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Real estate application1


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Real estate application1

  1. 1.  Around 90% people uses mobile to search property initiallybefore visiting. By this app your customer would be able to search properties onmobile. Customer can find property around their location using GPS Push notification: Only 4% to 10% of emails are opened by usersbut push notifications are read by 95% of users. Sell advertising space within your app via iAD, Admob etc. Know statistics of app usage, downloads, page view in controlpanel. Web based App manager access to customize app any time. Send geo-targeted push notifications through our CMS. Thismeans you can localize your push notification to any user withina specific area/region.
  2. 2. SPLASHSCREEN• You can chooseyour own logoand colortheme,background etc.• You can selectdesign for yourapp fromnumber ofdeign options.
  3. 3. HOMESCREEN• Defining searchcriterion toenable users toselect anylocation etc. toview propertylisting.• This will showresults as savedin database.
  4. 4. HOMESCREEN LEFTSWIPE• These are list ofall the optionyou can have inyourapplication.• This willoptions assaved fromcontrol panel indatabase.
  5. 5. HOMESCREENRIGHT SWIPE• These optionswill be saved inthe applicationfor quick viewof users.• Earn additionalby giving ads atbottom.
  6. 6. LIST VIEW• This will showlist view ofsearchedproperty as perthe searchcriterion.• Each option canbe clicked toshow its details.
  7. 7. MAP VIEW• This will showMap view ofsearchedproperty as perthe searchcriterion.• Each option canbe clicked toshow its details.
  8. 8. MORTGAGECALCULATOR• This is toanalyze eachproperty cost,mortgagelength, etc.• This “Get aquote” willsend mail to predefined mail id.
  9. 9. PROPERTYDETAIL SCREEN• GPS Integration toshow directions• Social MediaIntegration like :Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.• Push Notification• Tap to Call• EMAIL Integration• RequestAppointment
  10. 10. PORTAL INCLUDE Login page : Control panel to update app contentin real-time across both platforms simultaneously.
  11. 11. PORTAL INCLUDE Analyze application data
  12. 12. PORTAL INCLUDE Content Customization : Customize yourapp with our powerful online control panel.
  13. 13.  Support all mobile platform with ready to go templates Customized design ready in 5 business day. New graphics design for your application. Back-end integration with your existing system for propertydata. 24*7 support after deployment. Deployment of app at App store and Google play store. App approval guarantee from apple review team & Googleplay team.
  14. 14. Mobile App: based app manager: