Bad Boy Beacon MAR 2012


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Bad Boy Beacon MAR 2012

  1. 1. Bad Boy Beacon MARCH 1, 2012 V O L U M E 1 I S S U E 3 F CO 3-82, TASK FORCE CORSAIR, FOB SHANK Buckeye Pride Down Range O-H-I-OINSIDETHIS ISSUE:College 1Football Pics Ok ok!!! Maybe we tookTOWER 2 advantage of someone else’sNews good nature. We used andGCA News 3 abused a couple of BIG 12 fans in order to get this photo.From The Pictured is the international 4Top Ohio State Buckeye sign, not a YMCA sign! Thanks to allNew Soldiers 4 who participated regardless of your team.Soldier 5Spotlight SGT Jeremy HendershotContacts/ 6Pictures Commander’s Corner Hello Bad Boys families and friends: knowing that we are taking very good care of The Bad Boys Forward are doing well. Eastern them. Afghanistan has been pretty In FRG news, Denise Coffee has snowy and cold for awhile as relinquished command as the FRG Snow-pocalypse rolled by in Feb- Leader to Lori Darner. You may go to ruary, but the weatherman has her for any Family Readiness issues promised that it will start to warm and recommendations for fun family up next month. Who knows? activities. Additionally, my husband, Maybe the snow will melt, and we Ben Blane, has taken over the posi- can start getting back to some tion as Treasurer. He is, however, occasional games of GCA vs. Tower taking a company command in 2nd volleyball. Brigade in May, so if there’s anyone In the last month, traffic has who would like to volunteer for the been slow due to weather, but job, please do. If you’d like to volun- everyone has been keeping busy teer for ANYTHING, big or small, just with regular operations, random contact Lori or me, and we’ll find details, maintenance, and daily something for you to help out with. games of ping pong. The verdict is And if you didn’t know, we are about still out for the best ping pong half way there! Time is starting to fly player in the company, but every- as we have already started prepar- one seems to think that they are. ing the way for the unit replacing us. We’ve also had the opportunity to So continue to stay strong as we welcome a couple of new Soldiers push through the second half of the that you will get to know later in deployment. this issue. To the new Bad Boys families out there, take comfort in BB6
  2. 2. Tower NewsPAGE 2 This month Tower Platoon ties, which gives her a break cility becoming CTO certified received two new trainees, from her normal company op- and it’s required that our con- one of which is also new to erations duties. trollers take a more advanced Fox Company. These two new test to become certified to be soldiers are SPC Hamilton L. Fortunately, all our rated able to control traffic from our and PFC Shelley. SPC Hamil- controllers passed their Con- tower here at FOB Shank. ton L. is now splitting her trol Tower Operator (CTO) time between operations and exam. This was due to our fa- Our platoon has also been studying for her CTO exam to preparing 10th Mountain’s equip- Shank Tower become a rated controller. ment, which they left for us to PFC Shelley, who is fresh out use when we initially got here, to of AIT, has hit the ground be moved to reset where it can be running trying to study for his revamped and sent back as a CTO and become part of his working unit. new shift. Both new trainees are excited to be in the train- SPC Palmer, Robert ing program and SPC Hamil- ton L. is enjoying the change of scenery and controller du- Above & Beyond Blankets for Babies is a little handmade blanket project that SPC Hamilton, made solely to bring com- Laura and I started back in fort for those in need. early January. We hand I’m really excited to have crochet baby blankets to SPC Hamilton’s help and donate to babies in the NICU see how many blankets we or to the parents of babies can make during this de- who don’t make it. These ployment. blankets are made to bring comfort to sick babies or to parents who lose their chil- PFC McClure, Jen dren. We are teaming up with a group called The Moms Club out of Washing- ton, where we make the blankets, mail them to this club, and they donate them for us since we’re de- ployed. Crochet is a lot like knitting, except instead of two needles, you only use one and the stitches are different. The end result is the same though-a nice BAD BOY BEACON
  3. 3. VOLUME 1 ISSUE 3 PAGE 3 GCA News Another month has passed here at invigorating and challenging at times. GCA in which drinks and snacks were Shank GCA and still a lot is going on. With the inclement weather this past served to accompany the great game We are now halfway through the de- month, we have found ourselves put- that ensued. With all this happening, ployment and many of us have our ting our skills to the test. The snow has we have definitely put our best foot eyes set on the end of it! We all con- come in small amounts and it has come forward and continue to drive on with tinue to engage in training and sharp- in large amounts! And with the snow the mission. We look forward to seeing ening our skills. Recently there was a have come ice and many hazards you all and continue to have you in our new Air Traffic Control publication throughout the FOB. Many of us have thoughts. that was revised and published which become semi-pro ice skaters and some we use daily. Refreshing ourselves of us have become professional ice SPC William Scott Thompson with the new information has been tumblers! Though it can be funny at times, thankfully nobody has been injured. During the month we have had many accomplishments within the facility. Specialist Andrews and Sergeant Aker were promoted to the ranks of Sergeant and Staff Ser- geant. SGT Andrews attended and won NCO of the month for our com- pany, further showing the great lead- ership that comes from the GCA! We have also had time to throw in some fun as well. Many of the sol- diers and NCOs attended a Super Bowl party that was hosted at theC&E News Ello’ all, from C&E! With eve- back to us. Soon another of us Even with all the long hours put in while rything that has been going will be leaving us for a few working we have managed to grow on lately, time seems to have weeks; we all hope he has closer with our fellow Bad Boys as a slipped by. It’s already near- whole, bringing us closer as a company. enough fun for all of us while ing the half way mark in our time here, and even though he’s back home with his loved the past months have flown ones, and has a smooth trip by, it seems like an eternity home. till we reach the end. This last month has kept us SPC Garrett, Joshua moving over here. Due to the recent snowfall and recent system issues, we’ve had a chance to both refresh and learn the ins and outs of some of our equipment. Over all it has been a goodSome of us aren’t used to the month for us, I’d also like tocold, but snowy weather gives us welcome back SSG Piercea chance to become accustomed from his R&R and say we’reto it every day. all glad he made it safely
  4. 4. PAGE 4 From The Top Bad Boy family, the Battalion NCO of the Month decisions on continuing Army ser- Board. He blew away the competition vice and career progression through I swear I just wrote an article for the and it was amazing witnessing him professional development. newsletter a couple days ago, but gladly blaze through all of the other First Im doing another only because it means Sergeants questions. Our NCOs and We are currently going through one more month has passed. As usual a Soldiers recently had the opportunity some leadership changes. SSG lot is going on. We as a company have to sit down with our Task Force Com- Nance has left us to go home due to been sharpening our soldier skills by mand Sergeant Major, SGM Lowrey an upcoming surgery. Dont worry, rehearsing our Battle Drills to include to discuss upcoming changes to the he left on good terms and health. first aid and other life saving steps. The Army. The information put out was SSG Nance (AKA Wildebeest) has NCOs are extremely thorough when informative and helpful both with been a blessing to the operations of instructing the junior Soldiers and this company not only as a sea- the junior Soldiers are extremely soned NCO, but also an out- receptive to all instructions given. standing advocate for all Soldiers. He will be greatly missed. SSG Our Soldiers are doing a great job Plemon Aker will be filling the from controlling traffic, fixing equip- big shoes replacing SSG Nance. ment, airfield management and daily SSG Aker has what it takes. If tasks on the FOB. We have figured you look up the definition out what happens after it snows here. "Backbone" in the dictionary, you What happens is mud. What hap- will see a picture of SSG Aker. I pens after mud is more mud. After believe he will increase the capa- PT Soldiers have mud splattered all bilities of the GCA section as the over their uniform and it is tracked in facility chief and continue men- every tent and building we walk in. toring our nations greatest asset Needless to say, it is messy and Ive into outstanding leader like him- given up on telling Soldiers to clean self. because of the obvious. We take this as a one for one trade since now it is 1SG Ross Coffee starting to warm up and the showers are getting warmer. SGT Andrews our youngest most energetic NCO competed and won Strengthening the Corps of NCOs SSG Aker, Plemon SGT Andrews SSG Aker & SGT Andrews promotion SSG Aker made points to E6 SGT Andrews made points ceremony. through his hard-work and to E5 this month. He can-do attitude. has worked far above SSG Aker was assigned to the pay grade of E4 for Cp. Humphreys, Republic of several months now. Korea then Ft. Rucker, Ala- SGT Andrews has been bama prior to F Co 3/82. stationed at F Co 3/82 His ratings include: AT- since he completed NAVICS, Fixed Base GCA, training. This is his sec- ATCT, CTO, and an addi- ond tour in Afghanistan. tional GCA. The degree he His ratings include GCA is pursuing at Embry-Riddle and ATNAVICS. He is a Bachelor’s of Science in also won the NCO of Professional Aeronautics. the month right after getting his stripes!!! BAD BOY BEACON
  5. 5. VOLUME 1 ISSUE 3 PAGE 5Soldier Spotlight SPC Laura Hamilton is the Spot completion and college courses. I haveLight Soldier for the month of Feb- witnessed SPC Hamilton on many occa-ruary. She is from River Side, CA sions working early mornings or lateand is married to SPC David Ham- nights either in the MWR facility or at herilton and they both have a beautiful desk earning points in preparation for her1 year old daughter named Lilly. upcoming promotion board appearance inSPC Hamilton currently holds March. SPC Hamilton doesnt stop there,down the fort working in our Com- also on her off time she spends manypany Operations and also due to her hours crocheting blankets for a charityability to multi-task she was re- group where people donate like items forcently assigned to work part time in those in need.the tower to earn her first CTO.The Operations job is a frustrating I commend SPC Hamilton for her sacri-job nearly always because within fices and accomplishments both at homethe company SPC Hamilton ulti- and here in Afghanistan. There are manymately works for the Commander duel military parents out there serving, butand First Sergeant making coordi- commonly when it comes to deploymentnation between Battalion Staff both are not deployed at the same time. Itsections, creating spreadsheets/ is also common when this happens for onetrackers for numerous reasons, coordi- full of Pine Oil. She claims to love the smell of the parents to get out of the Army to be withnating company boards, ensuring your and it results in a headache for me. Honestly I the child. SPC Hamilton made a hard decisionSoldiers get out on leave on time, pick- feel this is a tactic she has mastered to get me to continue her service leaving her baby girling up mail, tracking documents sent to out of the office so I dont ask her to complete Lilly home in the states. In my opinion thishigher, and ensuring Troopers training is more tasks. takes great strength, heart and commitment.being tracked properly. At times I feel SPC Hamilton and I have talked about hershe is a mind reader because 9/10 before SPC Hamilton is a Soldier not unlike all decisions while on this deployment and sheI ask for something she is already walk- others but a Soldier within a small category Id has told me she believes that Lilly will one daying in my office to hand it to me or it is consider a few other. She is very through greatly appreciate the extremely hard decisionalready waiting for me on my desk. In when performing her duties. She accom- her mother made to prove we all need to fulfillmy opinion the only thing Id wish SPC plishes missions to the fullest and hates failure, our commitments.Hamilton would change is she cleans but learns from her mistakes. She is hungryway too much. Every time she mops the for the next level in the ranks and pushes her-floor she claims she is only using a cap self both with Army Correspondence hours 1SG Ross Coffee New Bad Boys!!! Soldiers on Leave PV2 Culwell, John of Riverside, CA, joins the Bad Boy family as a member February: of the GCA Platoon. He is working towards attaining a PT score of 270 or SPC Bradford higher. SGT Strittman PFC Shelley, Zak of Lititz, SPC Orso PA joins the Bad Boy fam- SPC Hamilton, L. ily as a member of the SPC Hamilton, D. March: Tower Platoon. He has the SGT Andrews same goal as Culwell, SGT Hendershot which is to get a PT Test score of 270 or higher. SPC Smith SPC Thompson SPC Chance
  6. 6. Foxtrot Company 3-82 ATS FRG Leader:Task Force Corsair Lori DarnerFOB Shank (910) 890-0895APO, AE 09364 We’ll have more info on the t-shirts next month. Right now, we’re ensuringCPT Janice the shirt is what we requested.1SG Ross Coffee: F CO. MISSION F/3-82nd Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) on order will, Find Us On Facebook! provide tactical air traffic services in support of United!/groups/fco382frg/ States joint forces and its allies. Bad Boys at FOB Shank