Transpersonal Psychology - what is the object?


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This is presentation, which Tatiana Ginzburg did at the EUROTAS conference in Milano.
This is raising the question - what is the subject of research

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Transpersonal Psychology - what is the object?

  1. 1. Limits and Beyond the limits ofTranspersonal Psychology Tatiana Ginzburg, Russia, PhD in psychology
  2. 2. What is Transpersonal Psychology?What are we researching?What is the object of researching?
  3. 3. May be Transpersonal Psychology – is the science of Altered States of Consciousness?
  4. 4. Is it really a science?
  5. 5. May be it is a Flow?
  6. 6. Methodology of Integration – in breathwork
  7. 7. Body, Psyche and Mind Body – sensations, movement, poses, breathing, behavior.Psyche – emotions, feelings, passion, wishes, relationships, also relationship to own sensations (like, dislike).Mind – the capacity to make distinctions and to compare, to reflect and to make a forecast for future, create a purpose… Integration – is uniting parts in one whole as a result integration create a new quality
  8. 8. four different levels of human functioning• The three systems (Body, Psyche and Mind) are not working as one• Two systems are connected with each other. For example when body and psyche are totally connected, each movement and each sensation is accompanied by a psychic experience. And any emotional experience creates a momentary response in the body. Even saying that I am not fully correct, because there is no sequence, there is a union of two systems: sensation, feeling and movement are experienced as one. He is not moving his body, it moves by itself. Usually this type of unity feels like ecstasy.• Three systems are working in harmony. State of consciousness while Body, Psyche and Mind are working as one. Mind easily understands what is happening with Body and Psyche and any thought or association has an immediate influence on psyche and body. Momentary falling in to this level is accompanied by insight.• Maximum limitless wholeness – state of unity with World
  9. 9. Level of Integration
  10. 10. The process of integration• Active breathing• Activation of the body (appearance of sensations, movements, dynamics of the poses…)• Activation of Psyche (memory, association, emotions…..)• ------------------------------------------------------------------------- (level Body+Psyche)------• Crisis (or physical pain, or tension, negative emotions….)• ------------------------------------------------------------------------- (level Body+Psyche)------•• Establish stable breathing, as if the body breathes like that itself• Spontaneous (resonance) amplification (spreading) of feelings, emotions, sensations the process of uniting psyche with body• ------------------------------------------------------------------------- (level Body+Psyche)------• Crisis• ------------------------------------------------------------------------- (level Body+Psyche)------• First resonance association, awareness of the problem or inner conflict• Amplification and spreading understanding, appearing of insights, decisions, choices• ------------------------------------------------------------------------- (level Body+Psyche)------• Crisis• ----------------------------------------------------------- (level Body+Psyche+Mind+World)--• Positive response to the signal from the outside world• Spreading of resonance, feedback from outside world, which consolidates insights, and experience• Awareness of being in this state• Relaxation