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Respiratory system anatomy


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Respiratory system anatomy

  1. 1. the gas exchange Exchange gases in our body is called respiration The system which helps in that process is respiratory system Components of respiratory system Nose cavity – Pharynx - Larynx – Trachea - Bronchi Lungs - Bronchiole - Air sacs ( alveoli )
  2. 2. Components Nasal cavity Pharynx Larynx Trachea Bronchi Lungs Bronchiole Air sacs ( alveoli )
  3. 3. Diffusion when matter spreads out into other matter from high concentrated point to low concentrated point that is called Diffusion . High concentrated pointy Spread out Low concentrated pointy Diffusion
  4. 4. the gas exchange Gases exchange process Which called respiration, occurs between alveoli and pulmonary capillaries That depends on The concentration of Oxygen and Carbon Di- oxide
  5. 5. Red blood cells Is the main part of the blood Which transfer gases from the body to the lung and vice versa Red blood cells Have red substance called Hemoglobin This substance takes out CO 2 from body cells to the lungs while it takes O 2 from lungs to body cells
  6. 6. respiration mechanism Inhaling is allowed the air passes in lungs 1- diaphragm contracts 2- the ribs go up 3- the chest cavity increases 4- air goes into the lung Exhaling is passed the air 0ut of the lungs 1- diaphragm relaxes 2- the ribs go down 3- the chest cavity decreases 4- air goes out of the lung
  7. 8. smoking