DigiPas Dual Axis Digital Level (DWL3000-xy) -www.DIGIPAS.co.uk


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DigiPas Dual Axis Digital Level (DWL3000-xy) -www.DIGIPAS.co.uk

  1. 1. Digi-Pas TM Innovation & Technology Driven SPECIFICATION DUAL AXIS sign De ed is ter ® Reg High Precision Digital Level & Vibrometer Model:DWL3000 XY REVISION 4.01 ! Please observe the Safety Instruction before operating the device. Device contains www.digipas.com STRONG MAGNET !Note: Contents in this manual is constantly updating, please check the website for the latest version of the instruction manual.
  2. 2. 1 OVERALL VIEW CHAPTER 1: TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION DWL3000XY Measurement Range 0.00° to ± 90.00° (Single Axis) Measurement Range 0.00° to ± 45.00° (Dual Axis) Resolution 0.01° (175µm/M) (0.0069 in./ft) Accuracy ± 0.01° at 0° ~ ± 10.00° ± 0.03° at other angle* Repeatability 0.01° Full Range* Sensitivity 0.003° at 0° ~ ± 5.00° 0.01° at other angle* Measurement Unit Degree, mm/M, inch/feet Vibrometer 1.0g Display Colour TFT LCD Power Supply** 4x “AAA’”1.5V / USB Material PC ABS / Aluminium PC Software PC Sync (Optional) USB Connectivity USB 2.0 (< 5 metre) Operating Temperature -10°C to +50°C (Calibrated) Storage Temperature -20°C to +70°C Dimension (mm) 188 x 62 x 37 Netts Weight (kg) 580 gram User Self Calibration Yes Note: * Use in conjunction with Digi-Pas™ Angle Adaptor® to avoid Cross Axis region ** Alterative Device power can be obtained from External USB Power Source . Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  3. 3. 1 OVERALL VIEW CHAPTER 1: OVERVIEW Battery Compartment of 4 x “AAA” size 1.5V batteries ON/OFF: Turn on/off Observe the Polarity of the Batteries indicated on the top of the battery cover - Escape from Mode function USB Port:LCD Colour graphic digital display - Alternative power supply - Data transfer from device to computer - Firmware update CAL: Change calibration value - (Refer calibration instruction)Buzzer sound alert HOLD: Freeze display value - Change the selection cursor in - clockwise or RIGHT direction UNIT: Change the unit of the measurement MODE: Change the function and display mode FRONT VIEW - Selection the function Side Screw holes: For mounting purpose. Ball Screw:Using of Three - points screw on measuring plane surface BACK VIEW ! Product surfaces and Aluminium base contain STRONG MAGNET to securely hold on to metal work piece. Aluminium Base
  4. 4. 1 OVERALL VIEW CHAPTER 1: DISPLAY SCREEN 0˚ 00.01 DEGREE -45˚ 45˚ Digi-Pas™ -90˚ 90˚ 00.01° DEGREE Digi-Pas ™ 00.01 POWER ON SCREEN SINGLE AXIS ANGLE DUAL AXIS ANGLE +90 Angle Meter +3 Vibro Meter MENU Magnitude - mg +2 +45Angle (Degree) +1 0 0 Time(s) Time(s) -45 -1 -2 -90 -3 HOZ. 0.01° High Speed Acquisition ANGLE METER VIBRO METER MAIN MENU Setting HELP (For Default Screen) AutoOff 10 Min. EXIT Alternate Zero Auto Dim 3 Min. Setting Press ‘MODE’ to start Units DEGREE UNIT HOLD Buzzers ON Dual Axis Position Display Brightness 90% MODE 1/7 SETTING MENU HELP MENU ALTERNATE ZERO MENU Absolute Level Setting Press ‘MODE’ to start Position 1 : Front Dual Axis Position ABSOLUTE LEVEL MENU
  5. 5. 1 OVERALL VIEW CHAPTER 1: SOFTWARE PC Sync Software DUAL AXIS ANGLE GRAPH VIBRO GRAPH DUAL AXIS ANGLE METER Software Features USB Connection for angle & vibration remote monitoring, data logging & analysis in computer. Device PC