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TapSense October Platform Data


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The TapSense October platform data release.

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TapSense October Platform Data

  1. 1. TapSense October Platform Data
  2. 2. TapSense October Platform Averages October Data Analysis •  iPad visits are worth three times that of the iPhone. With iPad users making a purchase every 344 visits. iPhone users make one purchase every 886 visits. •  Average sales volume and number of purchase between iPhone and iPad nearly identical when measured in terms of dollars spent. •  80% of all smartphone purchases happen on a Wifi connection. •  The average order value on the iPad was $96.33 and on iPhone it was $92.18. •  New York City saw the most ad requests across Android, iPhone and iPad. •  70% of all TapSense ad requests originate from iOS 7 or above.
  3. 3. TapSense October Platform Averages •  iPad see 1/3 as many visits per day on average compared to the iPhone Average  #  of  Daily  Visits  by  Device   Visits   iPhone   iPad  
  4. 4. TapSense October Platform Averages •  iPad monetization is almost identical to the iPhone Average  #  of  Daily  Purchases  by   Device   iPhone   Avg  Daily  Total  Sales  by  Device  in   $$   iPad   iPhone   47%   iPad   49%   53%   51%  
  5. 5. TapSense October Platform Averages •  More than half of all iOS purchases happen on Wifi •  95% of iPad purchases happen on Wifi •  Average order value on iPad is $3.00 higher than iPhone %  of  Purchases  and  Visits   on  Wifi   Avg  Order  Value  by   Device   100%   Avg  Order  Value   90%   80%   70%   60%   50%   iPhone   40%   iPad   $96.33     30%   20%   $92.18     10%   0%   Visits   Purchase   iPhone   iPad  
  6. 6. TapSense October Platform Averages •  New York City is top DMA across all devices •  iPhone and iPad popularity by DMA is very similar Top  iPad  DMAs  by  Ad  Request   Top  iPhone  DMAs  by  Ad  Request  
  7. 7. TapSense October Platform Averages •  San Francisco Bay Are is noticeably absent from Android top 10 DMAs Top  Android  DMAs  by  Ad  Request  
  8. 8. TapSense October Platform Averages •  56% of TapSense ad requests are on iPhone iOS  Ad  Requests  by   PlaDorm   Android   20%   android   20%   ipad   24%   Android  vs  iOS  by  Ad   Request   iphone   56%   iOS   80%  
  9. 9. TapSense October Platform Averages •  iOS adoption is now at 70% of all ad requests   5  and  below   4%   iPhone  OS  by  Ad  Request   6   26%   7+   70%  
  10. 10. TapSense October Platform Averages •  iPhone 5S and 5C are now 4% of all ad requests •  iPhone 5S see slightly more ad requests than the 5C iPhone  5S  and  5C  vs  Res  of   iPhone   iPhone  5S   iPhone  5C   iPhone  5C  vs  iPhone  5S  by   Ad  Request   Rest  of  iPhone   2%   2%   iPhone  5C   43%   iPhone  5S   57%   96%  
  11. 11. About TapSense TapSense is the world’s leading mobile marketing platform. Our tools allow marketers to manage, measure and optimize mobile campaigns across hundreds of publishers. Over 100 customers have succeeded with TapSense, including: Fab, Redfin, Trulia, Expedia, Viator, Amazon and eBay.
  12. 12. About Our Data The TapSense platform has recorded hundreds of billions of marketing events to date. Used by hundreds of brands in the retail, real estate, finance and travel verticals, to promote mobile apps and sites, across more than 300 mobile traffic sources. The TapSense platform's data sets are unique, in that it collects both broad based advertising impression request data from traffics sources and post click transaction data, at the point of sale in an app or mobile site.