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Skybuffer Intelligent SAP User Experience :: Procurement Full-Cycle Demo


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Full-cycle Procurement demo scenario connected to SAP digital core.
Roles: the Company's Buyer, the Company's Inventory Manager, Skybuffer Intelligent Assistant.
SAP AI Skills: SAP user authentication, checking purchase requisitions, checking materials availability, checking the vendor's status, creating purchase order, checking purchase orders without goods receipt, posting goods receipt.

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Skybuffer Intelligent SAP User Experience :: Procurement Full-Cycle Demo

  1. 1. Developer: Skybuffer AS, Norway SAP Add-on: Intelligent Decision Dimensions Package: Action Cards, Conversational Actions Version: 3.2 Laberghagen 23, NO-4020, Stavanger, Norway T +47 90069983 E DEMO: PROCUREMENT CYCLE POWERED BY SKYBUFFER ADD-ON
  2. 2. Intelligent User Experience: PROCUREMENT CYCLE by Skybuffer Team
  3. 3. Procurement Cycle Chapter 1. What the Company’s Buyer Checks before Creating Purchase Order Joi Virtual Assistant Mark Anthony Buyer
  4. 4. Scene 1: User Authentication thanks to Integration with Fiori Launchpad Main character: Mark | Page 03 PROCUREMENT CYCLE In his every-day activities Mark, the company’s buyer, actively uses help of Joi, his Intelligent Assistant. Normally, for SAP users there is a procedure of ID authorization via email or sms with a validation code sent to the user’s email or mobile number indicated in SAP. But when logged inFiori, he is automatically authenticated in his chat with Joi and can get immediate access to SAP data Yeah, Joi recognizes me ☺
  5. 5. Scene 1: The Buyer Checks Purchase RequisitionsMain character: Mark | Page 04 PROCUREMENT CYCLE Mark is responsibleforbuying the materials for the company.He starts his working day by checking the purchase requisitions created in differentcompany’s departments. Let’s see what we’ve got to buy today…
  6. 6. SAP Backend: Company's Purchase Requisitions Main character: Mark | Page 05 PROCUREMENT CYCLE Here is the list of the company’s purchase requisitions in SAP
  7. 7. Scene 3: The Buyer Checks Material Stock Main character: Mark | Page 06 PROCUREMENT CYCLE Mark has to make sure he needs to buy the requested materials. So he checks if they are really not available at a particular plant. Need to make sure we lack these engines. Will ask Joi to check their availabilityin the plant.
  8. 8. SAP Backend: Material Stock Availability Main character: Mark | Page 07 PROCUREMENT CYCLE SAP data on material stockfor plant
  9. 9. Scene 4: The Buyer Checks Purchasing Documents Items by Material Group Main character: Mark | Page 08 PROCUREMENT CYCLE Now Mark is going to check the purchasing documentitems in order to find the vendor from whom the company ordered the engines So who is our regular supplier of these engines?
  10. 10. SAP Backend: Purchasing Documents by Material Group Main character: Mark | Page 09 PROCUREMENT CYCLE SAP data on Purchasing documents items selectedby material group A Absolutelytrue data from SAP!
  11. 11. Scene 5: The Buyer Checks the Vendor’s Status Main character: Mark | Page 10 PROCUREMENT CYCLE Mark wants to make sure the company can still do business with the Vendor, so he checks the Vendor’s status. Optionally, the Buyer can check the whole history (total open items, overdue amount, overdue amount blocked or free for payment, blocking reason, etc) Let’s have a look at this Vendor’s status..
  12. 12. SAP Backend: Vendor’s Status Check Main character: Mark | Page 11 PROCUREMENT CYCLE SAP data on the vendor
  13. 13. Intelligent User Experience Dialogue Main character: Joi | Page 12 PROCUREMENT CYCLE SkybufferIntelligentUser Experience dialogue on the process of checking: • purchase requisitions, • stock availability, • purchasing documents items by material group, • vendor’s status
  14. 14. Scene 6: The Buyer Decides to Order from PATRON Main character: Mark | Page 13 PROCUREMENT CYCLE Having checked everything, Marks takes a positive decisionon ordering the requested materials from PATRON. Engines from PATRON AUTOMOTIVE OK, I guess we shall order from PATRON again.
  15. 15. Procurement Cycle Chapter 2. Creating Purchase Order Joi Virtual Assistant Mark Anthony Buyer
  16. 16. Scene 1: The Buyer Creates Purchase Order based on Purchase Requisition Main character: Mark | Page 15 PROCUREMENT CYCLE Mark asks Joi to create a purchase orderin SAP.She takes the following details from him: VendorID, purchasing organization and purchase requisition on the basis of which the purchase order is created OK, let’s ask Joi to create a Purchase Order in SAP
  17. 17. SAP Backend: Purchase Order Main character: Mark | Page 16 PROCUREMENT CYCLE Purchase Order4500000516 created in SAP via Joi, SkybufferIntelligentAssistant
  18. 18. Procurement Cycle Chapter 3. Inventory Manager Receives Materials and Posts Goods Receipt Joi Virtual Assistant Jack Sparrow Inventory Manager
  19. 19. Scene 1: Inventory Manager Receives Materials Main character: Jack | Page 18 PROCUREMENT CYCLE At his working place, Jack, the Inventory Manager, receives the goods orderedin Purchase Order 4500000516based on Purchase Requisition10000134 I’ll call you back, there are PATRON engines arriving right now Engines from PATRON AUTOMOTIVE
  20. 20. Scene 2: Inventory Manager Checks Purchase Orders without Goods Receipt Main character: Jack | Page 19 PROCUREMENT CYCLE Jack asks Joi to show him all purchase orders without goods receipts
  21. 21. SAP Backend: Purchase Orders without Goods Receipts Main character: Jack | Page 20 PROCUREMENT CYCLE SAP data on purchase orders without goods receiptsor service entry sheets
  22. 22. Scene 3: Jack Creates Goods Receipt Main character: Jack | Page 21 PROCUREMENT CYCLE Jack asks Joi to create Goods Receiptdocumentin SAP L Let’s ask Joi to post goods receipt in SAP
  23. 23. SAP Backend: Goods Receipt Main character: Jack | Page 22 PROCUREMENT CYCLE Goods receiptposted in SAP
  24. 24. Intelligent User Experience Dialogue Main character: Jack | Page 23 PROCUREMENT CYCLE The whole dialogue on posting goods receipt
  25. 25. Scene 4: Light-Hearted Small Talk Main character: Jack | Page 24 PROCUREMENT CYCLE Jack is really impressed aboutJoi’s efficiency.Justin a couple of minutes she managed to post so much information in SAP. He warmly thanks her and Joi responds to his compliments in a nice way. Isn’t she awesome?!
  26. 26. DEMO: PROCUREMENT CYCLE POWERED BY SKYBUFFER ADD-ON Developer: Skybuffer AS, Norway Laberghagen 23, NO-4020, Stavanger, Norway T +47 90069983 E EFFICIENT RELIABLE INTELLIGENT INNOVATIVE