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Conversational Actions for Supplier Relationship Management: Check Return Orders


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Among its endless skillsets in various SAP functional areas, Skybuffer Conversational AI powered virtual assistant can instantly help the Supplier get the list of return orders, check details on them and capture the Supplier’s comments as GOS attachments in SAP.

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Conversational Actions for Supplier Relationship Management: Check Return Orders

  1. 1. Developer: Skybuffer AS, Norway SAP Add-on: Intelligent Decision Dimensions Package: Action Cards, Conversational Actions Version: 3.2 Laberghagen 23, NO-4020, Stavanger, Norway T +47 90069983 E FOR SKYBUFFER CLIENTS ONLY DEMO: CHECK RETURN ORDERS POWERED BY SKYBUFFER ADD-ON
  3. 3. Return Orders Introduction Joi Virtual Assistant Neil, 31 Supplier
  4. 4. Scene 1: Checking Return Orders Main character: Neil | Page 03 RETURN ORDERS Neil, the Supplier, wants to check the return orders his company currently has. So he asks Joi, Skybuffer Conversational AI powered chatbot, to get this information from SAP Let’s see what return orders we happen to have… Hi Joi, I need to check my return order please. To be able to give you the necessary list, I need to know the Vendor ID, please.
  5. 5. Scene 2: SAP Vendor ID Validation Main character: Neil | Page 04 RETURN ORDERS To be able to provide info on return orders, Joi needs to make sure that the Vendor, whose SAP data are required, exists in SAP and is authorized to get them. So Joi carries out Vendor ID validation. By default it is done by email but can be effected via sms as well.
  6. 6. Scene 3: Getting Return Orders List from Chatbot Main character: Neil | Page 05 RETURN ORDERS So Joi communicates the list of Return Orders out of SAP. IIIsрррAccording to the given Vendor number, I’ve found the following list of Return Orders: PO number: 4500000435, Header Text: Office Equipment claim PO number: 4500000436, Header text: Goods returning back How quick and convenient!
  7. 7. SAP Backend / Conversational AI Main character: Neil | Page 06 RETURN ORDERS Here are the return orders from SAP that Joi gives in the chat, with all the details: PO numbers, items, quantity, descripton, etc.
  8. 8. Scene 4: Getting Details on the Return Order Main character: Neil | Page 07 RETURN ORDERS Neil wants to check the details on a particular order. So he does by giving its number. The chatbot communicates all the details like PO number, Item number and the reason of returning. Neil is happy with the chatbot efficiency but does not agree with a piece of information he gets. IIIs How come there is a wrong model with item 00010??
  9. 9. Scene 4: Leaving a Comment to a Return Order Main character: Neil | Page 08 RETURN ORDERS Joi suggests Neil leaves a comment, the Supplier leaves it, the Bot confirms capturing it and transforms it into a GOS attachment. IIIs Wow, isn’t this fun? No need to log into SAP, nothing, as Joi does all the work.
  10. 10. Comment Captured as GOS Attachment in SAP Backend Main character: Neil | Page 09 RETURN ORDERS Joi captures the comment to the return order, transforms it into GOS attachment and saves it in SAP
  11. 11. Scene 5: Humanized Small Talk Main character: Neil | Page 10 RETURN ORDERS Neil is really impressed with Joi’s efficiency. Just in a couple of minutes she managed to give him the whole SAP details on return orders and took his comment to the return order he would like to clarify. He warmly thanks her and Joi responds to his compliments in an absolutely human way. Oh my, this is really happening – bots chat like humans and do so many tedious tasks!
  12. 12. SAP Conversational AI Main character: Neil | Page 11 RETURN ORDERS The whole dialogue with the chatbot on Return Orders (PO numbers, items description, reasons of return), including the authentication process
  13. 13. DEMO: CHECK RETURN ORDERS POWERED BY SKYBUFFER ADD-ON Developer: Skybuffer AS, Norway Laberghagen 23, NO-4020, Stavanger, Norway T +47 90069983 E SIMPLE RELIABLE FAST INNOVATIVE