of charge consultancysupportin order to get a better vision of the optimal Add-onimplementation for a particular business case.
  19. 19. Pricing and Packaging Packaging Value Annual Subscription, in EUR Maintenance and Implementation Assistance Yes 103,499* Prototyping Assistance Yes Unlimited Usage of Action Cards (notification emails and decision capturing emails) Yes Organization StructureIntegration Yes ConversationalAI Contentfor SAP On Premise 300+business scenarios aredeveloped according to Skybuffer bestpractices, ready to be used in conversations with SAP ERP (or S/4HANA) On Premisesystems Multiple Languages Support(English, German, French, Spanish) Yes Rapid Implementation Kit (RIK), Skybuffer Virtual Academy materials Yes Client’s Cabinet Yes * Estimated price which is currently in the official commercial offer. Subjectto changeand discussion.
  20. 20. Skybuffer SAP Certified Add-on: Intelligent Decision Dimensions Package: Action Cards, Conversational Actions Developer: Skybuffer NORWAY Laberghagen 23 NO-4020, Stavanger NORWAY Phone: +47 90069983 BELARUS prosp. Dzerzhinskogo 104B, office 601b BY-220116, Minsk BELARUS Phone +375 293702904 POLAND WPT – budynek Gamma ul. Muchoborska 18 Wroclaw, POLAND, PL-54-424 Tel.: +48 534652207 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 12640 West Cedar Drive Lakewood, CO 80228 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Phone: +47 90069983 INDIA RDB Boulevard, 5th Floor, Plot K-1, Sector V Block EP & GP, Salt Lake City Kolkata, West Bengal INDIA, 700091 T + 91 3361363734 M +91 9819730354