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  1. 1. TARA SHASHANK Email Id:- Contact Number:- +91 9632301176 Summary- A Software Engineer with 1.5 years of experience in embedded software development with good understanding of Linux and Windows internals, Linux device drivers, WPA Supplicant architecture and Wireless Networking, with exposure to the complete Software Development Life Cycle. Technical Skills Operating Systems Linux and Windows7 Languages C, Python Protocols TCP/IP, UDP, IEEE 802.11 Tools GCC, make, CVS, Wireshark, git repository, client specific tools Debuggers GDB, client specific debugger Education Qualification Year Degree Stream Percentage/CGPA Full Time/Part Time 2013 BE Electronics and Communication 69% Full Time Trainings Training Attended GESL Training Program Duration 6 Months Topics • Advanced C Programming and Data Structures • LINUX programming and Internals • Multi – Threading • Networking [TCP/IP protocol suite] • Socket Programming • Knowledge on Various Unix commands and System Calls • Implementation Of System call • Basics on Kernel Programming, Communication between User and Kernel Space • Complete Knowledge on 802.11 Frames and 802.11 WiFi Protocols • Personality Development [Self Awareness, Time Management, Team Work]
  2. 2. Mini Project:- Chat Application Description:- Creating a Server and Client Communication application. Allowing many users to communicate without any Blocking. Approach Used:- Developed using Select, Poll and epoll command Also Implemented Using Threads Project:- WLAN Enterprise Network Description Role • Fixing issues in Kernel and supplicant • Fixing issue of wpa_supplicant project • Fixing issues in kernel • Integration of changes • git uploads • Basic sanity and unit testing on newer builds • Feature enhancement Environment • Platform: Android - Linux • Language: C and C++ • Tools: GNU ARM Tool Chain, client proprietary tools. Personal Details:- DOB 18th July 1991 Languages known English, Hindi, Kannada Native Place Manipal, Karnataka