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Panda global protection 2012 3 p cs [download]


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Panda global protection 2012 3 p cs [download]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Panda Global Protection 2012 3 PCs[Download]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating4.4 out of 5Product FeatureComplete cloud based protection from all kinds ofqknown and unknown threats using the power ofthe cloud and the collective knowledge gatheredfrom the Panda CommunityPersonal Firewall blocks intruders and hackersqeven on your wireless network USB vaccineprotects your external devices from infecting yourPCSafe Browsing enables safe access to any websitequsing your normal browser Multimedia and Gamingauto detection provides automatic uninterruptedfull screen gaming and media viewingHome Network Manager checks the security statusqof your other home computers Virtual keyboardthwarts key logger attacksAdvanced Features include Anti-Spam ProtectionqParental Controls Identity Protection Local andOnline Backup and Restore Remote PC Access andmoreRead moreqProduct DescriptionMaximum Protection When viruses and spyware strike, every second counts. With Panda, you are connected tothe "cloud", our always-on, fast-response data center that provides lightning-fast protection from threats oldand new. Your computer is always up-to-date and always protected without big, cumbersome downloads. Usingthe cloud, the entire Panda community is protected faster from new threats. Minimum Impact Suspicious filesand malicious activities are analyzed in the cloud, not on your PC, conserving your PC’s resources. Using thecloud, Panda’s detection capacity is not limited by your PC, so we protect you from more threats than everbefore possible. The protection is powerful and the performance impact is minimal. Easy to Use Designed forease-of-use, the program protects you immediately upon installation. Fully automated, it constantly monitorsitself and prompts you if anything needs your attention. Advanced features and functions are all just a clickaway. Read more
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