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TapInfluence Boulder New Tech MeetUp


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TapInfluence CEO Rustin Banks Presents at the Boulder New Tech MeetUp January 2013

Published in: Technology
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TapInfluence Boulder New Tech MeetUp

  1. 1. formerly
  2. 2. The Future of Digital Marketing Is Integrated
  3. 3. TapInfluence Automates Influencer Marketing
  4. 4. TapInfluence’s Four Pillar Technology Platform
  5. 5. Identify Target Influencers
  6. 6. Activate Influencers With Turn-key Programs
  7. 7. Influencer Content Captured by Platform
  8. 8. Automatically Publish Content
  9. 9. Distribute to Brand Assets
  10. 10. Measure Performance in Real Time
  11. 11. Selling Direct to Brands, and through Agencies and Channel Partners
  12. 12. The CMO Will Spend More on Software than the CIO
  13. 13. Team of Seasoned Entrepreneurs & Successful Professionals CEO Sr. Engineer at Ball Aerospace, Early Rustin Banks (cofounder) Programmer and Entrepreneur CMO Marketing for Service Metrics ($300M exit), Holly Hamann (cofounder) MatchLogic ($100M exit) and LeftHand Networks ($360M exit) VP of VP Sales Omniture (revenue from $10M to Greg Zippi Sales $500M, acquired by Adobe for $1.5B) VP of Jay Wallingford Engineering CTO of Leopard (Acquired by Ogilvy) VP Engineering Symplified VP of Two successful exits in service sector, angel Danielle Buckley Finance investor
  14. 14. Hiring for Sales, Finance & Engineering VP Finance / Controller QA (Automated) Front End Engineer Account Executive (Sales) Rustin Banks Holly Hamann @rustinb