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How To Track Your Habits Using A To-Do App


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Here's how to use just 1 app for your to-do list and tracking new habits. This way you can access all the things you need to do in one place.

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How To Track Your Habits Using A To-Do App

  1. 1. TRACK YOUR HABITS 20 min Exercise MORNI NG ROUTI NE Use 1 app for your to-do list and tracking your habits. Access everything you need to do in 1 place. Here's how: 10 min Meditation Decide on your meditation place and prepare if necessary Get an app that will guide you through first month of meditation Daily recurring task 'Meditated for 10 min in the morning' +reminder Quit soda pop Write down the reasons to quit Stock up on substitutes Daily recurring task: 'Drank no soda' + reminder Write 1,000 words Write down the reasons to develop this habit Set aside a specific time to write everyday Daily recurring task: 'Wrote 1,000 words' + reminder Flossing teeth Evening Journal Decide on journal medium (Paper/Electronic) and get it ready Find a time that's right for you (e.g. before going to bed) Daily recurring task: 'Wrote a Journal entry' + reminder DAYTI ME EVENI NG using 1. Create a 'Habits' label 2. Add your daily actions necessary to develop the habits 3. Set the first due date and recurrence (eg. daily, weekly, workdays) 4. Keep yourself accountable: Share your 'Habits' label with a friend/relative/accountability partner 5. (Optional) set reminders A TO-DO APP Research and decide on your exercise routine Decide on the place and time Daily recurring task 'Exercised for 20 min in the morning' (Optional) daily evening recurring task: 'Prepare exercise gear for the next day' Get to-do app and start tracking your habits today! Set a visual reminder: put dental floss right next to your toothbrush Daily recurring task: 'Flossed all teeth' When the time to brush your teeth in the evening comes, focus on flossing just one tooth. The rest will be easier.