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PPC HeroConf London 2017 - Tara Dee West - Reinvigorate Your Remarketing


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Remarketing has been around for ten years this year, and has changed so much in this time. In this presentation I'll be talking about some of the most recent changes and sharing 22 highly actionable tips and tricks to reinvigorate your search (RLSAs) and Google display Remarketing.

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PPC HeroConf London 2017 - Tara Dee West - Reinvigorate Your Remarketing

  1. 1. Reinvigorate Your Remarketing 22 Tips To Re-engergise Your Search & Display Remarketing Tara West Senior Paid Search Manager at B&Q | Biddable Media Consultant at Reeyap LONDON
  2. 2. 7 years ago, Google launched Display Remarketing.
  3. 3. 3 years later, RLSAs were released, making them 4 years old
  4. 4. I am still asked lots of questions about remarketing.
  5. 5. Remarketing tips
  6. 6. RLSA Tips
  7. 7. AdWords Flexible Reach settings are changing.
  8. 8. We used to have ‘Target and Bid’ and ‘Bid Only’:
  9. 9. Now we have ‘Targeting’ and ‘Observations’, instead of ‘Target and Bid’ and ‘Bid Only’:
  10. 10. ‘Targeting’ example: Tesco Photo might use the ‘Targeting’ setting to bid on generic keywords that they don’t normally bid on, like ‘Christmas gifts’, but only when the person searching is someone who is on a RLSA list which shows that they have previously purchased from them.
  11. 11. ‘Observations’ example: Tesco Photo might use ‘Observations’ to layer a remarketing audience of people who abandoned the checkout process, and increase bids for them, whilst still showing ads to anyone else who is searching using their keywords.
  12. 12. RLSAs now have a maximum membership duration of 540 days
  13. 13. Example 1: John Lewis could increase their bids for people who purchased during Black Friday last year, when they are searching again during Black Friday the following year.
  14. 14. Example 2: The Body Shop could create a RLSA list of people who purchased during Christmas and increase bids for those shoppers again when they are searching the following year.
  15. 15. Example 3: Compare The Market could increase bids for users just under one year after they took out their insurance, because they are likely to be ready to purchase a new policy when their old one lapses.
  16. 16. You can now tailor your ad text for RLSA audiences using IF Functions.
  17. 17. IF Functions are little pieces of code that go in your ad text, to customise the ad text if the user is in your audience, and show a default text if not. E.G ASOS might offer a discount in their ad text for their high value or frequent customers RLSA audiences, but not for other searchers. {=IF(audience IN(<high value customers>,<frequent customers>),Get 15% Off Today):Free Delivery Over £20}
  18. 18. Now you can create RLSA audiences from your YouTube engagements.
  19. 19. Link AdWords & YouTube, then create any of these audiences in the Shared Library:
  20. 20. Example 1: Bid on generic research terms, but only if the user has engaged with your YouTube content. E.G If someone watched a Debenhams video about finding the perfect lipstick, Debenhams could bid on ‘Lipsticks’ but only if the user is on the YouTube RLSA list.
  21. 21. Example 2: If someone watched a YouTube ad, customise the text ad they see to match. E.G If someone watched a video ad featuring Olivia Culpo, PLT could customise their ad text the next time someone searches using their keywords.
  22. 22. Example 3: If someone engaged with your YouTube videos, increase your bids for them when they’re searching on Google. E.G If someone watched a GHD cannel video, GHD could increase their bids the next time the user searches on Google using their keywords.
  23. 23. If you’re short on time, you can now apply RLSAs at campaign level
  24. 24. You can apply campaign audiences in Editor or in the interface, but you can not have both ad group and campaign audiences:
  25. 25. Ad group level RLSA application allows you more control over bid adjustments. Save time by applying them in AdWords Editor:
  26. 26. Similar Audiences for Search are here!
  27. 27. You can apply Similar Audiences using ‘Observations’ flexible reach, then apply bid adjustments if they convert well:
  28. 28. RLSAs do work with Automated Bidding
  29. 29. Target CPA & Target ROAS override manual adjustments Enhanced CPC makes bid adjustments on top of manual ones Avoid audience overlap in ad groups or campaigns Apply RLSAs even if you’re using an automated bidding strategy, as the strategy will use their data to dynamically set bids:
  30. 30. RLSA bid adjustments stack if a user is on multiple lists in an ad group
  31. 31. if your original bid was £1, and you apply +10% for cart abandoners …and another +10% for those who are also frequent purchasers …and another +10% for those who are high value purchasers Imagine if you had three audiences with bid adjustments, and a searcher was on all lists: £1.10 £1.21 £1.33
  32. 32. How to decide what your RLSA bid adjustments should be
  33. 33. Think in pounds and pence, not percentages, when setting RLSA bid adjustments!
  34. 34. Credit: Periscopix -1 x100 (Ad Group Conversion Rate )Audience Conversion Rate
  35. 35. For example: Audience Conversion Rate 3.52% - 1 (Ad Group Conversion Rate 2.76% ) = 1.27 x 100 = 0.27 = 27 Your bid adjustment would be 27%
  36. 36. Use RLSAs on your Shopping campaigns
  37. 37. Example 1: Joules could increase their shopping campaign bids for users who have abandoned the checkout process, when they are next searching.
  38. 38. Example 2: Pandora might not usually run Shopping ads for jewellery cleaning kits, but if the user had recently purchased jewellery from them they could run a Target RLSA shopping campaign for cleaning kits.
  39. 39. Use Dynamic Search Ads & RLSAs together for account expansion
  40. 40. Example: Sunglasses Hut could create a DSA campaign, and apply a Targeting flexible reach RLSA audience of people who have previously visited the site. This means that DSAs will only trigger if the person searches with keywords that match the site content and is on the RLSA list.
  41. 41. UTM tag your other traffic so you can create RLSA lists from them
  42. 42. Example 1: River Island could tag all their Email Marketing links with UTM tags, and then create RLSA audiences based on these tags, so they can customise search ad text for users who have clicked through from the email.
  43. 43. Example 2: New Look could analyse which of their Facebook campaigns generate the best conversion rates and create a RLSA list of these people using the UTM tag details. They could then increase bids for this audience when they are next searching with their keywords on Google.
  44. 44. Who you exclude with RLSAs is just as important as who you target
  45. 45. Example 1: Apple might create a RLSA list of users who visited the site only once and for less than three seconds, and then exclude these users from seeing their search ads, because the users appear to be looking for another site rather than the official site.
  46. 46. Example 2: Sephora could create a RLSA list of customers who make low value purchases, and then they could reduce bids for these users when they search because they know the transaction value generated is likely to be lower than average.
  47. 47. Display Remarketing Tips
  48. 48. Since May 2017, Remarketing is becoming Cross Device.
  49. 49. How might this effect your campaigns? Loosen frequency capping Update Privacy Policy Test sequential advertising
  50. 50. Make sure your brand is safe when you use Remarketing on the GDN
  51. 51. Set up account level content exclusions in the new AdWords interface:
  52. 52. Regularly review where your Remarketing ads show, and exclude irrelevant or inappropriate sites:
  53. 53. Text ads in display Remarketing have changed to responsive ads.
  54. 54. Opt out of Dynamic Display Ads using this form:
  55. 55. Find your ideal Remarketing list membership duration
  56. 56. Year-on-year Remarketing How long is the average path to purchase? Use GA Time Lag & AW Days To Conversion segment Consider offline conversions Don’t just set a membership duration of 540 because you can!
  57. 57. Find the Google Analytics Time Lag report in Google Analytics under Conversions, then Multi Channel Funnels:
  58. 58. Find the new AdWords Days To Conversion Segment within the conversions segment options:
  59. 59. Then you can review all your AdWords metrics based on how many days after clicking your ad conversions occur:
  60. 60. Layer converting placements on your Remarketing campaign
  61. 61. Layer the top converting sites as placements on your Remarketing campaign using ‘Observations’:
  62. 62. Then set the bid adjustment:
  63. 63. Exclude mobile apps if they could be causing accidental clicks.
  64. 64. Add a placement exclusion for “” to exclude all mobile apps.
  65. 65. Set the placement exclusion at campaign level:
  66. 66. Layer demographic targeting on top of Remarketing and adjust bids
  67. 67. Analyse all ages, genders, parental statuses, incomes, then set a bid adjustment:
  68. 68. Don’t reduce bids for, or exclude ‘Unknown’ demographics until you’ve analysed the data.
  69. 69. Static ads or animated GIFs? GIFs aren’t accepted on all sites so limit reach GIFs look bad if there’s a slow internet Always create a static alternative
  70. 70. Make your cart abandoners list work harder
  71. 71. People who added something to the basket People who started the checkout process Apply separate bids or budgets People who added payment details Create different lists depending on how close the user came to completing a purchase:
  72. 72. You should now be armed with Remarketing tips and ready to put them into action!
  73. 73. Keep your finger on the Remarketing pulse:
  74. 74. Questions? 0800 531 6803
  75. 75. Image credits: ku9E27EprSGgJhIyj8- bywRbTzK5SoSCT0xZwsuUJo0Eaps0y4zAGCFKhIJ2aAqyrWI2OARRoNXtgEpCacqEgnMHsxkULl9FBHInwLyNmM5eioSCbY5AoUatJA7EdcAbx7qSg g7KhIJd_10CS70TbsQRxg2iJl04XsoqEgmmtIaAmEjKPxGf69KWfPR9ECoSCT5vLBFtPMrlEbSgTpIP_1ZZ1&tbo=u&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiR4JyBxrjWA hWDPhQKHQW6DxoQ9C8IHw&biw=1366&bih=588&dpr=1#imgrc=2aAqyrWI2OCfAM: 570.jpg& inform-driver_n_5109883.html&docid=2SL2JI5mrmYOBM&tbnid=WiXbV_Bow-Gz-M%3A&vet=10ahUKEwiom- iVvbjWAhUnDsAKHUvtDJEQMwgpKAIwAg..i&w=570&h=693&bih=588&biw=1366&q=compare%20the%20market%20meerkats%20alexander&ved=0a hUKEwiom-iVvbjWAhUnDsAKHUvtDJEQMwgpKAIwAg&iact=mrc&uact=8 ICigB&biw=1366&bih=588#imgrc=oLpKNSFZeM2yGM: urGaq7bWAhVLCsAKHewJCtsQMwicAigDMAM..i&w=1024&h=683&bih=637&biw=1366&q=shortcut&ved=0ahUKEwj- urGaq7bWAhVLCsAKHewJCtsQMwicAigDMAM&iact=mrc&uact=8 =1366&bih=637#imgrc=xd1MYQ5TA3OFnM: ab.3..0l4.29771.32676.0.33261. All other images are from