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The Final Product


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Published in: Technology, Education
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The Final Product

  1. 1. By: Taran Kanabar
  2. 2. Contents Digital Access Digital Commerce Digital Communication Digital Literacy Digital Etiquette Digital Law Digital Rights & Responsibilities Digital Health & Wellness Digital Security
  3. 3. Digital Access Digital Access is all about anybody having access to any website. There are, of course some exceptions such as password-protected websites for private businesses or other. Besides that every digital citizen should have fair access to any website without any hassle. This keeps everything fair and helps balance fair electronic society.
  4. 4. Digital Commerce Digital commerce is simply about buying and selling goods online. Internet users deserve real goods and not scams. This is why sites like amazon™ and ebay™ have been created. They offer a 100% legitimate deal on buying merchandise online.
  5. 5. Digital Communication Digital communication is about electronic exchange of information. You need to remember to behave sensibly when exchanging information with others online. Also remember to not only communicate digitally! Always communicate in as many ways possible to keep a healthy brain.
  6. 6. Digital Literacy A good example of digital literacy is what is happening right now. This PowerPoint that I created is teaching you about technology. Digital literacy is the teachings of learning about and using technology. This is important so that people know how to be good digital citizens.
  7. 7. Digital Etiquette Many websites have large problems with digital etiquette. Digital etiquette is about your behavior online. Remember to not say anything to someone online that you would not say to their face. You need to be sensible and kind to people online. Most websites will ban you if you have reportedly abused their standard procedure.
  8. 8. Digital Law Digital law is the responsibility that you must accept for your deeds. It is easy nowadays for people to publish fake content and steal programs online. If you are a good digital citizen you will not do this. But if you do happen to steal you must accept the consequences.
  9. 9. Digital Rights & Responsibilities These rights are the freedoms that are extended to everyone in a digital world. In a digital society everyone must be responsible and know their rights. They must not infringe others rights and also know the consequences of doing so.
  10. 10. Digital Health & Wellness Digital health is all about psychological health and well-being in a digital world. Keeping yourself healthy and measuring the time spent on your computer can help prevent internet addiction. There are other things to do with staying healthy online such as the websites you view. Viewing violent and gory websites can scar your digital health.
  11. 11. Digital Security Digital security is all about preventing hackers, not giving away private information and defacing people online. Activity such as hacking has made many people lose hard-earned money. When you give out your credit card credentials you must make sure you are not being scammed and the website has good credibility.
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  13. 13. Hope you enjoyed mypresentation!!! If you feel you are not satisfied here is an epic pony and a ninja potato: