Learn to speak english deluxe 12 [download]


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Learn to speak english deluxe 12 [download]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Learn to Speak English Deluxe 12[Download]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating5.0 out of 5Product FeaturePersonalized learning-with pre-assessment testing,qcustom study plans, language workshops andprogress tracking for Beginner, Intermediate andAdvanced learnersBuild fundamental vocabulary and essentialqlanguage skills. Gain the confidence you need tohold a conversation, ask questions, and interact ineveryday situationsAward-winning lessons based on real-worldqconversations will help you learn to speak, listen,read and write in EnglishPerfect your accent using the advanced speechqrecognition and analysis tools to compare yourpronunciation to a native speakerComplete with interactive videos, games, culturalqmovies, stunning photos, and talking dictionary foryour PC and with audio lessons and a workbook forlearning on the goRead moreqProduct DescriptionLearn to Speak is the complete language learning solution. This comprehensive system provides the tools youneed to learn English at home, school or at the office. You will learn to speak, listen, read and write in Englishwith fluency and confidence. Learning English has never been easier.Lessons are based on real-world content to help you learn to speak the way English is actually spoken. Learnessential phrases related to travel, business, social interactions and more. Advanced speech recognition andanalysis tools help you speak like a native.Personalize Your Learning with the Flexible Immersion System. This proprietary method is exclusive toeLanguage, and lets you choose the learning path that matches your individual learning style best. Take thestandard course, or create your own personal study plan with: Pre-assessment testing, Custom Study Plans,Language Workshops and Progress Tracking.Become fluent using the language workshops including: Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation, Conversationand Simulations. Gain the confidence you need to hold a conversation, ask questions and interact in everyday
  2. 2. situations.Relax and have fun with activities and games such as Go Fish, Hangman, and Crossword Puzzles.Learn to Speak English lets you spend your time learning the language, not the software. Let the program leadyou through the lessons step-by-step or simply choose the lessons and topics that are of interest to you. Theeasy-to-use interface will get you started right away.Get unlimited free translations by native speakers using the new Benego language community. You no longerhave to rely on machine translations and can practice your English and connect with other users.Learn to Speak is award-winning and best-selling software used in the State Department, embassies,universities, and Fortune 500 companies. Find out why more than 4 million people have chosen Learn to Speak.Read more