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Rsume tanzeel ul rehman

  1. 1. TANZEEL UL REHMAN Flat No. 506/1, Bait-ul-Hina, Gulestan-e-Jauhar, Block No.18, Karachi  03333045733  EXECUTIVE SUMMARY COMMITMENT | INTEGRITY | LEADERSHIPA young energetic and goal oriented person, already accumulated four years of responsible RiskManagement, Regulatory Compliance and Operations experience coupled with a diverse education. Anexpert in designing business processes/models and implementation of necessary controls to ensurestringent risk management and compliance. A proven track record of designing risk models, monitoringCapital Adequacy and Collateral valuation. Dedicated to maintaining a reputation built on quality ofwork, service and hard work. AREAS OF EXPERTISE  Risk Management  Regulatory Compliance  Number Crunching/ Excel Markro  Calculation of VaR  Operations Management  Capital Development Planning &  Valuation & Modelling  Clearing & Settlement Budgeting  Development of Operational Manual PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEKARACHI STOCK EXCHANGE (GUARANTEE) LIMITED January 2007 – PresentASSISTANT MANAGER – RISK MANAGEMENT (2008 – PRESENT) Monitoring Exposure Margins and Position Limits Calculation/Monitoring of Value at Risk (VaR) Compliance & Monitoring Capital Adequacy Requirements Designing Business & Risk Models Valuation of collateral and periodic review of forms of collateral ( Margin Eligible Securities and Open end mutual funds) Monitoring the Clearing & Settlement of all trades executed through the Exchange Design and review Concentration Margins and Liquidity Margins Product research & development, defining business process for the development of application and coordination with I.T department for UAT of new processes Coordination with external Auditors on Regulatory & Risk Management practices Preparation of Department’s Capital Development Plans and Annual Budget Drafting Settlement Schedule for all Markets Coordination with NCCPL on F.I. Margining System Preparation of Departments’ Operational ManualACHIEVEMENTS: Designed & Implemented Value at Risk (VaR) model for calculation of Exposure Margins for Equity and derivatives products Worked on designing & Implementation of Concentration & Liquidity Margins Designed and implemented the automation for Margin release and Client Level Margining Regime Prepared Department’s Operational Manual Worked with the team responsible to design & implement the Risk Management system of Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited CONTINUED …
  2. 2. DENNIS VANPAGE 2 Worked on Demutualisation Project (Valuation, Growth Forecast based on CAGR method) of Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited. Worked with Deloitte Touché Tohmatsu as Chief Coordinator for the audit of Risk Management and Clearing House processes.MANAGEMENT TRAINEE OFFICER (2007 – 2008) Exposure Management and Position Limits Compliance and Product Testing Research and Product Development Documentation of NCB Certificates. Review of Bank Reconciliation Clearing & Settlement of all MarketsPOPULAR INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED August 2006 - December 2006ACCOUNTS OFFICER 2006 - 2006 Maintaining Accounts Budgeting Development of Capital Plans Coordination with regional offices Bank Reconciliation PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS AND AFFILIATIONS• Global Association of Risk Professionals – GARP Member of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Karachi Chapter EDUCATIONCANDIDATE OF FINANCIAL RISK MANAGER (FRM®) – LEVEL – I November 2011MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (FINANCE) SZABIST Class of 2006 3.25 GPA (84%)BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (FINANCE) SZABIST Class of 2002 3.3 GPA (84%)A+ CERTIFICATION (CORE HARDWARE & SOFTWARE) Pakistan Navy Engineering College. Class of 2004 A Grade (92%) Ms Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) Basics of Networking Ms Windows (Win 98/me/2000/Xp) PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
  3. 3. DENNIS VANPAGE 2 Attended three days training course on “Financial Derivatives ” Attended seminar on “Enterprise Risk Management” Attended TiE-Conference on Entrepreneurship Attended Corporate Finesse – 5 day workshop at SZABIST INTEREST & REFERENCESINTEREST: Reading (Newspapers, Magazines, Journals); Internet Research, Playing CricketLANGUAGES: Written & spoken English, Urdu and SindhiREFERENCE: References to be furnished upon request PROJECTS / ACHIEVEMENTS DETAILDesigning & Implementation of Value at Risk (VaR) ModelValue-at-Risk (VaR) measures the worst expected loss under normal market conditions over aSpecific time interval at a given confidence level. VaR is used to determine the Exposure Margins at99% confidence interval to be collected from market participants against their exposure."Steps in Calculation of VaR" 1. Calculation of raw VaR using three different methods. a. Historical Simulation (HS) using Percentile Method b. Standard Normal VaR using 99% confidence interval c. Risk Metrics Approach (Exponentially weighted Moving Average Method) 2. Calculation of Impact Cost to determine liquidity of Stock 3. Selection of Scale Up Factor 4. Calculation of Worst Case Margins 5. Final VaRDesigning & Implementation of Concentration and Liquidity MarginsConcentration Margins are payable by market participants in respect of their trading in a security inDeliverable Future Contracts and Cash-Settled Futures Contracts markets, these margins arecharged at three tiers i.e. Market Wide, Member/Broker wide and Client wide determined on thebasis of Free Float and total trade in a particular company and the market.The Liquidity Margins are payable by market participants once their Exposure limit in the Cashmarket reaches at a certain levels.These margins are determined and collected to minimize the potential loss to the clearing housedue to possible default by any market participants and ensures that they have enough liquidity tosettle their obligations.Preparation of Standard Operational Manual of Risk Management at the ExchangeThe primary aim of the Operational Manual is to provide a general understanding of the basicpolicies and rules for managing Risk, the Manual serves as an operational guidebook for planning,coordinating and monitoring the implementation of the Risk Management programsThe Standard Procedures are designed / prepared with a view to describe and document the set ofintegrated procedures to perform a given operational functions in Risk Management Department of
  4. 4. DENNIS VANPAGE 2the Karachi Stock Exchange, as a requisite due to application and compliance of the relevantRegulatory or Policy framework at the Exchange.Automation of Pledge Release activity at Clearing House of the ExchangeAn application was designed and implemented through which the release of pledged collateral isprocesses electronically to bring efficiency, cost effectiveness and real time instantaneousprocessing of collateral release request.Client Level Margining SystemDesigned and implemented the Client Level Margining System, wherein all margin requirements ofeach client are now be fulfilled from UIN-wise collateral pledged through sub-accounts of respectiveclients. This mechanism was implemented in phase wise during the year 2009-2010.The ultimate objective of the mechanism is to bring a climate shift from the previous level ofmargining regime that was at the broker level to the Client/UIN level, whereby the relatedtrading/exposure capacity be available on the basis of UIN wise collateral positions in terms ofrespective Sub-accounts or Cash deposits with the Exchange. The implementation of Client LevelMargining Regime has enhanced the risk management system of the Exchange and safe guardedinvestors in the event of defaults.Implementation of Risk Management SystemThe implementation of Risk Management System was a special project and achievement in thesense that it involved coordination with a couple of other departments such as the InformationTechnology Department, Internal Audit Department and the Operations Department. Thecoordination effort involved discussions, reviews, follow-ups, post execution reviews and correctiveactions. There were various levels of the management wherein this work was related to and I had toactively engage work flows with my seniors of within my department as well as other departmentsas mentioned above. The kind of work related to core financial and statistical analysis withemphasis on analytical and business impact analysis. The entire work at present is undercontinuous monitoring and review for any hiccups and smooth functioning and numerous reportingis made on a regular basis.Stress Testing ModelCurrently working on designing Stress Testing Model based on Risk arrays covering unusualmarket movements and maximum possible loss in the event of default, this analysis would behelpful in effective, efficient and timely decision in respect of emerged RM scenarios.Valuation of OptionsDetermination of Pricing formula for European and American Options based on Black ScholesPricing model and Binomial Tree Risk Neutral Approach. The development of in-house applicationfor pricing European and American options will be designed, which will further strengthen the Risk
  5. 5. DENNIS VANPAGE 2Management system of the Exchange.