Mobile App Development: Top Tips and Best Practices


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Aaron Choi, the Head of Shanghai Operations for Tapjoy, presented "Mobile App Development: Top Tips and Best Practices" from the Games Solutions Centre in Singapore.

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  • Time spent, (Flurry Analytics Dec. 2011)Games are #1 in category: 64% downloaded games in 30 days, 60% weather, 56% social, 51% maps, 44% music, (Nielsen, July 2011)
  • Don’t over do itTie them with key gameplay elementsEven make them definable by the user which push notifications they want to receive(i.e. when they are being attacked, when a job is done, when a new daily reward is available, etc.)
  • Constant goals and tasks to give the player direction
  • Kingdoms of Camelot #1 Top Grossing app in US iTunes Store before Tapjoy; after integrating Tapjoy, Kingdoms of Camelot is still #1 Top Grossing app
  • Tapjoy was recognized by Fast Company as #27 World’s Most Innovative Company. More importantly, Tapjoy is a leader in the mobile and gaming space, coming in #1 in Gaming and #2 in Mobile.
  • Mobile App Development: Top Tips and Best Practices

    1. 1. Mobile App Development: Top Tips Best Practices Aaron Choi
    2. 2. Changing the way peoplediscover, share and engage with mobile content.
    3. 3. Users Don’t Like to Pay to Try New Apps
    4. 4. The Move Towards Using In- App Purchases VirtualCurrency to Unlock Virtual Goods vs. Advertising
    5. 5. Most Top-Grossing Apps are Free 1
    6. 6. Tapjoy Mobile Value Exchange 1How it Works I need more coins to build on my land in Triple Town. 1 2 I can buy coins I can earn coins bywith real money. engaging with ads in Tapjoy’s Marketplace.
    7. 7. 1 I can then engage in any of the actions — like watch a Ford video —to earn Coins. After which, I can perform secondary actions (determined by the advertiser) and have more Coins to use in my game.   3 4
    8. 8. Tapjoy’s Platform: Discovery’s Virtuous Circle 1Advertisers Consumers Developers
    9. 9. Tapjoy Market Presence 75K free-to-use apps in the Tapjoy network  
    10. 10. Acquiring Users
    11. 11. Mobile Acquisition Channels Where/How are you getting your users?
    12. 12. Mobile Acquisition Channels What can you expect to get from: Featured Placement: Front page placement of your app in the platforms market,normally for no more than 7 days. 10,000 – 20,000, paid, per day 100,000+, free, per day Tapjoy User Acquisition: Pay-per-install (PPI) bid system at $0.10 bid you can get up to 5,000 per day globally at $1.00+ bid you’ll get @ 30,000+ per day globally App Promotions: Destination apps and sites that feature your app Charge is $5,000 - $20,000 for 1-7 day listing, no volume guarantee App to App Cross-Promotion: Free cross promotion from one app to another @ 1% of DAU traffic of hosting app, very dependent on placement Review Sites: Have your app reviewed on a blog site @ 1,000 +/- installs, hard to track actual volume
    13. 13. New User Flow New user flow is one of the most important parts of a successful game •  Optimize the download •  Keep it simple •  Use clear directions •  Show off the cool parts of the game •  Get the user playing as soon as you can You have 30 seconds to hook your usersand 5 min to teach them. The goal is 70% tutorial completion rate!
    14. 14. Optimize the Download Tapjoy Network Average Conversion Rates: (click-to-install) 0-50 50-60% 50-100 30-45% 100+ 14-20% The smaller the file, the better the CVR
    15. 15. Start off Simple Take Users by the Hand and Guide Them Into the App •  During the first 30 seconds don’t let your users get lost •  This is your chance to take an uncertain user and create a engaged user •  You can’t display everything! Show off your core loop and build from there
    16. 16. Use Clear Directions How to do it right Highlight where you Use arrows want the users attention Gray out areas that don’t matter now Give simple info
    17. 17. Show Off the Cool Parts What should you focus on in your tutorial? •  If it’s about fighting, let them fight •  If it’s about cute animals, give them fluffy things •  Don’t try to show them everything
    18. 18. BoostingEngagement
    19. 19. Social Channels Take advantage of free social channels •  Most social networks offer free connections API’s and SDK’s •  Forcing a connection to a network can cause a large drop-off in new users •  Present the choice to your users, use the network icons and let them opt in to sharing •  Use in-app rewards to encourage signup
    20. 20. Daily Rewards Give your users a reward for coming back every day •  Using your in-app currency, give your users increasing rewards every day they come back •  In the later days of the reward cycle give the users bigger or exclusive rewards •  Show them what they earned and also show them what is coming up
    21. 21. App Re-engagement Remind them to keep coming back Notifications Appointment Mechanics
    22. 22. Challenges / Quests
    23. 23. Reward Your Users Make your users feel they are getting a great deal •  Your purchase screen should be easy to navigate •  Tell users how much EXTRA COOL stuff they get •  Use icons to make bigger packages look more impressive
    24. 24. Increasing Revenue
    25. 25. Mobile Revenue Channels Direct Pay Alt Pay In  app  purchase     Allows  users  to  engage  with  adver8sing   through  Google  Wallet  or  iTunes   for  virtual  currency  (up  to  50%  of  total  revs)     Display Ad Direct Pay Offerwalls Featured Ad
    26. 26. Direct and Alt Pay March 2012 Conversion Metrics | Glu Contract 0.8% 0.6% 1.4% 5.0% Killer Gun Bros 1.2% 0.9% 2.1% 6.7% Glu 0.8% 0.8% 1.6% 5.5% Average
    27. 27. Our Product Suite 5 3 2 4 11 and 3 Featured Ads 5 Tapjoy Videos In-App Offerwall 2 Non-rewarded Offerwall 4 Banner Ads
    28. 28. Smart Banner Ad Placement You earn revenue by users looking at and clicking on banner ads Need to balance: Having enough banner views to earn revenue with Disrupting the flow of your app Place ads in less conspicuous areas where users regularly view: •  Inventory screens •  Loading pages •  Landing screen •  Results screens
    29. 29. Featured Specials Offer your users a special featured item when they log in •  Create featured/limited item space on the landing page •  Items on the home page will have 150% + sales increase •  Rotate content often •  Great place for seasonal items
    30. 30. Important Things to Keep in Mind Acquiring Users •  Choose the right channels for acquisition •  Walk the user through the first experiences of the app •  Keep it clear and simple Boosting Engagement •  Reward your users •  Use social channels •  Keep them engaged by implementing quests/achievements Increasing Revenue •  Highlight special offers and items to drive purchase behavior •  Use banners smartly •  Make the most of your monetization by adding alt pay
    31. 31. Tapjoy by the Numbers 75,000 Apps Publishing 1.2 MM Daily Ad Engagements 600 MM Daily Sessions 100 MM Monthly Active Users
    32. 32. Thank You!