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Consumer durable [washing machine]


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Strategies of different leading company and research based on that.

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Consumer durable [washing machine]

  1. 1. CONSUMER DURABLE INDUSTRY Presented By; Chaitali Modak- JL14RM14 Akanksha Gulati- JL14RM04 Akanksha Singh- JL14RM01 Ashi Gupta- JL14RM12 Tasleem Khan – JL14PGDM172 Shubhangi Mishra- JL14RM57 Poorva Tripathi – JL14PGDM197
  2. 2. INDIA’S WASHING MACHINE INDUSTRY CURRENT SCENARIO  At present companies like LG, Videocon, Samsung, and Whirlpool occupy approximately 74.6 percent of the market.  Companies like Onida and Godrej together occupy almost 6 to 8 percent of the market.  Other companies such as IFB, Haier and Panasonic are also making their presence felt in this segment in the last couple of years.  The semi-automatic segment dominates the Indian market for washing machines and has a share of approximately 65 percent with regards to units sold.  North India prefers the semi-automatic machines while in South India the completely automatic ones are more preferred
  3. 3. ABOUT CONSUMER DURABLE INDUSTRY  The consumer durable industry consists of:
  4. 4. STRATEGIES - LG Corporate Strategy  Smart Technology for customers: LG electronics is increasing its focus on “Smart Technology” – technology that adds convenience and joy to customer’s lives.  Expansion- LG is expanding itself worldwide for more profits and sales of the company by opening different stores at different places. Business Strategy  Low priced raw materials to manufacture high quality products  Foreign competition
  5. 5. CONTD…. Functional Strategy 1. Marketing:  Product that redefined the market.  Strong market base in the urban and semi-urban areas, stronger distribution channels were needed. 2. IT:  LG has a leading presence in the global information technology industry, offering a full range of IT solutions and support through their outstanding companies with special expertise.
  6. 6. STRATEGIES - GODREJ  Core Category Leadership  Innovate and Renovate  Group wide initiative ‘good & green’ launched  Strategies for the future- Go Green Initiative  Strategies for the future -Technical developments
  7. 7. STRATEGIES - SAMSUNG  Product Innovation- Samsung's product range in India included CTVs, audio and video products, information technology products, mobile phones and home appliances.  Pricing -Pricing also seemed to have played a significant role in Samsung's success.Samsung uses competitive pricing.  Distribution-It works on the channel marketing concept wherein there are three segments. Sales and service dealers, Modern retail and Distributors.  Design strategy – This process involves the interplay between design and business strategy, forming a systematic approach integrating holistic-thinking, research methods used to inform business strategy and strategic planning which provides a context for design.
  8. 8. CONTD…  Advertising and Sales Promotion -Samsung use some promotion ways, some of them are: giving advertising to newspapers, internet, magazines and when they product new versions they use YouTube and special meetings to show public.  Branding strategy- For any new company, when it enters the market, there are two options to stimulate the growth; intensive advertising campaign, and offer products with unique functions.  Samsung opted for both, but tilted more towards advertising and brand making strategy-creating awareness of its name by investing enormously in million-dollar brand making campaigns.
  9. 9. STRATEGIES- HAIER BRAND BUILDING STRATEGY  Focus on quantity at the expense of quality.  It made quality a priority, putting into place a comprehensive quality management system.  Pays much attention of its advertising and public relations.  NBA  Olympic  Charity
  10. 10. CONTD… DIVERSIFICATION STRATEGY First to launch the “Star Service” system.  It began to implement OEC (Overall Every Control and Clear) management. INTERNATIONALISATION STRATEGY  “ To become a national brand is not enough If a business is successful only in the domestic market, the superiority won’t last long.” GLOBALISATION STRATEGY  Build Brand reputation by ‘Entering the difficult markets first and the the easy ones.’  It tried to localise and build factories in places such as the US, Italy, and Pakistan
  12. 12. STRATEGIES - IFB  Strengthening its reach in tier 2 and tier 3 towns  IFB’s E-waste Program  Expanding distribution network  Risk Management Policy  Top loading washing machines to drive FY16 growth  Increasing touch-points and improving store level profitability
  13. 13. STRATEGIES - WHIRLPOOL Corporate strategy-.  Works as per customer needs in reference to climatic conditions, it works on aspects like technology , price and service. Business strategy – With a market share upto 25% creates a vision of every home everywhere.  They tend to extend their innovation from a generic brand to a customized as per consumer needs brand. Functional strategy – They have engineered products which have results. They believe in differentiating strategies based on region , market and its people.
  14. 14. STRATEGIES - VIDEOCON MULTI BRAND SHOPPING CART  Videocon serves the customer with the help of multi brand shopping cart. they have brands like Ken star ,Sansui, Electrolux etc.  Multi brand portfolio helps them to cater 30% of market share EXPERIENCE CHANGES: With Videocon retail chains in different industries  They have adopted customer first mantra and opened retail outlet to provide goods easily to the customer. SERVICE DRIVE  Videocon has opened model service centre which would set a bench mark in serving their customer in a better way.
  15. 15. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 whirlpool LG IFB Samsung Videocon bosch very good good average bad very bad BRAND IMAGE OF LG IS GOOD AS COMPARED TO OTHER BRANDS. BOSCH IS NEW TO THE MARKET SO IT GOT AN AVERAGE RESPONSE, IFB IS GROWING AT FAST PACE. What are you views or understanding about brand image /brand value of machine in front load segment?
  16. 16. ACCORDING TO THE SURVEY; WHIRLPOOL, LG, SAMSUNG IS KNOWN FOR ITS HIGH PRICE. AMONG THESE THREE SAMSUNG IS BE LIVED TO HAVE HIGH PRICE AS COMPARED TO WHIRLPOOL AND LG. IFB IS CONSIDERED TO HAVE VERY HIGH PRICE. VIDEOCON IS KNOWN FOR ITS AVERAGE PRICING. What are you views about pricing of following front load washing machine brands? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 whirlpool LG IFB Samsung Videocon bosch very high high average low very low
  17. 17. WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS REGARDING TECHNOLOGY USED AND QUALITY OF FOLLOWING BRAND? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 whirlpool LG IFB Samsung Videocon bosch very high high average low very low IFB is believed to be highly technical, and then its LG. Videocon needs to update its technology.
  18. 18. WHAT ARE YOUR VIEWS REGARDING AFTER SALES SERVICE OF FOLLOWING BRAND? 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 whirlpool LG IFB Samsung Videocon bosch very good good average bad very bad After sales service of LG and Samsung is good .this creates a brand loyalty for customer if their issues are resolved after purchasing a product.