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Crestview Newsletter May 2011


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Crestview Newsletter May 2011

  1. 1. May 2011 Volume 1, Issue 2 MRC Crestview Newsletter May 2011 Resident Spotlight…..Getting to Know You Glada Crocker, Resident As a young girl, Glada Crocker loved to climb trees. Once, she and her little brother were held hostage in her tree playhouse by the neighbor’s fighting bull. Glada took her sash and tied her little brother to the tree limb to save him, fearing that at any moment the bull would uproot the tree. The tree was no longer safe and her father insisted that she remove her playhouse from the tree. When he went to help pack up her belongings he discovered how beautifully she had designed her tree home and changed his mind. She has many memories of time spent in trees.When Glada Crocker first arrived at MRC Crestview Retirement Community she gazed outthe window of Crestview Court admiring a big, beautiful oak tree in the courtyard. Shetold Administrator Mike Adams that the tree was a “good climber” and she was going toclimb that tree one day. Now here we are, a little over six years later, approaching theage of 103 years old, and with the help of digital photography Glada sits right where shelonged to be….in that big oak tree! Glada’s creativity and wonderful sense of humorbrought a smile to Mike’s face when presented with this picture.
  2. 2. Page 2 Crestview newsletter From the desk of the executive director I am happy to report that the new building project is both on time and within budget. Construction continues to move forward at a rapid pace with most of the work to- day being interior work and much less visible than in recent months. Although I typically enter the jobsite several times a week, I find myself even more amazed at the daily progress when I miss a few days of being on- site. Since we will be under one roof, collectively we are Crestview Retirement Community. Of course, the independent living apartments will be referred to as Arbor Oaks. Assisted Matthew Currie Living will be referred to as the Forest, with Stegall wing on the first floor, Ritchey Executive Director, LNFA, CASP wing on the second floor. Skilled Nursing will remain as it is today—Court, with first floor as Faith wing, second floor as Heritage wing. Memory Support will be referred to as the Garden, with Rose as the north wing, and Victory as the east wing.It has been quite exciting to meet with residents and family members regarding the upcoming transition. If Mikeand I have not yet met with your family, Donna will soon schedule this preliminary meeting. Our intent is to gatherpreferences, discuss floor plans, moving plans, and answer any questions regarding the entire process. Once wehave met with everyone and established an initial plan, we will again meet with residents and families individuallyto finalize room selections and other specific details of the move.While we are all doing our best to minimize the impact of the construction project on residents and families, thereare some unavoidable issues such as parking, noise, dust, etc. I would like to thank everyone for their patience andunderstanding as of late. A d m i n i s t r a t i o n N e w sOften I receive calls from a son or daughter in distress or perhaps needing tofind their loved one a place to live or a place to recover. Their words come Missionacross that Crestview has such a great reputation and this is the place that they Methodist Retirement Com-want their mother or father to come to. I sit back and think about all the people munities is committed towho have built that reputation. Past and present employees who helped build quality living for senior adults in a Christianthat reputation always come to mind and I remember our special volunteers environment.who sacrifice their time and energy to make Crestview a home for so many ofour residents. These volunteers share so much love with our residents and givethem so much comfort. I am reminded every day that volunteers do make a difference, not only in the Brazos Valley community but May 9th right here at Crestview. True words were said by a resident Proclamation for at our volunteer appreciation tea party recently when she Nursing Home Week commented about how much the volunteers mean to her and how they help her keep active. I encourage anyone looking May 6th - 12th into making a real difference in the lives of others to National Nurses Week consider giving of their time to serve our residents and help Crestview continue to Mike Adams May 9th - 13th Associate Executive Director, LNFA, ADC build on that great reputation. Thanks to National Nursing Home all who have served and continue to serve. Week
  3. 3. Crestview newsletter Page 3 Home Health Ten Reasons for Home Health CareThere is no question that home care is the wave of the future. There is a growing publicdemand for health care services that are available to the public in their own homes.Here at Crestview Home Health, we feel these are the top ten reasons people findthemselves inquiring about home health.1. Home care is delivered at home. When we are not feeling well, most of us ask to be at home. When our loved ones are ill, we try to get them home and out of the hospital as soon as possible.2. Home care promotes healing. There is scientific evidence that many patients heal faster at home.3. Home care is safe. Many risks, such as infection, are eliminated or minimized Dotty Traska when care is given at home. Executive Director4. Home care allows for freedom for the individual. Patients at home remain as engaged with their usual daily activities as their health permits.5. Home care promotes continuity. The patients own physician continues to oversee his or her care.6. Home care is personalized and tailored to the needs of each individual. Patients receive one-on-one care and attention.7. Home care can prevent re-hospitalization and decrease the need for urgent care.8. Home care reduces stress. Unlike most forms of health care, which can increase anxiety and stress, home care has the opposite effect.9. Home care is given by special people. Home care workers are highly trained and seem to share a certain reverence for life.10. Home care is less expensive than other forms of care. Home care costs only one tenth as much as hospitalization. Therefore, making home care a valuable alternative. The Crestview Volunteers The Crestview Volunteers operate a small but fully stocked gift shop located just inside the entrance to the lobby. This unique little store provides the residents, visitors and staff the opportunity to shop for gifts and necessities without leaving the building. The Crestview Gift Shop is operated by all volunteer labor as a fundraising project to support the activities and services provided by the volunteers. Please stop by the Gift Shop on your next visit to Crestview and see the wide assortment of reasonably priced items for sale. Crestview Volunteer Joann Locke, assisting MRC Crestview employee The Gift Shop can be reached by phone Kim Bailey with purchase in The 731-1508 ext.1735. Crestview Gift Shop.
  4. 4. Page 4 Crestview Newsletter R e v e r e n d G a ry A d a m s In the April Crestview newsletter I wrote that in order to have a joy-filled life weneed a right perspective to live from. Everyone has problems and the way we look atour problems is more important than what our problems might be. Our perspectivemakes all the difference and helps us realize that God has a purpose behind every oneof my problems. In this article I want to focus on another key. To enjoy life I also need a priority tolive by! When things get tough I need to know what’s really important and be able todistinguish the trivial from the significant. If I’m not clear about what’s most important Iwill just bounce from one problem to another at the mercy of my circumstances. Gary Adams If you want something to steal your joy quicker than anything else just focus Pastoral Care Directoron other people’s criticisms of you. Paul the Apostle was in jail, chained to guards gadams@mrcaff.org24/7 and was being attacked by so called friends. He said in Philippians 1:15 “Notonly am I in prison, but if you want to kick a man when he’s down, there are guys out there attacking my min-istry. They’re jealous, envious and critical of me while I’m in prison” Have you ever been there? I don’t mean in prison but have you ever been criticized and kicked whileyou’re down? Look at Paul’s response in verse 16, “But what does it matter? The IMPORTANT THING is thatin every way, whether from false motives or true Christ is preached. And because of this I REJOICE!” There isno question that Paul had his priorities straight. The Apostle wasn’t going to let anyone or anything steal hisjoy. Questions to ponder: Today, who or what are you letting steal your joy? Do you have too much on yourplate today? Did someone hurt you with their words or actions? Our answer should be ..What does it matter?Another way of saying it is SO WHAT! There are more important things to focus on such as … All is well be-cause God loves me and that’s the PRIORITY I will live by! That’s the way to ENJOY life. That’s the way to putJOY IN your life. In Memoriam Proverbs 31:28 Mother’s Day brings special memories to all of “Her children rise up and call her us. We remember these precious ladies and blessed; her husband also, and he Crestview residents who have recently gone to praiseth her.” their eternal reward. Their families continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. When peace, like a river, attendeth my way, When sorrows like sea billows roll; Evelyn Lappan Raye Smith Alma Veazey Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say, Lettye Powell Rosa Hartner Vaudie Briley It is well, it is well, with my soul. Florence McGhee Dora Roby Edith Wilsford Leona Harper Lela Lloyd Doris Stanek Refrain Ruby Oswald Cleo Pryor Vera Knight It is well, with my soul, Irene Porterfield Barbara Scott Elva Stephenson It is well, with my soul, Viola Ewell Lillian Lero Elizabeth Powers It is well, it is well, with my soul. Katie Mushinski Gladys Brown Cecil Smith Happy Mother’s Day
  5. 5. Crestview newsletter Page 5 S o c i a l s e rv i c e s VISION CHANGES AND MAINTENANCE Adults above 45 years old are at a higher risk of suffering vision problems due to the eye’s natural aging or certain eye diseases. It is overwhelmingly important for indi- viduals to take good care of their eyes and maintain good eye health. Individuals who have a family history of diabetes or high blood pressure are at a higher risk of getting certain eye diseases. Regular physical exams are important because they can help detect early Laura Baker signs of sight-threatening health problems. Vision changes that can be warn- Director of Social Services, LBSW ing signs of underlying vision problems include double vision, hazy vision, light sensitivity, frequent light flashes, floaters, eye pain and swelling, and periph- eral vision loss. Untreated eye problems may result in falls or car accidents.Older adults should receive regular eye exams at least every two years even if there is no noticeable eyeproblem. Besides receiving regular eye exams, not smoking, getting daily exercise and having a healthy dietcan be done to maintain good eye health.Some vision losses are incurable. Currently, eye diseases that often cause serious permanent vision lossinclude glaucoma, advanced macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. Once an abnormal visual con-dition is detected, doctors will suggest proper treatments for specific vision problems. Other remedies forpoor vision include good lighting, use of devices such as strong magnifying lenses with extra illumination,lens filters and shields, audio tapes, and specially adapted computer or TV screens. S ta f f n e w s Employee of the Quarter Staff Birthdays May 3 Juanita Young May 21 Toni Patterson May 3 Shannon Jones May 21 DeAndra Lotts May 4 Tami Turner May 24 Charlene Melton May 6 Sharon Byrd May 26 Jeffrey Claxton May 16 Gladys Reed May 26 Amber Parkinson May 17 Cathy Souquette May 28 Betty Young May 18 Laura Lara May 29 Zenaida Hazapariu May 30 Debra Griffin Staff Anniversaries Gary Adams – May 6th – 3 years….Pastoral Care Director Rilla Bates – May 28th – 13 years….Certified Medication Aide Thomas Standley – May 1 – 5 years..Director of Enviro. Srvs. Angelica Ortiz Carolyn Sweet – May 31 – 17 years….Unit Charge Nurse (RN) Dietary Aide Betty Young – May 3 – 1 year….Certified Nursing Assistant Congratulations on a job well done! NOTARY SERVICES MRC Crestview Court To set an appointment for notary services, 979-776-4778 please contact Letty Castenada Crestview Place, Crestview Terrace and Crestview Unity at 979-776-4778 ext. 1742 979-776-9294
  6. 6. Page 6 P a g e Go Green! 6 To receive the newsletterelectronically send request Ac t i v i t i e s to dwilliams@mrcaff.orgHappy Birthday to you! May 11th is our Family Night. MAY Birthdays Come join your family member for a night of good food, good 4….Elizabeth Blaschke music and a lot of fellowship. Alice Mendez 7….Stanley Prazak Activities Director, AD / TXC We do request 4 per resident to 14….Glada Crocker help with seating. Be sure to 17….Rosia Martin dress with a western flare. 17….Louis Melander See you there…….hee haw! Friday, May 13th 26….Geraldine Myers 27….Stella Poulson Please RSVP to 27….Dixie Pruitt Olinda Munoz at Sports 776-4778 And by May 6th Hot Dog Day May Birthday Party or email me at Thursday, May 12thMother’s Day Sunday, May 8th Memorial Day FISH Tournament Monday, May 30th and Awards Tuesday, May 10th Please Join us in Welcoming New Residents Wilma Herbert Ruth Dabney Sarah Gill Betty Vernon Joined us March 16th Joined us March 23rd Joined us April 7th Joined us April 11th
  7. 7. Crestview newsletter Page 7 V o l u m e 1 , I ss u e 1 P a g e 7 D i n i n g S E R V I C E S WHY WATER? PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY With summer and the hot How time flies…we are already into weather right around the cor- April and now it is time for the May ner, it is more important than article to be written and then proofed! ever to stay hydrated! Heat, I would like to dedicate this article to humidity and physical activity can increase your fluid the ―Peanut Butter and Jelly‖ group Karen Villarreal that comes in each semester so they needs.Your body needs 8 Consultant Dietician, RD, LD or more cups of water each may raise funds to help the children James Logan day. of the world! Their project at this Food Service DirectorDrinking water is a great, calorie free way to satisfy point of time is to help feed the chil- jlogan@mrcaff.orgyour thirst. The foods you eat provide about 20% of dren in Africa. They do this byyour daily water intake and the rest comes from wa- making a simple sandwich that we allter and other beverages like low fat milk, 100% fruit grew up with – the peanut butter andjuice, tea and coffee. jelly sandwich! They sell the sand-Try these tips for increasing your water intake: wiches at the Texas A&M campus and*Get in the habit of hydration- drinking water when all proceeds are donated to a charityyou get up, during meals and between each meal. that makes it possible to feed hungry*Carry a water bottle with you wherever you go. children for $2.00 a day! Kudos to*Drink water before, during and after exercise. Beverly Auston the team that comes in faithfully…and stay refreshed all day!! Food Service Supervisor every Tuesday at 4 PM to make this simple sandwich for such a noble cause! I have been told that they raise about $150 to $ 200 aC r e s t v i e w t e r r a c e week. This is just a simple Thank You to this group of Ag- C r e s t v i e w p l a c e gies who make time in their busy schedule to help those who C R E S T V I E W u n i t y are in need.Here at MRC Crestview we work together cohesively, creating a great spirit and working atmosphere, and sup-porting each other so that our strengths combine to enhance what we do. There is a sense of unity, of enthusiasmshared in common interests and responsibilities. Our Director of Housing Joy Keels places happiness and well be-ing at the heart of her leadership of both staff and residents. This focus helps us to motivate and encourage devel-opment and growth, to achieve meaningful and valued results, at work and in life.….. and to enjoy doing it! Our team: Joy Keels – Director of Housing Karen Claxton – Administrative Assistant Elle Casteneda – Administrative Assistant Shelly Cain – Service Coordinator CV Terrace and Place Angela Robinson – Resident Service Director April Powell – Service Coordinator CV Unity Linda Bates – Administrative Assistant and Activities ―In order that people may be happy in their work, these Joy Keels three things are needed: they must be fit for it; they must Director of Housing Linda, Karen, Shelly, Elle, Joy, not do too much of it; and they must have a sense of suc- April & Angela cess in it.‖ John Ruskin
  8. 8. WE’RE ON THE WEB! WWW.MRCAFF.ORG MRC Crestview Retirement Community 2505 Villa Maria Road Bryan, Texas 77802 VOTE We received the following suggested newsletter titles from you in response to our request. Please choose your favorite title by circling only one from the list below and cast your vote by dropping this ballot in the basket in the library or by email to ONLY 1 VOTE PER PERSON PLEASE Thank you for your participation. Look for the winning title on next month’s cover!A New View Crestview Crimson News MRC’s Read All About It NewsletterArbor Oaks Connection Crestview Enhancer News For You at CrestviewArbor Oaks Leaflett The Crestview Gazette News From CrestviewThe Buzz The Crestview Heartbeat News Time at CrestviewThe Crestview Advisor The Crestview Inquirer News and ViewsCrestview Buzz Crestview In Touch New ViewCrestview Cares Crestview iTouch Oak’s TimesCrestview Caller The Crestview Newsletter Opening UpThe Crestview Carrier The Crestview Observer Our ViewCrestview Chatter Crestview I.Q. The View at CrestviewCrestview Comments The Crestview Script The View From HereCrestview Communication Crestview Spirit Your News MonthlyThe Crestview Connection Crestview Tells It All Thank you for the great suggestions!Crestview Courier Crestview Times