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Step Up Your Influence


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How WhiteWave Moved From Good To Great

Published in: Social Media, Technology, Business
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Step Up Your Influence

  2. 2. Lori Anderson Social Marketing Manager Lori leads social media strategy for WhiteWave Foods to support its’ brand objectives and drive consumer focused growth. Integrated planning to deliver innovative, relevant and high performing social content, marketing programs, and promotions.
  3. 3. TapInfluence is focused on one thing – making it easier for marketers to connect with their consumers in meaningful, authentic ways. Our platform is a marketplace of influential content creators, workflow software, and social analytics – all in one.
  4. 4. Keely Nolan Customer Success Manager Keely has been assisting brands with influencer marketing efforts as a Customer Success Manager at TapInfluence for over two years. She loves working with talented influencers - from bloggers to Pinterest pros to Twitter aficionados across a variety of industries - to create engaging content that tells the brand's bigger stories.
  5. 5. “Influencer marketing doesn’t need to be complicated in order to be convincing”.
  6. 6. Your Path to Success Beginner Getting the Conversation Started Intermediate Building the Brand Advanced Top-of-mind, All the time
  7. 7. BEGINNER Getting the Conversation Started
  8. 8. Establish a “proof of concept,” reinforced by visible results, that sets the foundation for your social media presence.
  9. 9. WhiteWave started with its International Delight line of flavored coffee creamers, building a campaign around the core value of the product – what a delicious creamer added to the coffee experience. Driving Conversations
  10. 10. Familiar Influencers Who better to talk about the coffee experience than…people who drink coffee?
  11. 11. The emphasis was on blog posts and the topics were casual – stories about having coffee with friends. Content For Conversations
  12. 12. Scaling the Conversation Blogs were the focus of this initial campaign, with further reach enabled on Facebook and Twitter.
  13. 13. EXPERT TIP. What to Think About When Selecting Influencers. Influencers have a social media reach you can measure: a number of followers, connections or subscribers. But there are particular considerations that should match the unique requirements of your program and your brand.
  14. 14. INTERMEDIATE Building the Brand
  15. 15. Apply a more sophisticated approach to the essentials – influencer selection, content strategy, platform reach – to develop campaigns that deepen brand engagement.
  16. 16. Craftier Campaigning The goal? Expand the applications, and therefore the sales, of International Delights latest flavors.
  17. 17. A Variety of Influencers WhiteWave looked to a diverse group of influencers with several types of content across new verticals.
  18. 18. Useful, Relevant Content Crafts and activities, videos and pictures, seasonal themes, recipes, product reviews
  19. 19. More People, More Channels The first time out, WhiteWave engaged around 30 – 40 bloggers. Now they reached out to 100 – 120 bloggers who spread their content, not just on Facebook and Twitter, but also on Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Google+.
  20. 20. EXPERT TIP. What constitutes great content. Great content isn’t an accident; it comes by deliberately seeking the intersection of three equally important elements: Audience needs wants desires, the influencers point-of-view, and your brand story.
  21. 21. ADVANCED Reaching top-of-mind, all the time
  22. 22. From Campaign to Continuity With Silk, WhiteWave pushed past intermittent campaigns into an “always on” approach that builds and sustains brand influence over time.
  23. 23. Strategic Alignment Influencer marketing no longer merely complements traditional marketing, but becomes an integrated part of an overall marketing strategy.
  24. 24. Segmented Influencer Types To leverage its partners’ greatest strengths, WhiteWave organized them into two general categories: Premium Content Creators responsible for creating high-quality, share-worthy content such as photos, recipes, crafts, stories, etc.; and Buzz Builders and Brand Advocates who would share and amplify the premium content through Tweets, pins, status updates, comments and more.
  25. 25. Targeted, Structured Content Silk’s content strategy has been organized into brand- and audience-relevant categories and scheduled across a calendar articulating daily/weekly, monthly, and quarterly commitments.
  26. 26. Real-time Analytics
  27. 27. EXPERT TIP. What to Track and Measure. The real key to metrics? Making sure they’re aligned to what really matters: customer behavior. No one number provides sufficient insight. Instead, metrics should be tracked within categories that reflect the consumer’s decision journey: awareness, consideration, preference, purchase, and loyalty.
  28. 28. Results In less than two months, Silk’s team of 25 Premium Content Creators made posts, images, videos, recipes and more that reached an audience of 5 million, with nearly 400,000 actual views, close to 28,000 Pinterest pins, thousands of through-traffic clicks, and hundreds of shares to other social media forums such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter.
  29. 29. QUESTIONS?