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Internet security 3 pc 2yr [download] [old version]


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Internet security 3 pc 2yr [download] [old version]

  1. 1. REVIEWS - Internet Security 3PC-2Yr [Download][OLD VERSION]ViewUserReviewsAverage Customer Rating3.1 out of 5Product FeatureAVG Internet Security offers multiple layers ofqprotection so you dont have to worry aboutidentity theft, spam, or virusesComplete security featuring AVG IdentityqProtection and LinkScanner to keep you safeonlineUnlimited automatic updates and version upgradesqfor the life of your licenseBank and shop online without fear of identity theft;qstay safe from dangerous websites; exchange filesover IM safelyStop scammers and spammers from clogging yourqemail; block known and unknown threats roundthe clockRead moreqProduct DescriptionWe know you want to focus on what’s important to you when you’re online, not worry about security all thetime. We take care of your security for you. AVG’s unique Identity Protection is the world’s smartest ID theftprotection, stopping thieves before they can access your passwords, account information, and credit cardnumbers. AVG’s patent-pending LinkScanner is the first technology to check websites and search results whenyou’re about to click that link. AVG’s new scanning system only scans files changed since the last scan, so itwon’t slow down your system. Our redesigned firewall keeps hackers out of your computer but doesn’t get inyour way and high-speed spam and scam detection cleans your inbox without holding up the mail. While you’resurfing and searching the web, Identity Protection keeps your private information safe from known andunknown threats. LinkScanner SurfShield ensures every website you visit is safe – even before you go therewhile LinkScanner SearchShield gives safety ratings to all your Google, MSN and Yahoo search results.Enhanced Firewall prevents hackers from seeing inside your computer and LIVE Research checks to make sureweb pages really are what they appear to be. While you’re emailing, IMing or on your social networksWebShield lets you download and exchange files without risking virus infections. Email Scanner keeps virusesand phishers out of your inbox and Anti-spam blocks spammers and scammers from clogging your system.Whether you’re online or offline Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware makes sure you can’t get or spread a virus.Anti-Rootkit ensures even the toughest and most sophisticated threats are kept out. Game mode keeps yousafe and doesn’t interrupt you while you’re playing. System tools optionally customize how Internet Security
  2. 2. works with your system and Update Manager guarantees you’re always safe from the latest threats –automatically. 2009 Global Product Excellence Award – Security Solution for Consumers Read moreProduct DescriptionAVG Internet Security—complete protection for everything you do.Worried You Dont Have Enough Protection When You Go Online?With AVG Internet Security, you get a worry-free experience every time you go online. Multiple layers ofprotection mean you dont have to worry about identity theft, spam or viruses. Itll even stop you visitingharmful sites before you can click on them.Complete protection for everything you do on your computer—online or off. Its faster, smarter security thatwont slow you down.Safely bank and shop online without fear of identity theftLinkScanner for safe web searching and surfingSafely exchange photos and files over instant messaging and social networksSafely download music, files, and applicationsEmail inbox thats clear of phishers, spammers, and scammersHigh-efficiency virus scanner for great system performanceTwo Vital Extra Layers of Protection You Wont Find in Any Other Security SoftwareLinkScanner takes over where anti-virus cant go—into the depths of web pages you havent even visited yet.
  3. 3. Whenever youre on the web, the moment you go to click on a link, LinkScanner analyzes the page behind thatlink to tell you whether theres something nasty hiding there.For added peace of mind, you also get safety ratings for your Google, Yahoo!, and Bing/MSN search results.Identity Protection makes sure your passwords, credit card information, bank account details, and othervaluable data are safe from even the newest and most sophisticated threats. Its constantly on guard, watchingto make sure no program on your PC is doing something it shouldnt.If it finds something misbehaving, it simply shuts it down. So your data is safe.Think about it. Just one software package to protect you from every trickster, scam artist, cybercriminal, hacker,and spammer lurking out there—including brand-new threats that havent been identified by other securitysoftware companies.Why AVG?We know whats important to you when youre online—sharing photos and music, chatting, managing yourfinances, shopping, keeping in touch with friends and family. You dont want to be worrying about security. AVGtakes the uncertainty out of going online, protecting you wherever you go and whatever you do.Its important to use the right level of protection for your needs.See how AVGs layered protection products compare.All AVG products give you:Free automatic updates and version upgrades1Hassle-free security that wont slow you down2And if you ever need help with your AVG protection, just head on over to our support website at and our experts will get you back on track—fast.1For the term of your license.2All security software uses memory and processor power, and can therefore result in slower system performance. AVG has been builtto minimize these effects.
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