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Tap Into the Social Content Stream; Part 1 [Webinar]


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The way brands connect with consumers is changing dramatically. Reaching your target customer has become increasingly difficult as their attention is divided across traditional mediums, the web, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social platforms. The volume of content that comes through these social streams makes it difficult to cut through, but brands have the opportunity to join the conversation and capture their attention through collaborative social content.

Content, now more than ever, is the currency exchange in our social world and it's being used by brands and consumers alike to tell the story of who they are. But when brands create this content strategically, it can also be used to move consumers through the decision journey - to build awareness, to get on the consideration list, drive purchase, or build loyalty between a brand and a customer.

We believe that when brands work with social content creators, they can leverage that creativity, trust, personal connection, and together, produce compelling content that cuts through the clutter and grabs our attention in the social stream.

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Tap Into the Social Content Stream; Part 1 [Webinar]

  2. Content is Coming in a Constant Stream #socialcontentstream
  3. The Age of 80% Look at phone within 15 minutes of waking up Constant Connection Check In   110x /day Source: IDC Research Study
  4. We’ve All Been Influenced by Content
  5. Paying Attention to the People We Trust I know Joanna’s a mom like me and I love seeing what she’s up to with her son… I trust Gina’s recipes will be low calorie and easy to make… But Joe’s my go-to guy for anything gadget related.
  6. THE STRATEGY Setting the Stage for Success   #socialcontentstream
  7. Start with a Clear Direction Audience Goals & KPIs What’s Next? Who are you trying to reach? What are they interested in? Reach audience, build depth, strengthen relationship. How can you extend the content or relationships? #socialcontentstream
  8. Know Your Audience #socialcontentstream
  9. One Phone #Reinvented Through Many Lenses
  10. Map Your Strategy to Your Goals Awareness High-reach distribution Consideration/Preference Personal experience Purchase Click-through performance Loyalty Advocate content / Rewards #socialcontentstream
  11. THE CONNECTION How to Find the Right Content Creators   #socialcontentstream
  12. Content Creators Come in All Shapes and Sizes Celebrity Status Quality Content Creators Advocates   Buzz Builders Employees  
  13. Where To Start #socialcontentstream
  14. The Process Creating the List Create an Initial List Refine your selection Category/Topics Blogger demographics Reach Platforms Content type Rate Right fit/Voice Design and layout Post frequency Keywords Past brand experience Performance #socialcontentstream
  15. Using Performance Data to Optimize Your Selection Who’s standing out as an ambassador #socialcontentstream Create a relationship with them
  16. Remember They’re An Extension of Your Team
  17. QUESTIONS? Go to to see if we’ll be coming to a city near you for the Tap Into the Social Content Stream Workshop Series #socialcontentstream @jenswartley