Go On Vacation


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The research is in and the findings are clear: When your team takes time off, productivity soars, turnaround decreases, and sales increase. So make sure your staff takes a vacation this summer. You can hire high-quality, background checked TaskRabbits to fill in while they're gone. Open your free TaskRabbit for Business account today. https://www.taskrabbit.com/business

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Go On Vacation

  1. Be more productive.Go on vacation.
  2. “We emerge from a successful vacation feelingready to take on the world again. We gainperspective on our problems, get to relax withour families and friends, and get a break fromour usual routines.”Dr Terri L. Jenkins
  3. reported improvement in productivity atGoHealthInsurance.com after allowingunlimited vacation time for employees.200%
  4. The New York Times reported thatmen who didnt take annual vacationshad a 32% higher risk of death fromheart attack than men who did.
  5. In 2012, Denver tech company FullContact announced thatthey were giving employees $7,500 per year to go onholiday—on top of paid vacation. The rules:• You have to go on vacation.• You must disconnect.• You can’t work while on vacation.“...we felt that everyone should have the opportunity totake a nice vacation without constantly worrying abouthow much money they’re spending...”Bart Lorang, CEO of FullContact
  6. the average number of vacation daysrelinquished by Americans every year,according to the US Department of Labor.439 million
  7. “We want to encourage people to take time out torecharge and not overwork because we think we’ll getbetter results out of them if we give them that freedom.”Joshua Siler, Founder & CTO of HiringThing
  8. Almost 40% of workers “feel more productiveand better about their job” when returningfrom vacation, according to a study by CCHHuman Resources Management.
  9. “Work alone does not guarantee success,as taking time off and pacing ourselves arenot equivalent to laziness. There must betime for both to make the whole person.”Timi Gustafson, R.D.
  10. According to a Wisconsin clinic’s 2005 study,women who don’t take vacation regularly weretwo to three times more likely to be depressedthan women who regularly took vacation.
  11. "The impact that taking a vacation has on onesmental health is profound. Most people havebetter life perspective and are more motivated toachieve their goals after a vacation, even if it is a24-hour time-out."Francine Lederer, Clinical Psychologist