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  1. 1. 1 © 2014 CJ AFFILIATE BY CONVERSANT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ALL NAMES AND LOGOS ARE TRADEMARKS OR REGISTERED TRADEMARKS OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. Rev. 11032014 GET STARTED GLOBAL@CJ.COM | CALL 877-777-3272 CJ.COM Global affiliate network. Local expertise. As a global platform designed to manage and report activity in multiple languages and currencies, CJ offers tools and services to extend your brand to consumers worldwide. CJ’S GLOBAL SOLUTION CJ AFFILI ATE CJ’S GLOBAL PLATFORM BY THE NUMBERS Supports 5languages & 10currencies 15+years of operating experience in global markets Facilitates transactions in 150+countries & growing 13 offices worldwide Reach new markets with minimal investment and risk Enjoy visibility and control within each market Capitalize on worldwide eCommerce trends International Program Discovery & Management INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS BADGING Provides clear visibility for publishers. Plus, publishers can filter by international advertisers to find links or new partnerships. CONVERSION DATA BY COUNTRY Access to conversion data from top countries to identify partnership opportunities. PARTNERSHIPS AT SCALE Apply to all linked accounts for international advertisers – at the regional or audience level. Discover affiliate partnerships to scale globally, adapt locally. Same leading technology, capabilities, and interface worldwide Unparalleled network quality standards worldwide, and processes that ensure accurate, legitimate transactions Exceptional service-standard: global account management with local program management options INTERNATIONAL CAPABILITIES Advertisers share with publishers in supported languages, currencies, and shipping areas. Publishers leverage country-specific information by filter or search. Publishers set preferences so that only advertisers, links, and products from their country of location are returned in search results. More new filtering functionality: Searching for advertisers with international programs, as well as by geographic source of advertiser conversions.