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Primavera pedigree presentation


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This presentation made by Hyper Island team Primavera in 2013 as a part of a Digital Media Management course. I was a part of this team. I was in different roles of PM, strategist, researcher, creative manager, illustrator, junior designer and facilitator.

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Primavera pedigree presentation

  2. 2. Tell me all about it
  3. 3. 2011 Share 2012 Share Change 2011-12 £m % £m % % Pedigree (Mars Petcare) 140 20 139 19 -0,7 Bakers (Nestlé Purina) 127 18 131 18 +3.1 Mars UK Ltd remains the leader of pet care distribution UK Dog food market: +4% Pedigree: underperformed against overall market Leading brands’ sales and shares in the UK dog food market Source: Mintel. 2013. Pet Food and Supplies - UK - February 2012. London: Mintel. the market
  4. 4. Although Pedigree is the market leader and reported good earnings, they ended the year with negative growth. Aggressive investments in product development and no investments in customer innovations. Opportunity to expand business to new market spaces. why change?
  5. 5. Pedigree produces and sells: “We work hard to develop products that’ll keep your dog happy and nutritious.” Quality over Convenience: “All of this dedication, passion and love for dogs goes into every single product we make. We never stop trying to do better.” What made Pedigree successful in the past will continue to make them successful in the future: “With over 75 years of experience making pet food, we're proud of our products.” Broadcast communication instead of interactivity: “Our campaigns encourage owners to exercise with their pets.” harmful beliefs
  6. 6. so... what does the customer want?
  7. 7. customer desired outcome “To make the most of the relationship with my pet” market space “To make the most of people’s relationship with their pet”
  8. 8. what’s not working? No motivation to walk the dog No time to walk the dog Lack of trust in the dog walker How much should I exercise my dog? How to track the dog’s movements and nutrition? There is no way to collect data about my dog No networks just for dogs and dogs’ owners
  9. 9. eco-system Pedigree GO LEAD Mobile Pedigree GO Community Pedigree GO LEAD
  10. 10. Pedigree GO LEAD
  11. 11. saliva analysis doggie doo dissolverdog’s activity ball harness handle Pedigree GO LEAD
  12. 12. How does the community interact? Pedigree GO
  13. 13. Nike+ Cesar MillanWhistle Dog Collar Jawbone partners
  14. 14. Source: Vandermerwe, S. 2000. ‘How Increasing Value to Customers Improves Business Results’. MIT Sloan Management Review: Volume 42:1. p. 27 - 37. Revenue Model
  15. 15. Benefits for Pedigree Achieving increased revenues through customer-focus Receiving useful data from consumers that can help to focus their strategy
  16. 16. Benefits for the CUSTOMERS Traditional dog collar leashes also strain the dog’s neck and throat, which can lead to breathing problems, gagging and irritated skin The GO Lead creates a shift in the way dog-owners socialize and the value that can be created for the consumer by walking your dog. Saliva readings can give information on cancer, diabetes and hormonal states, theoretically flagging symptoms before it’s too late Source: Pedigree GO LEAD
  17. 17. Pet insurance policy transparency. Promotes active lifestyle management to foster long, healthy and happy relationships between dogs and their owners. Treats the dog and customer as individuals. Profiles allow Pedigree to better know your dog and understand its needs. Facilitates the provision of all the facilities and care that your dog deserves. Benefits for the CUSTOMERS Pedigree GO
  18. 18. Benefits for the SOCIETY Pedigree GO LEAD Facilitates cleaning after your dog in a simple manner leading to cleaner streets for everyone Through the community Pedigree GO dogs and dog-owners have an effective network to interact with each other for mutual support Transparency of data within ecosystem to best deliver breakthrough value to all players involved Automatic crowdsourcing engages local communities through virtual means
  19. 19. thank you!