TapInfluence "Why Influencer Marketing Matters To Your Brand"


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TapInfluence Co-founder Holly Hamann Presents "Why Influencer Marketing Matters To Your Brand" on 8.20.12

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TapInfluence "Why Influencer Marketing Matters To Your Brand"

  1. 1. formerlyWebinar: Why Influencer Marketing Matters To Your Brand
  2. 2. About Your Presenter: Holly Hamann holly@tapinfluence.com @HollyHamann• Co-founder, TapInfluence (formerly BlogFrog)• Sixth tech start-up• 18 years in digital marketing• Mathematics and Computer Science Degree• Blogger – www.LoveandMath.com• Frequent speaker on social marketing #TapInfluence
  3. 3. What is TapInfluence? #TapInfluence
  4. 4. Influencer Marketing Platform & Services Used by the World’s Top Brands #TapInfluence
  5. 5. Brand Strategists Marketing VPDigital Mktg Manager Brand Managers Who should CMO attend? PR/Ad AgenciesSocial Media Managers Influencers! #TapInfluence
  6. 6. Agenda• Intro• Critical Trends in Digital Marketing• Brand Challenges• What is Influencer Marketing• Why Influencer Marketing is Critical• Case Studies• Questions #TapInfluence
  7. 7. Where are your customers? #TapInfluence
  8. 8. Disruptive Trends in Digital Marketing Online Advertising Social Content Media Marketing #TapInfluence
  9. 9. 1. Banner Advertising Doesn’t WorkAdvertising budgets are shifting to social media, and major brandsare looking for intelligent, proven and measurable strategies toimprove engagement and influence. #TapInfluence
  10. 10. 8% of internet users account for85% of all clicks July 2012 #TapInfluence
  11. 11. 2. Consumers Want ContentContent Marketing – compelling, relevant content, developedinternally or through a community of key influencers, is driving moremeaningful and stronger levels of social engagement withconsumers. #TapInfluence
  12. 12. There is only one true brandingmechanism online and that’scontent marketing. May 2012 #TapInfluence
  13. 13. 3. Social Media Creates InfluencersSocial Marketing – a new breed of technologies and best practicesare emerging to target, automate and measure PR, sales andmarketing processes and the ROI of social marketing campaigns. #TapInfluence
  14. 14. In 5 years, marketers will spendmore on social, mobile, and videothan search. 2011 #TapInfluence
  15. 15. How Valuable Are Social Actions #TapInfluence
  16. 16. Biggest Shifts in Digital Marketing #TapInfluence
  17. 17. Shifts in Brand MarketingControl PartnershipImpressions EngagementPurchase ConsiderationReaching everyone Niche audienceConclusions ContentFacts OpinionsLinear (print/tv) Non-linear Mobile and video #TapInfluence
  18. 18. The New Influencer #TapInfluence
  19. 19. Your customers follow her #TapInfluence
  20. 20. What does she have that you don’t? #TapInfluence
  21. 21. Some bloggers have largeraudiences than reality TV shows. March 2012 #TapInfluence
  22. 22. What is Influencer MarketingPartnering with influencers who help create and share peer-trusted content. #TapInfluence
  23. 23. Influencer Eco-system #TapInfluence
  24. 24. Influencer Eco-systemBrands need to reach millions of targetconsumers with peer-trusted content that can bedistributed at scale across the web #TapInfluence
  25. 25. Influencer Eco-systemAgencies need social solutions forbrands that go beyond banner advertising #TapInfluence
  26. 26. Influencer Eco-systemInfluencers want authentic partnershipswith brands they love #TapInfluence
  27. 27. Influencer Eco-systemConsumers want relevant, usefulcontent from people they trust #TapInfluence
  28. 28. Case StudyABC News and the United Nations Foundation wanted to connect millionsof moms in the US with moms in developing countries to drive awarenessand action around issues affecting moms and babies everywhere.• Identify key influencers (lots of them)• Mobilize them to create relevant and authentic content• Manage creation, publication, timing• Distribute content at scale across the web• Measure performance #TapInfluence
  29. 29. Influencer Create and Amplify Content Content Creation 65 Sponsored Conv 800+ Tier two 10 Community Women around the Bloggers Bloggers Leaders world & Partners Content Amplification Content Centralization #TapInfluence
  30. 30. Case Study – ABC News #TapInfluence
  31. 31. Results 800+ influencers 15.3 million blog readers reached Facebook, Twitter, Blogs Video, Photos, Mobile, International31.2 million total social media impressions 100,000 registrations #TapInfluence
  32. 32. Random House #TapInfluence
  33. 33. Udi’s Gluten Free #TapInfluence
  34. 34. So Why Does Influencer Marketing Matter?• Partners brands with people who have influence with target customers• Creates trust• Provides relevant consumer content• Content for video and mobile• Scalable• Creates powerful earned media• Effective supplement (or alternative) to banner advertising #TapInfluence
  35. 35. Questions?• Post questions on twitter using #TapInfluence or in the Chat Screen of GoToWebinar• Contact us for a demo!• Register for our next webinar, September 7th• www.tapinfluence.com #TapInfluence