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Parenting - building strong roots


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By Suzzane Rodricks at the Tata Learning Disability Forum (TLDF), 2013.
The Forum for Learning Disabilities centred on the theme ‘Learning Disabilities – a more inclusive perspective’. The forum this year included in its purview three additional Learning Disabilities (LD), namely Specific Learning Disability (SpLD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

In line with the TATA Group’s corporate sustainability endeavors, TIS initiated the Tata Learning Disability Forum (TLDF) in 2006 to ensure that students with special education needs receive the required attention as well as to spread awareness about LD which had been receiving scant attention in India. Since then, via the TLDF platform, TIS has been successful in generating an increased level of awareness and enabling progress in remediation activities for students with LD.

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Parenting - building strong roots

  1. 1. SO how long does it take to So How Long Does It Take To Grow So High?
  2. 2. Parenting : BuildingStrong RootsSuzanne Rodricks Forum For LD 2nd March 2013
  3. 3. Being A Parent …….• The birth of a child changes lives forever.• Becoming a parent brings with it several concerns and responsibilities.• The central concern becomes “effective parenting”
  4. 4. • Perseverance • Courage So… • Hope & OptimismWith what • Integritydo we feed • Faiththese roots • Independence & ? responsibility • Competition • Humour • Kindness & compassion
  5. 5. Perseverance……Stick with a goal despite ofchallenges faced…I can realize my dreams..Try again and again and again..Try something different..
  6. 6. Courage …Stare trouble in the eye…Stand up for•what is right..•protect his health..•loved ones..•principles he/ she believes in ..
  7. 7. Hope & Optimism…Can do Attitude..Must find a way..Not threatened by change..See beyond what exists today.. Outlook will shape the outcome
  8. 8. Integrity …Internal road map..Do what is fair & honest..Translate our beliefs into action..Match my outside with myinside ..How you behave when no one is looking…
  9. 9. Faith ..Basic belief in goodness..Marvel at the beauty ofthe world..Trust in humanity..Sense of belonging..
  10. 10. Independence & Responsibility..A desire to make things happen..A longing to feel competent &capable..A need for individual expression and choice..A blend of reliability and accountability..Commitment and good judgment..The best parent is one who prepares a childto successfully operate without a parent
  11. 11. Competition…..Helps shapes personal aspirations..Helps sets goals..Helps accepting both winning andlosing as apart of life.. Tempered by compassion, cooperation and empathy
  12. 12. Kindness and Compassion… Most come by these naturally.. but need help to translate into actions…Through kindness- contributes to world strength Through compassion - contributes to self character…
  13. 13. Humour…Attitude of playfulnessIt’s portable …Dissipate arguments andlessens anxiety.. Family’s shared sense of delight…
  14. 14. The How of it….• Face it!• Lend them your ears!• Watch out …. You’re watched!• The carrot ….. The stick!• Be the change!• Quality time exists!• Know them!• Love – No matter what!• Catch them!
  15. 15. Remember… there is no one best way….. Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children; now I have six children, and no theories. John Wilmot
  16. 16. I cant tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is reach for it, myself. -Joyce Maynard
  17. 17. Build Strong Roots……You Don’t Need To Be Around To See The Tree Tops!