Party In Heaven


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Party In Heaven

  1. 1. Party in heaven
  2. 2. The animals that were living in the forest spread the news that there would be a
  3. 3. However, only the flying animals were invited. The birds were very happy with the news and started to talk about the party to the whole forest and so the other animals were very sad filled with envy.
  4. 4. A very naughty frog that lived in the swamp, right in the middle of the forest, was very willing to participate in the event. He resolved that he would go anyway and went out spreading to all the animals that he had also been a guest.
  5. 5. The animals that were hearing the frog telling that he also had been a guest for the party in heaven were laughing at him. Imagine the frog, very heavy, he couldn’t possibly run, how was he going to manage to fly?
  6. 6. For many days, the frog was a cause of mockery of the whole forest. “You’d better forget about it, my dear friend frog!”, said the squirrel, up the tree. “Animals like us, which do not fly, have no chance to appear in the party in heaven”.
  7. 7. “I will go!”, said the very hopeful frog but deep inside he wasn’t sure and didn’t know how to do it. A party like this shouldn’t exclude most of the animals. After much thought, the frog formulated a plan.
  8. 8. Hours before the party, he looked at the vulture. They talked very much, and enjoyed themselves with the jokes that the Hours before the party, he frog was telling. looked at the vulture. They talked very much, and enjoyed themselves with the jokes that the frog was telling.
  9. 9. frog said goodbye to his friend: -“Good, my dear friend, I am going to rest, because I need to look well and refreshed for the party.quot; -“You’re going, friendly frog?” Asked the vulture, very suspicious. - “Of course! I would not lose this party for anything.” - said the frog, ready to go. “See you
  10. 10. instead of going out, the frog went round, jumped of the window of the house of the vulture and seeing the guitar on top of the bed, he decided
  11. 11. The party was almost beginning and the vulture caught his guitar, tied it to his neck and flew towards heaven. When he reached heaven, the vulture left his guitar in a corner and looked for the other birds. The frog peeped around him and seeing that he was alone, jumped and got out
  12. 12. surprised when they saw the frog dancing in heaven. They all wanted to know how he had arrived there, but he changed the subject and was determined to enjoy the party.
  13. 13. It was almost dawn when the frog decided that was time to get ready to go home with the vulture. He went out without anybody noticing and he entered the guitar of the vulture that was right in a nook of the hall. The sun was already appearing when the party finished and the guests went
  14. 14. guitar and flew towards the forest. He was flying calmly when in the middle of the way it felt something moving inside the guitar. He looked inside the instrument and he saw the frog sleeping, completely shrugged, it seemed a
  15. 15. “Oh! What a devious frog! Was it that way that you went to the party in heaven? Without asking, without warning and you still made a fool out of me!” Right after saying this, very angrily, he turned the guitar upside down and let the frog fell to the ground.
  16. 16. The fall was impressive. The frog fell on top of the stones of the river-bed and even more impressive was the fact that he didn’t die. But on his back was the mark of the fall: a bunch of patches.
  17. 17. That is the reason why the frogs have a few strange drawings in their backs; it is a God's tribute to this naughty but kind-hearted little frog.
  18. 18. Mónica Marques, nº 19 Tatiana Silva, nº 22 10º A Prof. Diva Figueiredo 2008/2009 ESEN