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Precision machinist levels digipas dwl3000 xy


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Precision machinist levels digipas dwl3000 xy

  1. 1. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TM Digi-Pas INNOVATED for ® PROFESSIONALS in ... DWL3000XY DWL3500XY A division of VENTURA Group of Companies Measurement Range 0.00° to ± 90.00° 0.000° to ± 20.000° ** (Single Axis Mode) 2 Measurement Range 0.00° to ± 15.00° ** 0.000° to ± 10.000° ** (Dual Axis Mode) Resolution 0.01° (175µm/M) (0.002 in/ft) 0.001° (≤20µm/M) (0.0002 in/ft) -Axis CNC Precision Machine Alignment Accuracy ± 0.01° at 0.00° ~ ± 10.00° (175µm/M) ± 0.001° at 0.000° ~ ± 2.000° (≤20µm/M) (0.002 in/ft) (36 Arcsec) (0.0002 in/ft) (3.6 Arcsec) ± 0.03° at other angle ± 0.003° at other angle Repeatability 0.01° (175µm/M) (0.002 in/ft) 0.001° (≤20µm/M) (0.0002 in/ft) Vision Measurement Equipments Vibrometer (Relative g) 1.0 2.0 (Metrology) Display Colour TFT LCD Colour TFT LCD Power Supply * 4 x AAA 1.5V Batteries / USB 4 x AAA 1.5V Batteries / USB Professional Material PC ABS / Aluminium PC ABS / Cast Iron Precision Digital Level Connectivity USB 2.0 Cable (≤ 5 metre) USB 2.0 Cable (≤ 5 metre) Research Laboratory Bluetooth (≤30 metre) (Optional) Bluetooth (≤30 metre) (Optional) PC SYNC Software Basic Edition Basic Edition h Professional Edition (Optional) Professional Edition (Optional) Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C (Calibrated) -10°C to +50°C (Calibrated) wit Vibrometer 14°F to 122°F (Calibrated) 14°F to 122°F (Calibrated) Dimension (mm) 188 x 62 x 37 188 x 62 x 37 Semiconductor Production Machines Nett Weight (Approximate) 580 gram 1100 gram User Self Calibration Yes Yes * Alterative Device power can be obtained from External USB Power Source . Model: DWL3000XY **User may use a customized Digi-Pas® Angle Adaptor® to extend measuring angle beyond stated range. Series CAUTION DEALER: Strong Magnet ® PC Sync Software JLC-2-03999-99 Digi-Pas 2 Years Warranty Digi-Pas® DWL3000 XY Products come with a two years warranty from JSB TECH Pte Ltd Data Logging PC Software Innovative & Technology Driven Products TM Please contact our Global : Product of Singapore Designed by Cambridge Ventura, England (UK) Products tested by TÜV SÜD, SGS accredited body to comply with CE, FCC & RoHS, calibrated to conform with UKAS, JIS, NIST & DIN, and manufactured under SGS certified ISO quality standards:Manufacturer Digi-Pas® (Global) Digi-Pas® UK (Europe) Digi-Pas® USA (Americas) Digi-Pas® Japan Digi-Pas® China JSB Tech Pte Ltd Tarax Technology Ltd Representatives ISO 14001:2004 ISO 9001:2008 Cert No: TWO4/00450EM Cert No: QSP00050
  2. 2. PROFESSIONAL PRECISION DIGITAL LEVEL Innovative &Technology Driven Products TM DWL3000 XY Series Device DWL3000 XY and DWL3500 XY are 2-Axis High Precision Digital Level & Machinist Level with built-in PC Sync Professional Software Vibrometer, embedded with advanced MEMS digital sensor technology, designed for professional & DUAL AXIS ANGLE GRAPH VIBRO GRAPH trade specialist to achieve high accuracy and concurrent display of angular & vibration measurements. The device is capable of remote real-time data acquisition, logging & analysis when in synched with PC. It is highly effective used for quality installation, setting up and maintenance of high precision CNC machines, test and measuring equipment. Device Features Device Main Menu ICON 2-Axis colour graphic display of angular & vibration measurements ANGLE METER Real-time Digital & Analogue display for data logging & analysis Real-time colour graphic display for Single/Dual High resolution of 0.01°(175 µm/M) or 0.001°(20 µm/M) (3.6 arcsec.) Axis digital & analogue angle measurements & data acquisition, logging on device screen or computer monitor. Built-in Vibrometer for Real-time vibration measurement. USB/Wireless connectivity for remote data logging & analysis in PC. VIBRO METER Real-time colour graphic display for vibration Device Device TFT LCD Displays measurement and data logging on device screen or computer monitor. ALTERNATE ZERO SETTING DUAL AXIS “BUBBLE” METER Angle Meter 0.001 DEGREE 0˚ +90 Enable user to measure relative angles at a common plane PC with respect to a reference angle set to zero. Software Features +45 Angle (Degree) -45˚ 45˚ Digi-Pas® 0 -90˚ 90˚ Time(s) -45 ABSOLUTE LEVEL SETTING Digi-Pas ® 0.001 0.001° DEGREE -90 HOZ. 0.001° Enables user to perform absolute symmetry readings for User-Friendly “Plug & Play” USB Connection for angle & vibration both “front” & “reverse” (180 degrees) positions of any remote measurement, data acquisition, logging & analysis in computer. measurement angle. Vibro Meter Bluetooth Connectivity (Optional) for wireless remote data acquisition, +3 Magnitude - mg +2 +1 SETTING MENU monitoring & logging 0 Time(s) -1 Enable User to define various parameters on the -2 device functions. -3 Advantages of Digi-Pas ® Digital Level High Speed Acquisition WIRELESS SYNC (Optional) Wireless Sync to computer for remote measurement, data acquisition, logging & analysis. SPEED & PRECISION Instant 2-Axis concurrent digital display of high resolution 0.01°(175 µm/M) or 0.001°(20 µm/M) (3.6 arcsec.) of levelling & vibration measurements for HELP MENU time saving and quality professional works. Enable User to have a quick and easy reference on Device’s button function at different display screen. CLARITY Digital colour graphic & numeric display to enable real-time collection of Digi-Pas ® Precision Digital Level digital angle levelling/alignment data for machine commissioning accountability & analysis. Advanced Digital MEMS Technology EFFECTIVEReg The remote measurement USB Cable/Wireless capability provide advantages that traditional spirit level iste red Des ign is difficult or unable to match. i.e. effectively, only one person is required to level/align a machine Versus ACCREDITATION Product accuracy is verified by accredited 3rd party Calibration & Test Service Providers Traditional Spirit Levels in USA, Japan, UK & Germany to conform with NIST, JIS, UKAS & DIN under ILAC & A2LA 3-Points Contact Base Pendulum & Vial bubble methodsAuthorised Distributors Online Retailers Digi-Pas ® TM Innovative & Technology Driven Product