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Kickstarter is the platform on which to crowdfund your next project. I have successfully funded 3 board games as of creating this presentation, bringing in $121,185 in support.

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  • Become a Kickstarter Rockstar

    1. Don’t Do This:CROWDFUND!
    2. Be AKickstarter Rockstar By Michael Mindes, Founder Tasty Minstrel Games
    3. My Success On Kickstarter$48,378 pledged for “Eminent Domain”$41,722 pledged for “Kings of Air and Steam”$31,085 pledged for “For The Win”
    4. WARNING!This is a long and in depth presentation aboutcrowdfunding on Kickstarter.This is not for everybody...If you don’t have 30 minutes for slides and video,then bookmark this and come back.
    5. Why Kickstarter?Generate funds before productionBuild word of mouth supportTest the marketGet this...
    6. Top 4 Keys To SuccessPre-Project Launch AudienceConcise & Emotional VideoReward Structure & BonusesSocial Sharing & Jeopardy
    7. The Pre-ProjectAudience AdvantageSocial proofSupport at project launchExcited fans share with friends
    8. The Concise & Emotional Video Advantage Capture attention Capture imagination Create positive purchase decision Create desire for your success Video on next slide...
    9. The Reward Structure & Bonuses Advantage Monetary incentive for sharing Capture big and small spenders Recreate jeopardy on the project Video on next slide...
    10. The Social Sharing &Jeopardy AdvantageEndorsed project = more supportSupport = more endorsementsJeopardy = more sharing Video on next slide...
    11. Other Important Factors Enticing Project Name & Image Support Analysis & Justification
    12. The Project Name & Image AdvantageCapture attentionGet traffic to your project
    13. The Support Analysis &Justification Advantage People buy on emotion People justify purchases on analysis Providing both = $$$ Video on next slide...
    14. Conclusion There are numerous factors leading to crowdfunding success on Kickstarter. These are the most important.I hope this helped, enjoy this video refresher.Oh, and please use the share buttons below... Video on next slide...
    15. Still Here? Feel free to embed this presentation onyour website or blog with attribution by:Linking “Tasty Minstrel Games” to http:/ / AND Linking to