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Conversational Actions for Suppliers: Check Vendor's Open Items


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Conversational AI is taking hold in a variety of industries and is having profound effects on the way that enterprises use SAP systems. Consider Skybuffer chatbot as a perfect automation tool to streamline your service, front-end and back-end processes! AI-as-a-Service for Supplier is delivered as a part of SAP ECC and S/4HANA package and has all AI skills integrated into it. The supplier’s virtual assistant first carries out the authentication processes and then delivers SAP data on open items of a particular vendor.

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Conversational Actions for Suppliers: Check Vendor's Open Items

  1. 1. Developer: Skybuffer AS, Norway SAP Add-on: Intelligent Decision Dimensions Package: Action Cards, Conversational Actions Version: 3.2 Laberghagen 23, NO-4020, Stavanger, Norw ay T +47 90069983 E FOR SKYBUFFER CLIENTS ONLY DEMO: CHECK VENDOR'S OPEN ITEMS POWERED BY SKYBUFFER ADD-ON
  3. 3. Open Items List Introduction Joi Virtual Assistant Murray, 65 Financial Controller
  4. 4. Scene 1: An Escalated Call from the Supplier Main character: Murray | Page03 OPEN ITEMS LIST Murray, the Financial Controller, gets an escalated call from his counterpart supplierasking why they haven’t been paid. Murray decides to get into the issue and turns to Joi for the whole SAP documentationon this Supplier’s openitems. Let’s ask Joi about the issue with this VENDOR’s open items… Hi Joi, I need to check open items of a certain vendor please To be able to give you the necessary open items list, I need to know the Vendor ID, please.
  5. 5. Scene 2: SAP Vendor ID and User ID Validation Main character: Murray | Page04 OPEN ITEMS LIST To be able to provide info on openitems list, Joi needs to make sure that the Vendor,whose SAP data are required,exists in SAP, and the user who asks for these data is authorized to get them. So Joi carries out VendorID check and User ID validation.
  6. 6. User Contacts in SAP and Authentication Email Main character: Murray | Page05 OPEN ITEMS LIST The default processof authentication is done via email, that is, SAP Conversational AI sends an email with the verification code to the email address indicated in the user profile in SAP.
  7. 7. Authentication via SMS Main character: Murray | Page06 OPEN ITEMS LIST Murray feels reluctant to reach his email inbox as he isn’t sure he remembers the login data, so he asks Joi to verify his User ID by an SMS to his mobile phone. So SAP Conversational AI sends an SMS with the verification code to the mobile phone indicated in the user profile in SAP.
  8. 8. Scene 3: Murray Gets into Detail Main character: Murray | Page07 OPEN ITEMS LIST Now Murray can get into the issue and step by step he checks all the information on this Vendor.He asks Joi for • the openitems balance, • what amounts are overdue, • what amounts are blocked forpayment and for what reasons, • what sums are free for payment. Murray analyzes the given data and sees that there are sums overdue even out of those which are free for payment. IIIs Looks like there is a real problemhere with this Vendor….
  9. 9. Scene 4: Murray Checks Vendor’s Account Status Main character: Murray | Page08 OPEN ITEMS LIST Murray sees that there is a problem with this Vendorand he asks Joi to show the status of their account. Seeing that is it blocked for payment, Murray decidesto call the supplierand arrange a meeting to discuss the problem face-to-face. So this vendor’s account is blocked for payment. I should call them and invite for a meeting to discuss the situation.
  10. 10. Scene 5: Murray Makes Arrangements Main character: Murray | Page09 OPEN ITEMS LIST Murray calls the supplier and arranges a meeting with them to discuss the situation Than he checks their total open items list, sees the whole picture and recommends the inside IT departmentto temporarily suspend operations with this supplier. Hi, guys! I’m calling to inform you of some issue with Vendor Ltd. I suggest we suspend operations with them for some time. Hello, Mr Vee! I’ve looked into the matter and think we should have a meeting and discuss things face to face.
  11. 11. SAP Backend / Conversational AI Main character: Murray | Page10 OPEN ITEMS LIST Here are 5 invoices from SAP that Joi gives in the chat, with all the details: numbers, dates of creation and dates due, totals and amounts overdue and their parts free and locked for payment, blocking reasons, etc.
  12. 12. Scene 5: Humanized Small Talk Main character: Murray | Page11 OPEN ITEMS LIST Murray is really impressedabout Joi’s efficiency.Just in a couple of minutes she managed to give him the whole SAP pictureof the vendor’s situation and helped him understand the roots of the problem.He warmly thanks her and Joi responds to his compliments in a nice friendly way. Dear me, this is really happening – bots chat like humans and do so many tedious tasks!
  13. 13. SAP Conversational AI Main character: Murray | Page12 OPEN ITEMS LIST The whole dialogue with the chatbot on OpenItems details (list, balance, amount overdue, sums locked for payment with the reasons,sums free for payment, account status), including the authentication process
  14. 14. DEMO: CHECK VENDOR’S OPEN ITEMS POWERED BY SKYBUFFER ADD-ON Developer: Skybuffer AS, Norway Laberghagen 23, NO-4020, Stavanger, Norway T +47 90069983 E SIMPLE RELIABLE FAST INNOVATIVE