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Sequential Advertising in Facebook - PPC Hero - Heroconf London - Tara Dee West - Oct16


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Sequential advertising is a powerful tool for generating both awareness and conversions. In this presentation, I'll share everything you need to know about sequrntial ads in Facebook, from which ad formats to use and which campain types.

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Sequential Advertising in Facebook - PPC Hero - Heroconf London - Tara Dee West - Oct16

  1. 1. Facebook Sequential Advertising Tara West Head of PPC | Etch | @ tara_dee_west / @EtchUK
  2. 2. Think back to the last time you walked into a shop and were bombarded by a pushy sales person…
  3. 3. Advertising is no different!
  4. 4. Amazon asked me to ‘shop now’ before I knew anything about what Amazon Fashion was
  5. 5. They should have primed me first so I had been introduced to the concept before they asked me to ‘shop now’ Stage 1: video about the concept Stage 2: Carousel of key products to explore
  6. 6. If they had created an ad sequence like this, I would have been more likely to click and eventually purchase
  7. 7. “You need to nurture your audience and move them gradually from awareness to purchase.” @Tara_Dee_West / @EtchUK #HeroConf
  8. 8. Sequential Advertising is a great way to do this!
  9. 9. What is Sequential Advertising? Sequential Advertising is when a series of ads are shown to the audience in a specific order, and each message informs the next.
  10. 10. This presentation is only about Sequential Advertising on Facebook
  11. 11. Why use Sequential Advertising?
  12. 12. Facebook and Adaptly performed a study into the effectiveness of Sequential Advertising with lifestyle brand Refinery29: They targeted a lookalike audience of their most engaged email subscribers. They used a sequence of three ads with messaging designed to achieve: 1. Branding 2. Consideration 3. Action (email sign-ups) Here’s whey found out…
  13. 13. Sequential Ads allow you to gradually move users down the conversion funnel
  14. 14. “If consumers see the entire ad sequence, your ability to lead them to purchase is significantly stronger.” @Tara_Dee_West / @EtchUK #HeroConf Source:
  15. 15. Sequential Advertising can increase conversions
  16. 16. Subscriptions for Refinery29 increase by 56% when they used Sequential Advertising on Facebook Source:
  17. 17. Sequential Advertising allow you to tell your brand’s story
  18. 18. “Campaigns that tell a brand story before asking people to buy something are significantly more effective than ones that focus immediately on encouraging people to take an action” Source:
  19. 19. Sequential Advertising can reduce ad fatigue
  20. 20. Sequential Ads ensure your traffic is more qualified and higher quality because it has been primed first
  21. 21. Sequential Advertising can reduce your Cost Per Conversion
  22. 22. Types of Sequential Advertising
  23. 23. These two types of Sequential Advertising were ‘coined’ by Facebook
  24. 24. Funnel based Sequential Advertising with three stages
  25. 25. “People who are exposed to all three of the ads in the sequence convert at a higher rate than those who have seen one or two” Source: @Tara_Dee_West / @EtchUK #HeroConf
  26. 26. Stage 1: meet the brand Stage one could be a Video Ad educating the audience about the importance of helping their children develop healthy eating habits from a young age
  27. 27. Stage 2: the teaser Stage two could be a Canvas Ad which builds on the message about healthy eating, and also includes examples of products and their benefits like being easy for busy parents to use.
  28. 28. Stage 3: the hook Stage three could be a Carousel ad featuring the most popular products. It is the time to present a final call-to- action of ‘Shop Now’.
  29. 29. Priming and Reminding Sequential Advertising with two stages
  30. 30. Priming and Reminding sequenced ads by Quaker Oats showed an uplift in message association of up to 3.3% compared to the control ad set which didn’t use this approachSource:
  31. 31. Stage 1: set the stage Stage one could set the stage with a Video Ad which promotes the nutritional benefits of oats and introduces the Oatober campaign which encourages people to try a different oat recipe each day in October.
  32. 32. Stage 2: the synopsis Stage two could be a Carousel Ad which is a reminder of the nutritional message in the first ad, coupled with a call-to-action to view the Oatober recipes.
  33. 33. Pick and Mix Sequential Advertising! (I made this one up!)
  34. 34. Considerations for Sequential Ad campaigns
  35. 35. Targeting is as important as ever
  36. 36. Create ad sequences which are relevant to each of the audiences you are targeting in each ad set
  37. 37. Adjust the length of the ad sequence depending on how well the audience knows your brand
  38. 38. Adjust the tone of the messaging depending on how well the audience knows your brand
  39. 39. The images you choose are a key part of the sequence
  40. 40. Test different ad format combinations
  41. 41. If your KPI is traffic, Facebook recommend testing two phases of static website click ads: Source :
  42. 42. If your KPI is conversions, Facebook recommend testing video ads then a phase of static website click ads: Source :
  43. 43. Pick your moment to run sequencing, for example during a sale isn’t a great time because people are price driven
  44. 44. Consider any other advertising you’re running so you don’t bombard your audience with conflicting messaging
  45. 45. How to set-up Sequential Advertising
  46. 46. There are two ways to build Sequential Advertising campaigns on Facebook
  47. 47. title Subtitle Body text True Sequencing is where you run all the ads in the same ad set
  48. 48. 1. In power editor go to create a campaign as normal, but choose Reach and Frequency instead of Auction:
  49. 49. 2. Choose the date range you want the campaign to run for, the frequency you want to achieve and the reach you want to achieve:
  50. 50. 3. Check the average frequency is actually high enough for your sequence to be achieved:
  51. 51. 4. Create your ads in the Ads tab as normal, including all ads which will run in the sequence in the same ad set:
  52. 52. 5. You must upload your ad set and complete your order before Facebook will let you set a sequential order for your ads
  53. 53. 6. Once uploaded, go to the Ad Set Edit pane where you’ll see an option to choose Sequenced under the delivery section:
  54. 54. 7. Once you’ve added all your ads to the sequence you can drag and drop to re-order them:
  55. 55. title Subtitle Body text Manual Phased Delivery Sequential Ad campaigns on Facebook
  56. 56. For manual phased delivery, simply set your ad sets up as normal and schedule them to run one, after the other by selecting dates that follow on from the last set. Use Facebook Engagement Audiences to create seamless sequences
  57. 57. Facebook Engagement Audiences
  58. 58. “An Engagement Custom Audience is a Custom Audience made up of people who have engaged with your content on Facebook. "Engagement" refers to actions like spending time viewing your videos, or opening your Lead Form or Canvas.” Source: Facebook
  59. 59. Types of engagement audience
  60. 60. “Use Facebook Engagement Audiences to target your ad sequences manually. Target people who engaged with your first ad with the second ad, and so on..” @Tara_Dee_West / @EtchUK #HeroConf
  61. 61. 1. In Power Editor go to create a Custom Audience as normal, but choose Engagement Audience as the type:
  62. 62. 2. Next choose the source of engagement:
  63. 63. For Video choose the engagement type from the list below and a membership duration up to 180 days:
  64. 64. “Consider the total length of your video when choosing the percent viewed or seconds viewed required of your Video Engagement Audience” @Tara_Dee_West / @EtchUK #HeroConf
  65. 65. For Canvas choose the engagement type from the list below and a membership duration up to 365 days:
  66. 66. For Lead Ads choose the engagement type from the list below and a membership duration up to 90 days:
  67. 67. title Subtitle Body text
  68. 68. Stage 1: A Video Ad including Flossie the Flamingo (their logo) which talks about how the candles are organic and hand made. They could then create a Video Engagement Audience of people who watched 10 seconds.
  69. 69. Stage 2: Target those who engaged with the video with a Canvas Ad which encourages them to take a peek at the latest collection. The canvas could use a mix of Carousels, Video, and Images with reviews from bloggers. Create a Canvas Engagement Audience to target in stage three.
  70. 70. Stage 3: Target those who engaged with the Canvas with a Carousel containing a product focussed message and clear ‘Shop Now’ call-to- action.
  71. 71. Stage 1: Run a Canvas ad with Videos about making cocktails using Bombay. Created an audience of everyone who engaged with this Canvas to use in the next stage.
  72. 72. Stage 2: Target people who engaged with the Canvas Ad with Website Click Carousel ads which lead the user to their website for the recipe.
  73. 73. Stage 1: Run a Website Click Ad encouraging the audience to learn more about Snagit. Land the audience on bespoke landing pages and create a remarketing list of that audience to use in the next stage.
  74. 74. Stage 2: Run Lead Generation Ads to everyone who landed on the bespoke landing page and offer them a free trial. Create a Lead Engagement Audience of people who submitted the form to use in stage three.
  75. 75. Stage 3: Run Website Click Ads again to encourage the audience who filled in a Lead Form and took a free trial to now sign-up to the full version.
  76. 76. “There is no one-size- fits-all approach to Sequential Ads on Facebook. Create your own based on your objectives and budget” @Tara_Dee_West / @EtchUK #HeroConf
  77. 77. Now go and test it out!
  78. 78. Thank you! Tara West Head of PPC | Etch @Tara_Dee_West / @EtchUK #HeroConf
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