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Your friendly introduction to Hashtags


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Taken from a training session presented to Coldwell Banker Bain agents for basic social media training 10/26/15.

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Your friendly introduction to Hashtags

  1. 1. The Joys of Hashtags!
  2. 2. What is this Hashtag thing? • A simplified definition is hashtags are like keywords which can be used to organize messages on a social network. This then facilitates the searching and grouping of messages with given hashtags. Hashtags are preceded by the pound sign (#) and can be a word or a short phrase (i.e. #Hashtag or #ThisIsAHashtag) • the # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet. It was created organically by twitter users as a way to categorize their messages. hashtags can occur anywhere in a tweet • the hashtags big break was in 2007, originally invented by Chris Messina adding tags to where he was tweeting from and what it was about but it wasn’t until the San Diego forest fire when the hashtags really took off. In 2013 facebook began to allow the use of the hashtag which is used in a similar way to twitter hashtags.
  3. 3. Typical uses of hashtags: • Express emotions: #surprised #speechless #frustrated • Identify places or brands or events: #Hawaii #Ferrari #CoolEvent • Make recommendations: #MustRead #MustWatch #NowPlaying • Connect with like-minded individuals: #CatLovers #Tvaddicts Hashtags should make your messages easier to organize and find. The trick is to hashtag keywords that other people would use when looking for the content contained in your message. You can do a quick search for keywords prior to posting your message to see which hashtags are popular (called “trending”).
  4. 4. Three common mistakes to avoid: 1. Hashtagging every word (i.e. #I #am #so #excited #today) 2. Hashtagging the same word more than once (i.e. It is my #birthday. Here is a photo of my #birthday cake, my #birthday presents, and my awesome #birthday party!) 3. DON'T OVERUSE - use a maximum of two hashtags in your tweets or Facebook posts. If you use too many your followers will think you are spamming them. 4. KEEP THEM SHORT — tweets are restricted to 140 characters you don’t want a hashtag taking up 50% of the letters in your tweet, there is however no limit to facebook post length but keep them short to avoid annoying your fans/friends. 5. Separating keywords. If your keyword is “black cat” your hashtag should be #BlackCat. If you write it as #Black #Cat this will give you two different keywords: “black” and “cat”.
  5. 5. Where can I place hashtags? • You can use hashtags anywhere in your message – in the main body itself or as a postscript at the end. Here is an example with a hashtag in the main body of the message and two hashtags at the end. • Check out this #awesome site: #SocialMedia #Marketing Why should I use hashtags? • Two reasons: • Increase exposure • Organize content
  6. 6. Remember…. Understand That Hashtags are Tools for Search. • Hashtags from #arabspring to #Syriabombings to #S.E.Asianearthquake all sprung up in recent history to give people a way to find, react and discuss world events. In last week’s Presidential debate, #mittwins and #obamatanked trended in Twitter popularity. If something great or terrible happens in your local area, you, too, can start a #breakingnews hashtag and lead a searchable discussion.
  7. 7. And don’t forget… Understand That Hashtags Help Spread the Word Beyond your Followers. • Hashtags also help you find many ongoing conversations on everything from #pubtibs to #Twitter101 to #weedkillers. These discussions wax and wane, depending on who wants to join in. Find #hashtags in your area of expertise and you have an instantaneous way to share your wisdom beyond your following. • Say you’re a writer, you can use hashtags like #amwriting and #writetips to deliver tweets about writerly pain or gain or wisdom. If you design children’s rooms you can tweet about morphing a toddler’s room into a teenager’s room on #kidrooms or #shabbychic. Like gardening? Look for robust conversations on #gardeningadvice and #weedkillers.
  8. 8. Understand That Hashtags are Great for Twitticisms. • A great Twitter nuance is how hashtags have developed as a tool for word play and social commentary. In a good writer’s hands, a hashtag can help you earn a reputation as a Twit Wit.
  9. 9. Hashtags usage in Real Estate • Understanding Twitter hashtags enables real estate agents to reach a much larger base of clients and prospective customers. For example, if an agent listed a duplex in Miami, the tweet might be #duplexMiami. If a potential buyer searched Twitter for “duplexMiami,” that agent’s tweet would be included among all available duplexes in the area, even if the potential buyer did not follow the agent or his agency on Twitter. • Hashtags simply make it easier for customers to find an agency. • Twitter hashtags can be tailored to fit any company brand, as broad or specific as necessary. • Understanding Twitter hashtags is crucial to creating a successful social media campaign using Twitter. • Hashtags enable you to target a demographic, location or topic of interest.