How to Grow your Game with Community featuring Tayber Voyer


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Learn how to use community engagement to grow and improve your mobile game, featuring Tayber Voyer from A Thinking Ape.

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How to Grow your Game with Community featuring Tayber Voyer

  1. 1. How to Grow Your Game With Community#UAisHard Webinar with Tayber Voyer
  2. 2. Host | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard Mack Flavelle Biz Dev: Tapstream Organizer: #UAisHard
  3. 3. Guest | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard Tayber Voyer Designer/Producer: A Thinking Ape Founder: Vancouver Mobile Social Games Consultant: Social/Mobile growth
  4. 4. About Tayber | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard
  5. 5. Challenges of Growth Finding new sources of GOOD users. (Good because they spend money.) (Good because they bring friends.) First day retention. Long term engagement. Reengaging lost users. | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard
  6. 6. 41 Shades of Blue Yes, it’s true that a team at Google couldn’t decide between two blues, so they’re testing 41 shades between each blue to see which one performs better. I had a recent debate over whether a border should be 3, 4 or 5 pixels wide, and was asked to prove my case. I can’t operate in an environment like that. I’ve grown tired of debating such minuscule design decisions. There are more exciting design problems in this world to tackle. - Douglas Bowman | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard
  7. 7. Design Spectrum | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard Joshua Porter’s UX London 2010 Presentation http://www.slideshare. net/bokardo/metricsdriven- design-4317168
  8. 8. Designing for Growth | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard
  9. 9. Implications You should incorporate user feedback into your product roadmap but you shouldn’t let player feedback steer the roadmap. Test your assumptions and player behaviour against your data, and align both with your business objectives. | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard
  10. 10. Local Maxima Problem | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard
  11. 11. Minimum Viable Feature | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard
  12. 12. KAW Example Hypothesis Social behaviour drives our player engagement and combining that with limited time promotions would help encourage players to play. | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard
  13. 13. Feature We ran new promotions every day for a month. Everyday someone would manually change the time the promotion started and ended. We used the forums to communicate the promotions to the players. We ‘hacked’ it in. If it was successful we would build a promotion tool to automate the process. | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard
  14. 14. Hack it in | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard
  15. 15. Results- Metrics | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard The results were mixed. Only 1 promotion was effective.
  16. 16. New Content | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard We tried cloning the effective promo based on metrics but without looking at the context of why it was popular.
  17. 17. Results No Luck. Small boost in engagement metrics but nothing compared to when we put a promo on our best Epic Battle. We realized that a promo tool wouldn’t be effective and cloning the Epic Battle didn’t work either. As result we wasted very little resources. | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard
  18. 18. Make it Social | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard What if we gave players the power to start an Epic Battle for their clan?
  19. 19. Implications We kept the idea of promotion but we allowed players to use rare drop items or a premium purchase to run the promo themselves for their clan. We never would’ve found this solution without the context of player feedback. | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard
  20. 20. New Local Maxima | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard
  21. 21. Feedback Channels Customer Support Instant feedback Community | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard
  22. 22. Customer Support | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard Bug reporting Account support
  23. 23. Instant Feedback | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard Launch feedback Outages Urgent bugs Pulse of the game
  24. 24. Community | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard Game feedback contests Community building Inform player base Announcements
  25. 25. Dedicated Beta Testers Low risk Pros focused feedback, you can build a diverse group of beta testers Cons low reach, potential for abuse, no testing at scale, requires a lot of organizing Best used for testing mechanics that aren't easy to predict on a large scale. | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard
  26. 26. Full Beta Test Medium - high risk Pros testing at scale, volume of player feedback is large, compensation for problems not always required Cons Feedback is not focused, beta test affect player expectations, players aren't honest about competitive play, player behaviour in beta features is not the same as a normal feature | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard
  27. 27. Hidden Beta Test High risk Cons player feedback is not focused, if something goes wrong you have to apologize and offer compensation, volume of feedback is huge, player expectations are higher. Pros Feedback and data tend to be more accurate. | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard
  28. 28. Recap 1. Balance design assumptions with player feedback and data to understand the context of your features. 2. Player feedback part of your core product cycle. 3. Optimize around local maxima, use data and community feedback to find new local maxima. 4. Use Minimal Viable Features to test your hypotheses before implementing robust feature sets. 5. Collect feedback and build community. | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard
  29. 29. Predictions? | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard
  30. 30. Round of Applause! | @tapstreamApp | #UAisHard Thanks Tayber! @tvtayber Stick around to hear how Tapstream can help you grow organically.
  31. 31. How to Grow Your Game Organically #UAisHard Webinar with Tayber Voyer