Edtc 6340 tatiana canales copyrights 2nd rev


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  • Libraries are working to make digital collections open to the public. There are laws and policies that protect author’s works.
  • Notice is no longer needed to protect worksAny tangible expression is automatically copyright protected
  • Work-aroundHelps to identify works in the public domainEx: UT Austin Libraries Public Domain Project
  • Unknown AuthorCould be available to the public digitally through reasonable searches
  • There could be penalties for using orphan works if owner shows up and reserves the right to ownership
  • Copying and distributing copyrighted work without permissionIndividuals are held responsibleUniversities may be held responsible for the actions of employees and students
  • Implied LicensesReasonable expectations Presuming that any work posted to the internet will be read, used, downloaded, printed, etc. Excludes commercial use without permissionVague boundaries-derivatives? Large-scale nonprofit distribution?Express LicensesDetails the rights the author of the work wants the public to haveCreative commons – sharing easy to apply to online posts
  • The right to use copyrighted material without having to ask for permissionEducational, research, and scholarly usesCollective licensing – Copyright Clearance CenterLess clear, questionableLimit searchesThere are 4 fair use factors to determine whether getting permission is necessaryIt is fair use if: Is the use you want to make of another's work transformative -- that is, does it add value to and repurpose the work for a new audience?Is the amount of material you want to use appropriate to achieve your transformative purpose?
  • Use only what you needLimit accessAvailable for useUnprotected worksLibrary-licensed worksCreative commons licensed worksImplied licenseLack of license needed for use
  • Grants distance educators a limited version of rights held by educators in the classroomYou may need to revert to fair use
  • Copyright Clearance Center, Foreign collective, Image archives, Freelance writers, Music performances, Play rights, news archives, moviesContact the owner, check the copyright office, confirm authority to grant permission
  • Get it in writingdifficulty identifying owner and unresponsive or unidentifiable owner
  • Edtc 6340 tatiana canales copyrights 2nd rev

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