Unlock Your Pinterest Potential [Webinar]


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A webinar presented by Vanessa Bagnato of TapInfluence and Cynthia Sanchez of Oh So Pinteresting. Are you creating content on Pinterest or just getting started on this young, evolving, and indisputably top social platform? This webinar is a must!

Pinterest expert Cynthia Sanchez from Oh So Pinteresting knows exactly what she's doing when it comes to increasing your presence, scoring high engagement, and leveraging the evolution of Pinterest as a top search tool. She shares her secrets in this webinar choke-full of tips.

Full webinar recording available here: http://www.tapinfluence.com/unlock-your-pinterest-potential-recording/

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  • I am so pleased to welcome Cynthia Sanchez, the CEO and Founder of Oh So Pinteresting, a business that helps businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs use Pinterest to its fullest potential. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Cynthia speak several times at conferences, and have been blown away by her knowledge of Pinterest. From attending her sessions to preparing for this webinar, I can tell you that I’ve already learned a ton, and have so much more to learn as well. So you’re in for a treat. *Cynthia is the CEO and founder of Oh So Pinteresting, a business that helps businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs use Pinterest to its fullest potential. Prior to her venture in social media, she worked as a registered radiation oncology nurse. With her background in the medical field, she brings a holistic approach to social media planning and strategy. Cynthia has quickly become a highly sought-after writer, podcaster, coach and speaker. Her motto: Don’t just pin it, do it!As for me, I’m your host Vanessa Bagnato. I’ve been with TI for three years. I’m fortunate that my role enables me to work with many talented influencers and content creators, and help connect you with industry experts like Cynthia. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions at any time, or even share some knowledge with us via the chat screen. I’ll be monitoring the questions, and will stopping Cynthia throughout the webinar to pause for Q&A, in addition to a longer Q&A at the end.
  • Background – founded in 2009. Formerly BlogFrog. Our mission from day 1 has always been to be a champion for influencers, bloggers, anybody with authentic voices creating content in social media. Those are people creating content not just on blogs, but have audiences across YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter.We are a software company. This means that some of you who have joined us, are part of the TapInfluence Marketplace. So when brands use our software, they use it not only to help manage and scale their influencer marketing efforts, but also search for influencers like you. (Search by topics of coverage, demographics, keywords, reach, audience.)Influencers in turn create media kits where they get to showcase their demographics, topics of coverage, social reach, sample posts, and accolades.
  • This is a small sampling of some of our clients. You may have even worked with some of these brands.  These are the types of enterprise companies that see the value in working with content creators, and they understand and respect your authentic voice and that understand what influence is, and that you are worthy of being compensated.
  • Understanding the significance of PinterestIncreasing EngagementHow to attract followers
  • Vanessa jumps in – Cynthia has been kind enough to point out that we get better engagement and success if the image is branded.
  • Vanessa can jump in here too – add examples. Good for anybody who creates content that is about a specific location – whether travel, a restaurant review, cites for conferences
  • Order is reversed from Facebook
  • These are people who have been to your blog (real estate) and have decided to share to Pinterest. These are the people you really want to engage with.
  • Use your email list to reminder your subscribers to follow you on Pinterest, and invite them tell them whyInclude images with a Pin it button like SephoraAnnounce new boards
  • People put so much emphasis on images, but search is dependent upon textSearch engines are text based. Leverage Pinterest search box Search for boards and accounts of your ideal reader and engage with themSearch for the word blogger – and connect with top bloggers
  • This is where we get to the big G. Can be a single board that rises to the top even above PBS! Rank higher for a board than pinterest or even blog. Can help with google rankingCould be found for a phrase search – “tapinfluence entrepreneur magazine”Building personality beyond the brandIn the TI example, we see what phrases people search for to land on TI.com so incorporate those phrases back into Pinterest boards.
  • Cynthia’s website is full of helpful articles and podcastsTapInfluence always has eBooks, blog posts and past webinar recordingsWe also have a blog post up on our site that dives further into the rich pins Cynthia mentioned: article, recipe, place, movie, and product.
  • Unlock Your Pinterest Potential [Webinar]

    1. 1. UNLOCK YOUR PINTEREST POTENTIAL @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    2. 2. PRESENTERS Cynthia Sanchez Vanessa Bagnato CEO & Founder Oh So Pinteresting! Head of Influencer Development TapInfluence @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    3. 3. ABOUT TAPINFLUENCE @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    4. 4. BRANDS DOING SOCIAL CONTENT MARKETING @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    5. 5. WHAT WE’RE COVERING TODAY • Understanding Pinterest • Increasing Engagement • How To Attract Followers @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    6. 6. UNDERSTANDING PINTEREST @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    7. 7. WHAT’S THE STORY • Ben & Evan – 2009 • Launch 2010 • Fastest to 10 million • Attracted a unique audience • Currently over 70 million users @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    8. 8. IT’S NOT A SOCIAL NETWORK @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    9. 9. 6 IS THE MAGIC NUMBER 1. 6. 2. 5. 3. Tapinfluence.com 4. @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    10. 10. INCREASING ENGAGEMENT @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    11. 11. ARTICLE RICH PINS @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    12. 12. ARTICLE RICH PINS Excerpt @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    13. 13. RECIPE RICH PINS @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    14. 14. HOW DO I CREATE ARTICLE PINS? • developers.pinterest.com/rich_pins/ • Pinterestplugin.com • Yoast @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    15. 15. HOW DO I CREATE RECIPE PINS? • ZipList • Easy Recipe • developers.pinterest.com/rich_pins/ @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    16. 16. PLACE PINS (no code required) @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    17. 17. BE FRIENDLY #1 Repin #2 Follow @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    18. 18. COMMENTING @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    19. 19. WHO TO ENGAGE WITH @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    20. 20. USING PINTEREST ANALYTICS @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    21. 21. HOW TO ATTRACT FOLLOWERS @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    22. 22. USING WHAT YOU HAVE @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    23. 23. LEVERAGE YOUR EMAIL LIST @tapinfluence @ospinteresting ©Sephora
    24. 24. THINK SEO & KEYWORDS @tapinfluence @ospinteresting
    25. 25. SEO GOLD @tapinfluence @ospinteresting