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Making & Innovation in Academic Libraries

Presentation given as one of Zukunftswerkstatt's guest speakers at the Bibliothekartag 2014 in Bremen, Germany.

All photo credits given to: Nick Crowl:

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Making & Innovation in Academic Libraries

  1. 1. Why it needs to be happening in academic libraries Tara Radniecki Bibliothekartag: Bremen, Germany June 6, 2014
  2. 2. DeLaMare Library
  3. 3. DeLaMare Library
  4. 4. But WHY in an academic library?
  5. 5. If individual departments begin managing electronic journal subscriptions and the student union provides comfy couches for students to study in (and eat/drink/sleep) – why on earth will any university continue to spend millions on the library ?
  6. 6. Making + Innovation in Academic Libraries = Indispensible
  7. 7. Our Missions
  8. 8. History of Supporting Making
  9. 9. Literacies • Digital / Media literacy • Computational literacy • Tactile literacy
  10. 10. Literacies
  11. 11. Literacies
  12. 12. The stuff resumes are built of… Expert 3D modeling skills Multiple students working on patent applications Apps created in hackathons Robotics knowledge Creative thinking skills Tactile & computations knowledge
  13. 13. Connect People
  14. 14. Make Collaborations • Joint proposal with Psychology for handheld 3D scanners • Joint proposal with 31 faculty across campus for makerspace (in DeLaMare) • Engineering dept giving us 3D printer & laser cutter – make accessible to entire community • Faculty members having office hours in DeLaMare Library • Computer Science asking us to co-produce a teens Arduino summer camp
  15. 15. Make & Strengthen Collaborations
  16. 16. Maker culture • Inclusiveness • Open source • Access to tools / resources • Foster collaboration • Champion innovation • Sharing of knowledge / skills • Hands-on learning • DIY
  17. 17. The Wisconsin Idea The Wisconsin Idea is the principle that the university should improve people’s lives beyond the classroom. It spans UW–Madison’s teaching, research, outreach and public service.
  18. 18. Public Outreach • First academic library to offer 3D printing to anyone and everyone, regardless of major or university status – completely open to greater public. • Workshops and tours are open to the public • Attending local collectives, makerspaces, inventor groups, high schools, networking communities to share resources
  19. 19. Supporting Startups • Startup Weekend • Inexpensive Prototyping • Patent & Trademark Information
  20. 20. “I never thought I’d be able to create anything I can imagine.” - A student upon hearing about our 3D printer.
  21. 21. “The End.” Tara Radniecki Engineering Librarian DeLaMare Science & Engineering Library University of Nevada, Reno @tmradniecki