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Intelligent Decision Dimensions SAP certified Add-on


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Skybuffer Add-on is officially certified by SAP Integration and Certification Center.​ Our solution empowers business users with Intelligent Decision Dimensions to capture their actions in SAP from the edge where they are.​ The solution comprises two major integrated parts:​ action cards​ and conversational actions​

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Intelligent Decision Dimensions SAP certified Add-on

  1. 1. INTELLIGENT DECISION DIMENSIONS POWERED BY SKYBUFFER Developer: Skybuffer AS, Norway SAP Add-on: Intelligent Decision Dimensions (official SAP certified name) Package: Action Cards, Conversational Actions Version: 3.2 Laberghagen 23, NO-4020, Stavanger, Norway T +47 90069983 E FOR SKYBUFFER CLIENTS ONLY
  2. 2. About Skybuffer Skybuffer One Pager
  3. 3. Facts and Certificates Year of incorporation: 2013 Countries: Belarus, Poland, Norway, India SAP forces: 23 experts SAP partnership: PE Sales, PE Service, PE Build (software development) SAP certification: SAP Partner Centre of Expertise ISO certification (TÜV Germany): ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013
  4. 4. Value Proposition Assess the solution benefits for both the Client and Skybuffer
  5. 5. Skybuffer SAP Certified Add-on INTELLIGENT DECISION DIMENSIONS is Skybuffer SAP Add-on officially certified by SAP Integration and Certification Center. Our solution empowers business users with Intelligent Decision Dimensions to capture their actions in SAP from the edge where they are. The solution comprises two major integrated parts: - action cards - conversational actions
  6. 6. Actions Cards Overview Action Cards is a part of Intelligent Decision Dimensions product designed to provide universal and integrated with SAP NetWeaver on premise core functionality emailing framework for business workflows and email-to-SAP type of communication. The solution with its asynchronous intelligent actions and notification cards brings SAP to the edge where the business user is. Action Cards are available in three functional business packages: • Actions Cards S/4HANA and SAP ECC Package • Action Cards Solution Manager Package • Action Cards Foundation Package for NetWeaver
  7. 7. Conversational Actions Overview Conversational Actions is a part of Cloud Intelligence package from Skybuffer dealing with bi-directional SAP Conversational AI data flow integration from SAP Cloud into SAP On Premise system. The main functional blocks of Conversational Actions are the following: • ABAP SDK (SAP NetWeaver on premise) for SAP Leonardo - Machine Learning - Conversational AI (SAP CAI) • Central unified OData service (SAP NetWeaver on premise) to manage chat bot conversations via ABAP SDK • Email-based user authentication in chats (SAP NetWeaver on premise and SAP Cloud Foundry) • SMS-based user authentication in chats (SAP NetWeaver on premise and SAP Cloud Foundry) • Users' authorization control for data requested via chat channel (SAP NetWeaver on premise)
  8. 8. Packaging and Pricing • Implementation Assistance • Prototyping Assistance • Unlimited usage of action cards • Unified Inbound Email Processor • Org. Structure Integration • Rapid Implementation Kit • Conversational Actions • AI into SAP Integration • Multiple Channels Support • Client’s Cabinet
  9. 9. Pricing Tiers (in block of 1000 chat sessions) Pricing Tier Price (EUR) Term 1 - 10 pieces 75 Month 11 - 30 pieces 65 Month 31 - 70 pieces 61 Month 71 - 100 pieces 59 Month 101 - 999.999.999.999 pieces 58 Month
  10. 10. Benefits for SAP Clients • Pre-developed unified Chatbot as a Service with all AI skills integrated to it, skills development interface, multiple channels support, Client's cabinet and unlimited number of users; • You never own the Bot, or build the Bot, or deploy the Bot, or copy any template – you just USE the Bot as it is; • Zero cent maintenance costs for the Chatbot (only pay as you go by usage); • Support costs reduction and re-investment of funds into SAP innovations.
  11. 11. Benefits for Skybuffer • We only sell chat sessions usage Note: Skybuffer is not aimed at selling implementation services, the main focus is to sell chat sessions and provide zero cent maintenance support
  12. 12. Steps to Implement Develop custom skills and integrate into Skybuffer AI as a Service (optional) Setup Conversational AI Communication ChannelsDeploy Intelligent Decision Dimensions into SCP Cloud Foundry RUN with ZERO CENT Maintenance Costs for the Chatbot Deploy Intelligent Decision Dimensions into SAP On Premise system
  13. 13. Conversational Actions Key Benefits - I • Unified Chat Bot AI-powered virtual assistant is provided as a single service with all AI skills integrated into one bot instance. That spares you from the necessity to choose a particular bot for your particular scenario. We improve our bot on a daily basis using the training tools of machine learning, natural language processing algorithms and including unrecognized queries in our scenarios. • Zero Cent Maintenance Costs You will never have to pay maintenance for your bot channel instances, you just pay as you go based on the volume of chat consumption. • Consumption-based licensing (material 8006013 SAP Conversational AI) – 1 chat for 0.075 EUR
  14. 14. Conversational Actions Key Benefits - II • Multiple Channels Support We allow you to create as many channels for your Bot subscription as you find necessary, and tune AI skills inside the channel via our Client's portal created specifically for AI skills management. Users can get in touch with Virtual Assistant by means of almost any communication channel which can be a webchat, Skype, Slack, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and what not. There are SAP channels included as well, such as SAP CoPilot and SAP Jam Collaboration. • Guided Custom Development and Skills Integration with Zero Cent Maintenance Offer We provide you with a namespace and an interface to develop custom chat bot skills that fit and meet your scenarios. Once your required skills are developed, we undertake to review and examine them and include them into the central bot instance that is managed entirely by us. In such a way you get zero cent maintenance costs even for your own custom created skills.
  15. 15. Unified Chat Bot Skill Sets Skybuffer Cloud Intelligence scenarios for IT help desk, suppliers, procurement, human capital management, etc.
  16. 16. Unified Chat Bot Skill Sets - I User Management • Unlock User • Reset User’s Password • Create New User • Authenticate User (2 steps) • Create Service Request • etc. (continuous development) Supplier Support • Check Invoice Status • Get details on Quotation • Get Open Items List and Balance • Get Overdue Amount, Sums Blocked and Free for Payment • Display the list of Purchase Orders created for Vendor • etc. (continuous development)
  17. 17. Unified Chat Bot Skill Sets - II Procurement • Show Purchase Order approval status • Find the number of Requests for Quotation submitted by other Vendors • Check Contract details • etc. (continuous development) Human Capital Management • Provide costs and dates for a particular trip • Create Travel Request • Create Leave Request • Show the Absence Quota for a particular Employee • Set Substitute • etc. (continuous development)
  18. 18. Unified Chat Bot Skill Sets - III Finance • Find open items for Vendor • Find open items for Customer • Display G/L account balance • Show the turnover for a particular year • etc. (continuous development) Plant Maintenance • Display Maintenance Order list for the company code for a given period • Show the scope of operations for a particular Maintenance Order • Set the Operation Status • Create Malfunction Report • etc.
  19. 19. Skybuffer SAP Certified Add-on: Intelligent Decision Dimensions Package: Action Cards, Conversational Actions Developer: Skybuffer AS, Norway Laberghagen 23, NO-4020, Stavanger, Norway T +47 90069983 E Simple Fast Reliable Innovative