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  1. 1. CONFIDENTIALA Groundbreaking Software2012
  2. 2. CONFIDENTIALThis document summarizes the features of Extreme TCP, a proprietary application developed byMainline Net Holdings, that improves transmission speed for all data sent via the Internet(broadband, cable or satellite) or any other TCP based network by up to and over 1000%.Company profileMainline Net1 – is a software development company which was created to exploit thegroundbreaking inventions of a group of prominent networking engineers. Mainline Net isprivately owned, well funded and has made significant investments into the development ofExtreme TCP. With Extreme TCP now ready for commercial use Mainline Net aims to develop into alarge global company dedicated to the distribution and support of Extreme TCP and other productsto be announced in the coming years.The productExtreme TCP is a software which can significantly improve transmission speeds over terrestrialand/or satellite TCP networks. Being a purely software solution, Extreme TCP does not require anycostly hardware purchasers and will work with most existing systems.Each current TCP implementation includes a self-restraining algorithm that limits the amount ofdata the computer sends in order to prevent network congestion. Our engineers have discoveredand developed a congestion avoidance algorithm that is capable of much higher transmissionspeeds while at the same time doing a better job at preventing congestion. This new algorithm isembodied in Extreme TCP -- a software that can greatly improve transmission speeds withoutrequiring any additional hardware or network infrastructure.By improving the speed of transmission for all data sent via TCP, Extreme TCP greatly improves theperformance of any software that uses TCP, such as: Apache, Microsoft IIS, any other web-server,Microsoft Outlook and others. – Improvements are dramatic – for modern broadband connections we usually see improvements of 400-1000% over standard Windows TCP.2 – Satellite data connections speed improvement can be significant as well with an expected average improvement of 600% over standard TCP.www.extremetcp.com 2
  3. 3. CONFIDENTIALExtreme TCP results in faster web-pages, file transfers and other digital transfers and higherdefinition on-line video without needing to spend resources on additional hardware orinfrastructure.Extreme TCP is a light application that can be installed as a drop-in replacement/ augmentation ofan Operating Systems existing TCP implementation.3 Extreme TCP does not require anyconfiguration to operate. It also does not need to be installed at the end user level. Server basedinstallation is sufficient. The end user need not be even aware of the presence of Extreme TCP.Extreme TCP’s USPExtreme TCPs main USP is speed. Furthermore, it is speed that can be achieved simply, easily andwithout costly and dangerous changes to existing software and/or hardware.The business modelExtreme TCP – a patent pending product in more than 100 countries – is sold under license to ourcustomers (mainly large companies ranging from but not limited to OS software providers, webhosting providers, website performance acceleration providers, general networking/enterprisesolution providers, large and data intensive website operators and any significant satellite dataprovider or user – including government offices). Because we believe that Extreme TCP willunconditionally improve the business of all our clients, our preferred pricing model is based on arevenue share. In cases where revenue is not directly tied to Extreme TCPs performance, we alsoprovide per server license pricing.We are business minded and would work on an ad-hoc basis to find the best mutually beneficialsolution for individual clients.Extreme TCP is and will be supported by world class after sale support including 24/7 technicalsupport.Additional informationOne of our representatives will arrange a meeting with your key decision makers to present a livedemo of our product. We will also be more than happy to arrange for an internal test if you wouldlike to measure Extreme TCPs benefits on your own infrastructure.www.extremetcp.com 3
  4. 4. 1 Mainline Net Holdings, Limited, A BVI registered company.2 These were measured over non-trivial geographic distances, such as California-New York. Thereis some variation based on general Internet traffic and connection quality. E ven in rare worst casescenarios we see at least 10-30 % improvement over the standard Windows TCP over non -trivialdistances.3 Windows is currently supported. Support for Linux, BSD and OSX is coming soon.