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  • The newscast for the young mayor of Towerhamlets represents how the young generation of Towerhamlets have an interest in politics. It also reflects all the positive characteristics of those who participate in the competition. This newscast will allow the audience to be proud and also know of the different contestants standing for young mayor. The purpose for this newscast is to break the stereotypical representation of the young generation in Towerhamlets.
  • AS Task

    1. 1. Technology
    2. 2. Digital radio provides better reception quality. Lower Cost Better Reception More Stations Less Pirate Interference
    3. 3. Digital signal is used to refer to more than one concept. It provides better service. Analogue is becoming less used in cities of developed countries. However, it is still quite popular in less developed regions. Some media theorists believe this will gradually fade out.
    4. 4. When some people do not have limited access or no access at all to digital and informational technology.
    5. 5. Parallel Medium Radio lends itself to parallel consumption. This means that you can consume radio products but at the same time carry on with your daily life. For example: Listening to the radio while driving.
    6. 6. S oftware: Equipment: Audacity Garage band Logic studio Studio Microphone Mp3
    7. 8. Ice FM’s target audience is 16-19 year olds, because the purpose of our newscast is to provide them with up to date and useful information. For example if a student is not sure about which university they want to go to; ice fm will help them choose. Therefore the radio is aimed at both male and female teenagers.
    8. 9. The news is aimed at a multi-cultural audience; therefore it targets: Asians, Africans, White etc...
    9. 10. What Media Institution Might Distribute Your Product And Why?
    10. 11. BBC Radio 1: BBC Radio 1 is owned by the BBC, it is a British National radio station, that targets 15-21 year olds.
    11. 12. ICE FM: ICE FM is similar to BBC Radio 1 because they are both addressing the same target audience; who are 15-21 year olds .
    12. 13. Why would Radio 1 choose our Newscast? Our newscast addresses the same audience as BBC Radio1. -The newscast provides them with information that both benefit and interest them. -The newscast provides the audience with a voice, that will allow them to have a say with what happens in the area.
    13. 14. How does your media product represent particular social group?
    14. 15. The Young mayor <ul><li>The newscast for the young mayor of Towerhamlets represents how the young generation of Towerhamlets are: </li></ul><ul><li>Dedicated to making change in the environment </li></ul><ul><li>Their intelligence and understanding of the importance of young people having a say. </li></ul>
    15. 16. Boris Johnson Unemployment The newscast of the interview with Mr. Boris Johnson represents how the young are effected by the unemployment issue: -It reflects how the young want to know what is going to be done to solve the issue of unemployment. -It also explores how politicians in Towerhamlets care about the young being unemployed .
    16. 17. Food Critic: The newscast of the food critic explores the representation of the audience of how they are interested in the different types of cultural food. -For example French food
    17. 18. The X-Factor The X-Factor represents the young as ambitious and hopeful, because many students from London do audition for the X-Factor and the winner Leona Lewis is a good inspiration for she won, which gives the audience hope and entertainment.
    18. 19. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
    19. 20. From Creating ICE FM I have understood that it gets information faster to the audience because it can be accessed easily by the target audience. However after doing this assignment I have understood that the audience that ICE FM is aimed at do not use the Radio as often as other audiences. ICE FM