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[Webinar] - How we improved the language competency level of 40000+ new hires

In this webinar we have talked about how we enabled major ITeS sector firms to make fresh campus recruited engineers job ready through our innovative training methodology.In the webinar, we have touched upon:
The methodology, the delivery process and framework we follow
How we generate the training content
How we measure the program success – the metrics
The highlights of the program we have delivered
The value proposition TaraSpan brings in

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[Webinar] - How we improved the language competency level of 40000+ new hires

  1. 1. How we improved the language competency level of 40,000+ new hires with our Blended Learning Program Presented by: Shane D Fanthome Talent Development Manager, TaraSpan Varun Yadav DGM | Marketing, TaraSpan 24th March, 2015
  2. 2. Varun Yadav DGM, Marketing TaraSpan Shane D Fanthome Talent Development Manager TaraSpan
  3. 3. We are a multinational company with headquarters in Canada and India. Our customers include some of Canada’s foremost technology companies and India’s preeminent corporates. Our Solutions enable global technology companies to accelerate their business growth in India and Indian companies to enjoy the benefits of market-leading technology products from across the globe. ABOUT TARASPAN
  4. 4. Topics to be covered in this webinar AGENDA 1. The Current Scenario 2. The Challenge 3. The Objective 4. Our Approach 5. The Process 6. Few Highlights 7. The Deliverables and Metrics 8. Success Factors 9. The Value Proposition
  5. 5. 1. The Current Scenario
  6. 6. The need to bridge the communication gap The Current Scenario Being proficient in business English is the ability to comprehend and use English for common business purposes, which includes many aspects of general English language in the spoken and written form. As acquiring business English skills becomes more imperative to remain competitive and relevant in today’s business environment, many companies are increasingly turning to innovative and cost-effective training programs for their campus recruit engineers. “ “
  7. 7. The main factor - Communication Skills Some Industry Insights Over the past few years, the reason leading to the decline in the percentage of the graduates being hired out of college has been identified and the common deprivation factor has been the lack of communication skills. 4,000+ ENGINEERING COLLEGES IN INDIA Only 20% ARE CONSIDERED EMPLOYABLE BY THE VARIOUS INDUSTRIES 800,000+ ENGINEERS GRADUATE EVERY YEAR “ “
  8. 8. 2. The Challenge
  9. 9. Challenges Pre-Hiring  Lack of formal communication training program at the college/university level  Hiring from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities  High technical ability but below average language proficiency Post-Hiring  Less importance on language communication skills  Inadequate/Insufficient time for language communication training  No standard measure to evaluate language competency of new hires
  10. 10. 3. The Objective
  11. 11. Objective  To create a learning environment conducive to improving the new hire’s communication skills  Refine and enhance speaking and writing skills  Reduce the influence of other languages when speaking and writing in English  Employees to be able to comprehend clients and hold a conversation with them without too much of a struggle
  12. 12. 4. Our Approach
  14. 14. Our Approach – The blended way… Instructor Led Training •Traditional classroom training is embellished with the learning tool that guarantees optimal use of learning time. Practice •The learning tool ensures that participants get individual time to practice various topics. •Lessons are designed to reiterate the learning imbibed during classroom sessions. Blended Curriculum •Seamless blend of ILT with online learning ensures progressive learning and eliminates repetition of topics. Assessments •Pre and Post assessment at the beginning and end of the program. •A daily assessment on the rest of the days to gauge and track a participant's improvement during the course of the program.
  15. 15. 5. The Process
  16. 16. The Process Pre Assessment to derive current proficiency level Daily interactive ILT sessions on modules Daily group activities as per modules Daily online practice exercises during lab sessions Daily online assessments to track progress and knowledge check Post Assessment to gauge needle movement The plotter addresses the key skills of grammar, comprehension, pronunciation and fluency by creating a day wise learning improvement plan
  17. 17. 6. Few Highlights
  18. 18. Program Highlights  The 64hrs Business Communication Language Program consists of a blended curriculum that has a 5:3hrs proportion between the ILT content and the online practice time  Smooth transition and continuity in curriculum from ILT to online learning  Cloud based hosted online platform offers rich multimedia and interactive content accessible across geographies  Pre and Post Assessment (online) at the beginning and end of the training to gauge needle movement  Regular knowledge checks through daily online assessments  Highly energized and interactive activities
  19. 19. Highlights  Across training days the content structure progresses as follows: personal familiar, domain specific familiar, domain specific unfamiliar and finally unfamiliar  Scenario based modules help the learners to understand the process/call flow and are given feedback on the path of responses chosen against the ideal flow of responses  Modules range from topics on:  Fundamentals of Grammar  Sounds and Intonation  Listening and Comprehension  Email Etiquette  Accent Familiarization  Client Interaction  Domain Specific Content
  20. 20. Tailored to fit the skill development needs Module Framework Guided Reading Active Listening & Retention Spelling & Keyboarding Language Application Judgment & Comprehension  Expose employees to accents, improve personal & cultural awareness  Create lessons of progressive difficulty reflecting production  Targeted exercises improve job skills and comprehension
  21. 21. Practice and Assessment Units Online Platform  Unique Login credentials for each participant can easily be setup in bulk prior to the start of the training program  Daily assessments are designed not only to gauge and track participants improvement during the program but also helps the participants to track their own progress and acts as motivators to accelerate improvement  Participants receive instant feedback on the tool for their pronunciation in a traffic lights color coding for each word pronounced which is measured against native speakers  Online learning activity is tracked and recorded for each participant and which is accessible to the trainer(s) at the click of a button
  22. 22. 7. The Deliverables and Metrics
  23. 23. The Deliverables Construct grammatically correct sentences Improve their Listening and Comprehension Skills Maintain a moderate level of fluency Improve their pronunciation skills Ability to converse and communicate with clients effectively
  24. 24. Through the program the participants improved their oral and written communication skills The Metrics Oral Fluency Writing Skills Retention Skills Language Skills (Grammar) Listening and Comprehen sion The average threshold for each metric is set at 65%
  25. 25. 8. Success Factors
  26. 26. Our Success Factors  Over the last the 3 years we have successfully trained 40,000 plus campus engineers  Training programs are run across all major Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities  Through this program we have been able to help organizations achieve their training deliverables and improve the language competency levels of the new hires to make them better prepared for their on-job global projects and client interactions
  28. 28. 9. The Value Proposition
  29. 29. The whole engagement delivers both tangible and intangible benefits. Our Value Proposition  Best practices in training methodology and online learning platform  Content development and customization by ID certified professionals creating ILT and WBT content  Flexibility to customize content and curriculum as per business requirements  End-to-end training delivery & project management.  Close to 40 experienced and certified language facilitators available across the country
  30. 30. Our Value Proposition  Customized reporting and analytics as per customer’s requirements  Dedicated support team to ensure smooth functioning of the program  100% administration work, for the platform and for the training  Dedicated and responsive technical support team available throughout the program  Assistance in logistics and IT in setting up and deploying the program across the country
  31. 31. QUESTIONS? THANK YOU Contact us +91 124 419 8989